Tuesday, January 1, 2008

secret party

If according to plan, we'll be official in a few months.
A few months.

Have you ever attended a secret marriage before?
Someone whom I am not really close with, had a secret marriage last year. From what I heard, he always speak ill of his wife.
They do not live together due to geographical factor.

One of our friends went to see his wife, a muallaf, and told us differently. His wife was kind and warm, and she took care of all of their children alone.

This man met a woman from the internet. The woman insisted of getting married, so he complied. The first wife never knows.

A few days before the marriage, he did not seem to be enthusiastic at all. No preparation was made, not even a ring was bought. In the end, one of our friends bought the ring for him to give to her.

He was searching for witnesses for the solemnization. He asked for my friend's help, but he was turned down. My friend didn't want to participate or had anything to do with it because he thought it was wrong. He put himself in the situation: what if the same thing happens to my mother or my sister?

Well, I only wish for the best. I hope there's something good behind all these, like, him getting help for his gambling problems.

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Love and Memories said...

getting married is the biggest commitment someone could have ever made.
i dare not say much as the concept of marriage is still very vague for me.

but i wish you all the best. Moga-moga mendapat restu daripada-Nya. itu yang paling penting. :)