Thursday, September 2, 2010

People are often surprised of how cool is my relationship with my boyfriend.

He is the guy I am going to marry, hence I don't find any problem to open up to him about absolutely nothing/ anything/ everything.

Lately, I have been talking about Brad P a lot, ain't I? I'm sure a lot of you guys have the perception that I am falling for him.

The sure thing is, I am not. Phew, that is such a huge relief.

Just now, by accident, Brad P told me something I didn't know about Vivien. It made me furious, because, yes, Vivien is my friend first, I've known her for about 10 years already, but why didn't she tell me the things she told Brad P?

I have the right, the priority to be the first person she turns to.
Why Brad P?
Am I not fun anymore? Am I no longer an understanding friend?

So, quickly, I sent a text message to my bestfriend (who is also my boyfriend),
"Abang, setiap kali I dengar pasal Brad P dengan Vivien, mesti I jealous. Kenapa ha?"

This is what he replied, "Biasalah tu! Jangan you ada hati dekat Brad P tau. Lumrah manusia memang macam tu."

I love my boyfriend so much. He didn't get angry at me at all. He didn't even suspect me to have flings on Brad P. He told what I feel is quite normal and it's okay.

I love him. Love, love, love. I hate Vivien and Brad P.

Women are complex. I can hate Vivien and Brad P, but my boyfriend can't. I can be angry and throw harsh words to Brad P and Vivien, but not boyfriend. Because, "How could you say that about my friends! They are my friends! I know them first before I know you! Well, I even see them more often than I see you!"

I mean, no matter what, they are still my friends and I don't want anybody else to hate them except for me.

Besides, I won't hate them for long. Sooner or later, I will need them back in my life. Who am I kidding?

And my boyfriend completely understands his role in this love-hate triangle between Brad P, Vivien and I. He never crosses the line. He is always supportive. Whenever I hate Brad P and Vivien, my boyfriend doesn't make me to hate him too.

Sure, sometimes he says the wrong thing, but it would be minor and he learns from his mistakes.

That makes me a very happy, loving, appreciative girlfriend.

I think my boyfriend doesn't realize the little things he does for me which makes me all warm, fuzzy and loved. True enough, some of you might find his acts I just described above are insignificant.

I couldn't explain it verbally, especially to my parents, that this is why he is the one. He is the man I am willing to spend the rest of my life with.

Every now and then, he does things like this, that always make me comes back to him, things that he doesn't know which reminds me of why I fall in love with my boyfriend in the first place.

It's neither about his material nor physical attractions. It's the values that he holds onto.

It's unexplainable, indescribable.

But when I met him, I just knew. I forgot along the way but I always know noone can beat him so far.

It's funny I am quite sentimental today.
It's all because of the SMS which I received from Mother a month ago, dated on 30th July 2010:

"Apa hal dengan kamu ni? Tak semena-mena melencong ke situ pulak. Alah, jangan takutlah, Si X tu tak akan lari. Dia tahu, satu hari nanti dia akan bergantung pada kamu. Percaya cakap Mother. Dia bukannya ada kerja. Entah-entah dah kahwin agaknya dekat sana tu."

I don't know what was wrong with me, but I forwarded the text to my boyfriend.

Oftentimes, I was told that I am being mean for not considering his feelings when sharing stuff like this. He shouldn't have to know about it. I could just stay quiet and spare him some mercy.
But to my defense, I need him. He is my future husband. Whatever hurts him will hurt me too.

There we were, comforting each other, being patient together.

And I can imagine, in fact, I know, on the day we tie the knot, tears would be rolling from my eyes as I remember how my boyfriend has stuck with me all this while. I will be in tears of joy and gladness that finally, he is mine and I am his, officially.