Friday, July 17, 2009


As you know, I'm a little bit obsessed when people compliment me on my looks. I can't tell people about it, of course, to avoid being called perasan, vain and/ or shallow (I'm not, it's just rare for others to think I'm beautiful!), so I'll blog about it instead.

Of all the love I have in my heart, most belong to my boyfriend and my niece. Lucky me, they reciprocate.

Just like the way I think how beautiful my niece will grow up to be, she thinks I am so pretty, she wants to be like me.

Me: Cantik juga Auntie pakai cermin mata ni...(Smiles in front of the mirror)
Niece: Auntie memang cantik pun. Siapa cakap Auntie tak cantik...

I was so happy, I immediately called my boyfriend to share the news with. Then, I searched for Mother just to tell her what my niece had said. Mother said my niece was simply kissing my ass.

Niece: Auntie ni fashionable lah. Kita dah cerita dekat kawan kita pasal Auntie. Kawan kita pun nak jumpa Auntie. Can you bring us out this Saturday and we'll go shopping?

Niece: Auntie, kita nak jadi macam Auntie lah...Auntie is so cantik!
Me: Yeke? Awak pun cantik juga...(No bluff, I seriously think she is so pretty)
Niece: Macam mana nak jadi Queen of Fashion macam Auntie...Baju yang Auntie pakai cantik-cantik, baju yang Auntie belikan untuk kita pun cantik-cantik...We have the same taste!
Me: (Yeah, right. You like what I bought for you because I am that childish!)
Niece: Hari tu, kita shopping dengan Mama. Ada satu baju ni, cantik sangat, tapi Mama cakap tak cantik... (Pause) Auntie tahu tak baju yang Grandma beli tu?
Me: Tahu...
Niece: Baju yang ni, lagi buruk dari baju tu! Tapi baju tu lah yang Mama kata cantik! (Makes face) Peliklah Mama ni! Mama has weird fashion taste!
Me: (Laughs uncontrollably because she indirectly just insulted the blouse Mother bought for her!)


I browsed Facebook just now and looked at my cousin's photos. I used to think she was so pretty too. I changed my mind when I reached mid-teens. I know one day my niece will experience the same thing, she will be thinking, "Why the hell did I think she was so pretty!"


I think my niece is very pretty, I suggested her to model. But she rejected the idea. I asked her for her reason but she refused to say. Deep down, I am kinda glad she is not interested in modelling. I was just saying so she could improve her self-esteem, she is indeed a model material. Anyway, she told me she wanted to be an artist.

Me: What! Artist! (I totally against this one, I blame Akedemi Fantasia) But you couldn't sing!
Niece: Bukan artist nyanyi lah. Artist lukis-lukis...Kita selalu imagine kita painting cantik-cantik...


My boyfriend has started to berangan about our wedding day. But I seriously doubt his taste in women fashion. Do you know what he wants me to wear? "I nak you pakai gown putih macam orang Cina pakai tu, dengan glove panjang colour putih."

Oh, my God.
Mana boleh!
I kan Queen of Fashion!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I notice that lately I've been talking too much about relationships. Not good. Macam kucing gatal.

You know what, I've never ever heard of Manek Urai before.
"Hai, you dekat mana?"
"On the way nak pergi Man U."
"Pergi mana?!"
"Manek Urai lah!"

Wah, sekarang ada nama glamour.

And I heard the people of Manek Urai are enjoying all the attention. Business are going well. "Kalau macam ni, tiap-tiap tahun mengundi pun tak apa!" a makcik commented. Haha. Makcik comel.

Children are the best free entertainment. My niece really wanted to follow the rest of the family to Europe. "Tak boleh, awak mana ada passport, tak boleh naik kapal terbang!"

Like any other persistent child, she folded a few plain papers and wrote, 'PASSPORT MALAYSIA', complete with her biodata and a drawn photo of herself on the first page.

So cute lah!

My niece also couldn't differentiate between dagu, dahi and siku.

Niece: Kita confuse lah. Dagu yang ini kan? (Points to her chin)
Me: Yes.
Niece: Dahi yang ini kan? (Points to her forehead)
Me: Yes.
Niece: Siku yang ini kan? (Points to her elbow)
Me: Awak dah 10 tahun, tapi you still can't identify your body parts?
Niece: Siku and dagu, sebab dua-dua bunyi 'u', dagu and dahi sebab dua-dua bunyi 'da'! Tahu tak kita confuse apa lagi? Kiri and kanan...
Me: Kiri tu 'left', kanan tu 'right'.
Niece: I know which one is left and which is right, but I'm confused which one is kiri and which one is kanan.

Eh, macam tu pulak? English tak confuse, Bahasa Melayu confuse pulak?

According to my boyfriend, sorry if this is wrong, in the Quran, it is stated something like: to make money you have to sweat. Kena berusaha cari rezeki, kejayaan tidak akan datang bergolek, success is 99% perspiration, 1% inspiration, ah, you know the drill.

He elaborated that if you got the money but you didn't do much work, there must be something wrong there. Easy come, easy go lah...

And then, there is this story about this conwoman, who ran away with RM400millions. The people she manipulated including celebrities and prominent people, of course, not mentioned in the paper, such a shame how someone educated can fall into this woman's trap.

Her activities were exposed several months back when a friend approached my boyfriend and asked him whether this woman had tried to coax my boyfriend to invest money in her 'business'. Thank God, no. The friend then told my boyfriend how this woman had conned many people including politicians and so and so who are the CEOs of companies so and so, and my boyfriend listened. Biasalah, gosip, kena dengar dengan setia.

Suddenly, in yesterday's Harian Metro, the woman was mentioned, front page lagi.

Pengajarannya di sini, nak duit, kena kerja kuat. Tak boleh goyang kaki harap duit masuk. Kalau dapat duit cara senang, confirm tak lama duit tu akan ada dalam tangan, mesti lesap semula.

These conmen are very clever. They will give you evidence: first time you invest, they will give you a huge return. You will be lured, especially since other prominent people join the club too. Next time, you'll be investing more, sebab you greedy macam anjing dengan bayang-bayang, orang tamak selalu rugi.

Looking on the bright side, it's just money. Bukan boleh bawa mati pun. Duit, mana-mana pun boleh cari. So, don't be too sad lah if you lost some money...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i dont

First and foremost, thank you for the comments, sorry I couldn't reply them individually, nor could I pay a visit to your blogs, as you know, I am having some problems with the Internet. What I can tell is, they are very much appreciated.

So, there is this guy, who expressed his interest in me since a year or more ago. We started off as distant friends because I am attached and he is not that interesting to me.

One day, due to some circumstances, I decided to change my contact numbers. I only gave my new numbers to the people who are significant in my life, you know how sometimes we store numbers we never bother to dial or numbers we wish we never got, well, that's why only a handful selected people know my new number.

However, this guy, let say his name is Amin, e-mailed and even searched on Facebook because he wanted my number. Because he asked me personally, I gave him my new number.

One morning, I received a call and it was him at the end of the line. He asked me how was I doing, he asked me about my job and he told me how I disappeared. About five minutes into the conversation, he asked, "Bila you nak kahwin dengan I? Kahwinlah dengan I..."

"Huh!" Truthfully, I was surprised by the sudden proposal. Sure, he had jokingly asked my hand in marriage many times before, but I wasn't expecting this since I warned him to stop and he had not been doing it in a while. Besides, I just woke up from my slumber.

"Tak kot..." I gave my answer, loud, clear and firm.

Did I mention this guy is twice my age! This is crazy.

Amin: So, bila you nak kahwin?
Me: Belum ada plan...
Amin: What happened to your boyfriend?
Me: We are still together, we are happy.
Amin: Habis tu? Dulu cakap nak tunang?
Me: Memang pun, tapi tunggu dulu, kumpul duit. Semuanya masih tengah discuss.
Amin: Cakap dengan dia, cepat-cepatlah masuk meminang. Kalau dia tanak, I nak. I bukan setakat saja boleh bagi you berapa banyak dulang hantaran, I bagi you 9 trolley hantaran!

Tipulah kalau I cakap I tak suka. I dapat bahan for my own amusement. And, no surprise, the next person I called is my boyfriend, just to make him threatened.

Come to think of it, I should've just agreed to marry him. Let him come to my house and let Father and Mother be shocked to see a guy who can be as old as my father, is my future husband.

That situation will surely put my boyfriend as the best candidate by comparison.

"Ma setujulah dengan boyfriend kamu, janganlah kamu kahwin dengan si tua tu! Kus, lemah semangat Ma!"


Sekarang ni, musim kahwin and musim tunang.

I have two true stories.

A couple was married without duit hantaran, just mas kahwin. Why? Because the bride's family is very wealthy, they didn't need the extra money, they can afford everything that was involved in that wedding. Noble people...

A father thought the man his daughter was going to marry is no match to her. He instructed him to provide an expensive duit hantaran. The man worked hard to grant the father's wish. On the wedding day, the father's heart softened after seeing his happy daughter and his new son-in-law, he returned half of the duit hantaran back to the son-in-law.

I used to think giving Quran as hantaran is cool. It is, afterall, The Holy Book and it is perfect to signify the day you embark the new journey as a humble wife. But from my observation, I've changed my mind. To me, the Quran is too sacred to be placed on a decorative pray, where sometimes ignorant people accidentally step over it or kick it. Besides, you have to make sure you have your wudhu' everytime you want to touch it.

From my basic knowledge, even when you are reading the Quran, the best place thing to do is to raise the Book above your belly button as a sign of respect. So, I prefer if the Quran is not a part of my hantaran. I like telekung better. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

kahwin kahwin

Makcik and auntie had a conversation. They wanted to matchmake me with a doctor.

"Doktor tu in his thirties, anak Dato', masa lapang suka tanam cendawan," said one of them trying to promote him to me.

I didn't look very impressed.

"Dia tanam cendawan tu bagus...Buat business...Maksudnya di situ, dia tak suka buang masa. Ada je benda dia nak buat. Bagus lah tu!" auntie said.

Makcik was trying to be funny, "Patutlah agaknya dia single lagi. Orang lain, masa lapang, cari girlfriend. Dia tanam cendawan. Entah-entah muka pun macam cendawan!" she chuckled away.

"Mom, there must be something wrong with that doctor," in the car, I told Mother what I thought.

I continued giving her my reasons, "Ma tahu tak, doktor laki ni banyak yang lembut-lembut. I rasa, mesti dia jenis lembut punya!"

"Ma tak pernah pun jumpa doktor yang lembut-lembut..." Mother tried to defend that stranger.

"Ma, dia tu doktor, bujang pula tu. Kalau dia tu bagus sangat, confirm dah ramai nurse grab dia awal-awal...Mesti ada something wrong! Dahlah hobi tanam cendawan! Tak cool langsung! Lembut, I rasa dia lembut."

"Alah, maybe dulu dia lembut, sekarang dah berubah kot..."

"Taknaklah! Nanti orang cakap, 'Eh, dulu aku ingat kau suka lelaki, akhirnya kau kahwin juga dengan perempuan...'" I laughed. No way I'm going to marry a guy with such history.

Of course, I wanted my boyfriend to hear about this. He must know that I'm hot on the market and I am not securely his. I have many 'eligible' suitors ready for me. Haha.

Makcik: Mengikut pengalaman kita kan, bila difikir-fikirkan balik, pilihan orang tualah yang paling bagus sekali. Kan?
Auntie: Eh, tak juga, cuba tengok Faridah* dengan Farid* tu. Keluarga juga yang pasang-pasangkan, tapi bercerai juga...

I agree, auntie!

Father thinks the reason I am with my current boyfriend is because I have no other option, ie: noone else is interested because of my attitude: "Kasar sangat, tak pernah berlemah lembut, laki pun lari..."

This is who I am, a lady with many flaws, and I am with a guy who loves me the way I am.

I am happy, shouldn't Father be happy for me too?

Monday, July 6, 2009

gathered info over last few weeks

A few days ago in the news: Unmarried woman and baby found dead on campus believed to be due to blood loss while giving birth.

I have seen women giving birth. Although I haven't experienced it myself, but to watch the process is already a sore. I also have a couple of friends who had to go into labour with strangers, without their husbands or parents by their sides, so I pretty much know how sad and painful it is to go through such beautiful significant moments in your life all by yourself.

Woman A: Kasihan dia...Cuba bayangkan lahirkan anak sorang-sorang dalam bilik, tak ada siapa pun tahu...(Sigh) Tak apa, at least dapat masuk syurga...
Woman B: Baby tu memanglah dapat masuk syurga, mak dia tu?
Woman A: Mak dia pun dapat masuk syurgalah juga. Mati masa beranak kan dikira jihad kecil.
Woman B: Ye ke?
Woman A: Ye lah. Tuhan nak ampunkan dosa dia. Sebab tu Tuhan ambil nyawa dia masa tengah beranak. Masa tu kan semua dosa dia Tuhan dah maafkan...

How lucky she is...Her taubat must have been accepted...

On another occasion, I overheard a boy crying, "But mom, it is not fair!"
The mother then pulled her son's hand and said to him, "Well, life is not fair, get used to it!"
The boy was about 5 years old.

A guy who is into fashion loves to make small talk with the salespeople.

Guy: Saya kalau boleh, dah tak nak pakai jeans Replay. Tapi bila saya tengok jeans lain, contohnya, jeans 7 for all Mankind, harap je mahal, tapi tak cantik macam barang Italy. US nak lawan Italy, US mana boleh menang! Kecuali jeans True Religion, itu memang cantik gila...

Salesperson: Kenapa you dah tak suka Replay?

Guy: Banyak sangat tiruan. Saya tengok mat rempit pun dah pakai Replay, Paul Smith...Kita yang biasa pakai ni, bolehlah kenal yang tiruan ke tak. Tapi orang lain tak tahu...

Salesperson: Betul. Replay punya sales pun dah banyak turun. Especially since recession ni. Tapi Malaysia, okay lagi sebab Singapore punya butik pun dah tutup. Jadi, orang Singapore pun datang Malaysia juga. Sekarang memang banyak orang tiru, ramai dah kena tipu. Orang beli dekat internet lah, tak boleh percaya semua tu. Kalau nak betul-betul real, datang sendiri ke butik.

Guy: Betul. Saya tengok LV pun, ramainya orang pakai...Kasut LV boleh dapat RM100 dekat Thailand tu...

Salesperson: Saya tengok LV sekarang, saya tak fikir Louis Vuitton dah, saya fikir Lost Vision. Hahaha...

Guy: Jahat betul orang China ni. Dioranglah yang banyak buat barang tiruan ni!

Salesperson: Jahat, memang jahat. Tapi kalau T-shirt biasa, saya pilih yang Made In China. Memang kalau orang tengok, cikainya Made In China. Tapi saya rasa, cotton China memang bersesuaian dengan kulit saya. Kalau saya pakai cotton Made In negara lain, tak sedaplah. Sebab orang China memang tahu cuaca Asia macam mana...T-shirt cotton memang saya cari Made In China. Yang lain, saya ban!

My boyfriend spent one whole day at Ducati showroom. He is in love with Desmosedici.

Boyfriend: You tahu, salesman tu cakap, harga dia RM600,000. Dah ada 2 orang beli dari dia. Dua-dua orang melayu...
Me: Ooohhh...Kayanya...Orang tua ke muda?
Boyfriend: Sorang tu dah tua...Dia tak beli number plate pun...Motor ni tak boleh bawa jalan, sayang, orang buat simpan dekat rumah je...
Me: Huh? Kalau macam tu, baik tak payah beli...Buat apa kalau tak boleh guna!
Boyfriend: Tak, sayang, maintenance dia tinggi...
Me: Ah, I tak kesah, kalau you beli motor, I nak naik juga!
Boyfriend: Hahaha, baiklah, sayang...Salesman tu cakap, orang tu siap bayar in cash...
Me: Kayanya orang tu...Kalau I tahu siapa, confirm I tinggalkan you....Dapat anak dia pun, jadilah...
Boyfriend: You tu memang mata duitan!
Me: (Laughs)

Current mission: Merempit to find that rich guy who paid in cash for a Desmosedici. Haha.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I am home. It's difficult to connect with the cyberworld here in this house.

My niece who is 10 wears hijab to school now.

Me: Sejak bila?
Niece: Sejak awal tahun ni.
Me: Kenapa?
Niece: Dipaksa. Cikgu suruh.
Me: Kalau tak pakai?
Niece: Cikgu marah. Kita cuma tak pakai waktu sukan.
Me: Cikgu ke ustazah yang paksa?
Niece: Ustazah, guru agama.
Me: Ustazah garang ke?
Niece: Garang. Ada budak tak pakai, asyik kena perli dengan ustazah.

Me: Cakap dengan ustazah, ustazah mana boleh garang-garang!
Niece: Kenapa?
Me: Sebab ustazah tu guru agama. Kalau nak mengajar kena secara lemah lembut. Tak boleh paksa paksa orang.

I strongly think a teacher should teach the students by example. Kalau nak mengajar, biar secara berhemah dan berhikmah. Apa guna bertudung kalau perangai suka marah dan perli pelajar sendiri?

Still on the matter, it seems like beginning next year, JPA scholars will be chosen entirely on merits, meaning only the best students will get the opportunity.

I object.

Some students are late bloomers.
Some students could not afford tuition classes.
A good student doesn't necessarily need to score all As, some have talents in extra curicular activities.

There are many other8 reasons to be considered when choosing the best candidates, not just what is presented on paper.

I know a lady, who, for some reason, received two MARA offers and one JPA offer to sponsor her to study the same course.
She was in a dilemma, of course. So, she consulter her mom. Her mom helped her to scratch one offer off and now, it was between one MARA offer and one JPA offer.
Her dad, without hesitation, pushed her to take the JPA offer.
Her dad said, "Reject the MARA offer, so other poor Malays could make use of it. Don't waste the placement by JPA. Kita kena tolong bangsa kita, jangan jadi tamak."

Sorry for the jumbled up post, I've been thinking all sorts of things to be written here. I'd be more organized if the Internet is more accessible.

It looks like Mother has given me green light to be with my boyfriend. After three long years of patience, something is actually progressing.

Mother: Kamu dengan dia macam mana?
Me: We are good.
Mother: Dah fikir masak-masak? Nanti tersilap pilih.
Me: Sudah. Kesian dia. Dulu, dia nak bawa family datang rumah, mak tak bagi...
Mother: Mak bukan tak bagi. Mak cakap, nanti dulu...

Mother: Kenapa tak ajak dia masuk rumah? Ajaklah dia makan dekat rumah sekali sekala.
Me: Alah, kalau dia masuk rumah pun, bukan ada orang layan dia.
Mother: Macam kamu tak tahu perangai your father. Dia memang macam tu, tak berapa nak layan orang sangat...

Mother: Kamu tu, kalau jumpa orang, senyum-senyumlah sikit.
Me: Memang selalu senyum pun.
Mother: Kamu pandai-pandailah pujuk, cakap, "Mak ayah saya dah tua, nanti dia sakit, saya kena jaga. Kena tinggal dekat-dekat sini..."
Me: (Laughs) Memang tinggal dekat sini pun nanti!

Mother: (Flips through my forms) Sejak bila kamu ada tunang?
Me: (Laughs) Senang nak dapat kerja kalau mengaku ada tunang. Kalau tak, dia hantar jauh-jauh. Alah, kawan-kawan pun tipu ada tunang juga!