Sunday, September 25, 2011

I probably prefer to write in point form. Random thoughts again...

I have a friend, Elizabeth. She's pretty, rich, smart...And she can be cocky at times. But she is married to our good friend, Hadi, so sometimes, we have to put up with her, whether we like it or not. Being the usual good people that we are, we always give her chances to prove that our perception towards her is wrong.

So, I met Vicky, who works in the same place as Elizabeth.

Me: Dah lama tak jumpa Hadi. Dia tak ajak ke pergi raya rumah dia? You know, if I were him, living in a nice condominium, I would have invited my friends over all the time. It's nice, what...
Vicky: Oh, semalam Hadi ada ajak jumpa. Tapi I busy semalam. And you know lah, his wife, Elizabeth tu...
Me: What's with her?
Vicky: Everytime I would like to think that she is a normal person, she will do these things that repel me.

And therefore, Vicky told me about what Elizabeth did.

To cut story short, Vicky likes to drop big, big names in their conversations.

For example:
"Eh, who is his father? Which powerful man? I mean, I am sure my father knows his father. Especially if his father was in so-and-so department. Because they are all invited to my wedding. Tan Sri Aziz? No, can't be. Tan Sri Firdaus? Can't be. Tan Sri Danial? Tan Sri Mahathir?"

And, being the typical me, I like to give people like Elizabeth my benefit of doubt.

Vicky's father is also a rich, famous, powerful person. So, I told Vicky, Elizabeth probably behaves that way around Vicky because they probably know the same people.

I said, "Maybe, Elizabeth tahu, yang you guys come from a similar background. So, Elizabeth ingat, it's okay. Maybe she thinks you would understand and not be offended. I mean, kalau dia cakap macam tu dekat I, mestilah I rasa dia berlagak gila. So, around me, she has to be extra humble. Tapi kalau dia cakap macam tu dekat you, maybe she thinks you wouldn't judge her. Sebab you guys experience more or less the same things."

Do you get what I mean?

Elizabeth may not be aware of this. Perhaps, she thinks she was having an innocent conversation with someone who is at the same par as her.
She must be stupid/ crazy to say those things to someone like me, because I am obviously not as privileged as them, it would have sounded like she intended to make me feel small.

Vicky: I know lah her father is a somebody, but does she have to make it obvious? The most annoying part is, she tells people about it, but, at the same time, she doesn't them to know whose daughter she is. She keeps them guessing. In the end, people come up to me to find out what famous person her father is.

In the end, I change and fixate my mind.

I guess, Elizabeth is probably that type of person, afterall.
You know, the You-want-people-to-know,-but-not-know,-but-you-still-want-them-to-know-from-other-people kinda person.

Am I making any sense here!

I was filling up my time with my hobby- blog hopping- when I stumble upon this one blog by Miss Jamilah.

Miss Jamilah is a nice, married woman with one child. Her husband, Mr. Kamil, studied in *Planet Pluto. (I obviously can't name the place when he got his education to protect their privacy, duh)

As far as I know, there are only a handful of Malaysians who ever went to *Planet Pluto to further their study. I know only two, one is my husband's friend, Jay, (whom I have never met, by the way) and the other is Jay's housemate.

Me: Abang, abang ingat tak kawan abang yang pernah study dekat *Planet Pluto tu?
Him: Kenapa?
Me: Apa nama dia?
Him: Nama dia Jay.
Me: Dia tinggal mana sekarang?
Him: Sekarang tinggal dekat Puncak Alam. Kenapa?
Me: I ada jumpa satu blog ni. Husband dia pun pernah study dekat *Planet Pluto jugak. Tapi nama dia Mr. Kamil. And dia tinggal dekat KL. Salah orang kot...
Him: Oohhh...I kenal Mr. Kamil tu! Dia dulu housemate Jay dekat *Planet Pluto tu...

I was very impressed by Mr. Kamil. He's handsome and super rich! And by the way his wife describes him as, he sounds like a really nice person.

Him: Memang Mr. Kamil tu budak baik pun...
Me: Rumah dia besar tau, Abang...Ada swimming pool! Sebelum dia kahwin pun dah ada swimming pool. Senang je wife dia, lepas kahwin, kemas beg pindah rumah. Rumah cantik pula tu!
Him: Ala, bapa dia kaya...
Me: Ye lah, but it is still very impressive. Can you imagine, even as a bachelor, he lives in a house with a swimming pool!
Him: Abang tahu, Abang pernah pergi rumah dia dulu...

Contoh rumah Miss Jamilah and Mr. Kamil. Source: Google

As usual, my husband already knew where this was heading to...Hehehe...

Me: Why can't you be like that? Why can't I have a husband like that. I tahulah Abang pernah cerita pasal dia dulu dekat I, he's rich and all, but I didn't know he was also good looking! How come you never introduce me to your rich, good looking friends before we got married?

(Okay, this sounds like an isteri derhaka in the making. But trust me, I was only teasing my husband. A very mean game.)

Him: Mr. Kamil tu tak kayalah. Bapa dia yang kaya. He's the type yang masuk office, goyang kaki je...
Me: I don't care. He owns three very expensive cars. He flies overseas all the time. Dia lelaki yang jenis suka duduk rumah to spend time with his family. And he buys nice things for his wife.
Him: Well, memanglah dia baik. Masa dia study dekat *Planet Pluto dulu, Jay tak payah bayar sewa rumah pun. Mr. Kamil yang settle kan. Kadang-kadang, dia tinggalkan je credit card atas meja, so housemates dia boleh guna beli groceries. Tapi I respect sangat pada dia. Do you know why?

"Why?" I asked.

"Because he was born rich. Dia tak pernah hidup susah. I lebih suka kalau seseorang tu pernah hidup susah, kemudian dia jadi berjaya. Ataupun kalau dia memang datang dari keluarga mewah, tapi dia bina kerjaya dia sendiri. Barulah inspiring..." my husband explained.

Eleh, orang jealous memang cakap macam tu nak sedapkan hati sendiri...Hehehe...

Abang, bila Abang nak kaya ni!!!

That night, I went to sleep thinking how nice it would be if we were rich.

I know if I were, I won't be spending the cash on designer items. I'd be more than satisfied if I were to have a nice, permanent house in a strategic location (because I want to start decorating my own house and never to move again), a nice, loan-free car and one whole year, at least, to not worry about work and thinking on how to generate money, but to travel around the world and do the things I love instead!

I asked the same question to my husband, what would do if you were rich?

"Abang nak pergi travel to Japan and Brazil. Tengok fashion show dekat Milan and New York," was his answer.


Slaps forehead.

That is my husband's life long dream? Really!

Me: Abang ni, macam perempuan lah! Buat ape nak pergi tengok fashion show?
Him: Sebab Abang suka fashion lah...Milan tu kan capital city of fashion...

Seriously. (Rolls eyes)

Friday, September 23, 2011

My husband is sick all the time! Resdunglah, demamlah, selsemalah, sakit belakanglah, peninglah, migraine lah...Seriously, I feel like strangling him sometimes, because I am the healthiest person I know! I don't fall sick easily, I can even drink the rain water and nothing will happen to me.

I always tell him that his genes are bad. I seriously hope my children won't be inheritting his health issues.

Me: I harap anak I tak macam you. Sikit-sikit nak sakit. Eee, tak sanggup I nak jaga. Mengada-ngada betul. Macam mana mak you tahan eh?
Him: Mak I pun terkejut I ni masih hidup. Nasib baik tak mati.
Me: What the hell! Your mother really said that to you?
Him: Ha'ah. Mak I kata it's a miracle. I asyik sakit je...


Me: Malasnya nak kerja!
Him: Tak boleh malas-malas. Kena kerja jugak.
Me: Kenapa tak boleh malas pulak! Suka hati I lah nak malas.
Him: Sebab...Nanti rezeki susah nak masuk. Tuhan akan beri rezeki kepada orang yang rajin berusaha.

Some people are so inconsiderate and make other people's lives miserable. Like my boss, who wanted me to transfer to another place and gave me only a 5-day notice.

I tried to reason with him, but he said my excuses were unacceptable.

(My car is in the workshop, I don't have a place to stay, and I haven't completed the papers required yet)

My husband, on the other hand, wants me to comply, in order to avoid unnecessary consequences in the future.

Him: Apa yang susah sangat. You ikut je.
Me: No! Benda ini tak adil!
Him: Dunia ni memang tak adil, sayang.
Me: This is not about me following orders. This is about my boss being stupid. He thinks just because he's in that position, he can play me around like a puppet. Habis tu, I kena turut je cakap dia walaupun it's ridiculous? Kenapa kita mesti biarkan orang-orang macam ni!
Him: Sayang, kadang-kadang, dalam dunia ni, kita tak boleh selalunya menang. Ada masa, kita kena kalah juga. Think about the future and what he can do to you.
Me: I bukannya nak menang. Tapi benda ni salah!
Him: I know. Tapi kita tak ada kuasa.


I am so upset because this thing has caused a huge stress on me.

I redha je. Kalau lepas ni, dia nak mark I, then do nasty things to me, well, I hope he dies soon.

Perjalanan hidup kita ni dah ditentukan.
But we can still pray.
And Allah always answer a prayer:
- Yes
- Not now
- I have better things for you

One day, my boss will taste his own medicine. Barulah dia tahu apa perasaan orang-orang yang dianiaya.


Friend: Sekarang ni ramai orang pakai colour-colour macam ni kan.
Me: It's called 'Colour blocking'.
Friend: 'Colour blocking'? Apa benda yang dia nak block?
Me: Hahaha...'Blocking' as in one block, two blocks...Bukannya blocking from something lah!

Jikalau...If I earn RM3000 per month, how am I supposed to spend my money monthly?


Car- 500
House- 1000
Tabung Haji- 100
ASB- 100
Banking- 100
Parents- 300
Phone- 50
Electricity, water, petrol- 200
Everyday expenditure- 650

Wow, dapat simpan dalam bank RM100 je per month! That's like, less than 10% of the salary la weih!
But actually, not bad. People can still survive!
In theory memang cukup, tapi practically kenapa tak cukup pulak eh?

And what about those who has children to feed? OMG!

I was having lunch at a restaurant. There, I was introduced to an Ustadz, I think he's from Kedah, and I like the way he gives his speech.

So effortless and interesting. My friend said, sometimes, he sings too!

The preach I was listening to was: Something about how we should enjoy our life and not to love this temporary world too much.

Dia cakap kena nikmati hidup, barulah kita rasa kita ni kaya.

Which, I think, is true.

"Kalau tak ada anak, kena enjoy tak ada anak. Ingat ada anak tu senang ke? Nanti anak lelaki ikut perempuan. Pening kepala mak bapak. Zaman sekarang ni, anak perempuan pun ikut perempuan! Tak payah nak jealous, tak payah nak risau, kenapa aku tak ada. Apa yang Tuhan kurniakan tu, adalah satu nikmat, dan enjoylah nikmat yang Tuhan bagi tu selagi boleh."

"Korang kata tak suka datang masjid, sebab kasut selalu hilang. Sayang sangat dekat kasut tu buat apa? Tak payah beli kasut. Datang masjid berkaki ayam. Nescaya tak ada kasut yang hilang. Kalau sayang sangat kasut, siap beli beg, beli mangga, beli macam-macam nak jaga kasut tu. Tak ke membazir? Kasut tu sekejap je. Tak boleh bawa pergi mati pun..."

"Kalau motor hilang, jangan sedih sangat. Sebab itu tandanya kita nak dapat pengganti yang lebih bagus dari yang hilang tu. Kalau motor kita tu buruk, tapi kita sayang sangat nak jual. Bila dah hilang, kita ada alasan nak beli yang baru. Kan nikmat tu! Dapat motor baru, enjin bagus. Allah gantikan dengan sesuatu yang lebih baik."

I don't know what's his name though.

I realized that different states produce different marriage certificate.

Terengganu, for example, prints the husband and wife photos on the cert.

Mine, no photos, but a valuable detail was included, which I very much cherish

Perkahwinan: Pertama
Isteri: Pertama

Me: Abang! Tengok ni, dia ada tulis, "Perkahwinan pertama, Isteri pertama." Nasib baik! Kalau I tengok I ni bukan pertama, siaplah you!
Him: Tak percaya ke abang belum pernah kahwin sebelum ni?
Me: Mana tau, you tipu I ke...Patutlah orang Pantai Timur banyak kahwin banyak eh...Dekat sijil diorang takde tulis pun benda-benda macam ni...

On first of Syawal, my husband refused to have sex with me.

Penat-penat puasa lama-lama, tiba-tiba he said no. Dengan alasan,

"Abang ada terbaca dalam satu buku ni, kalau anak tu terjadi masa hari pertama Syawal, tak bagus..."

Buku mana pulak dia baca ni!

Is there really such thing?

Last but not least.

My cousin is getting married to a Muallaf.

She's so lucky because her Tok Kadi is so damn cool!

"Tak apa. Awak nikah dulu. Yang surat-surat, kursus kahwin tu semua buat nanti."

Oh, my God, I love you, Tok Kadi. I wish I had you during my nikah ceremony! Bless you forever!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The weekend is meaningless if it's without fun plans, or without my husband.

(Long sigh.)

I still haven't gone for my honeymoon. Some overly romantic people would say, "We don't need honeymoon, because we are on our honeymoon right now, 127 days and counting," and end the sentence with a smooch.

Well, truthfully, I don't consider living with my husband as a honeymoon. I want a luxurious one, one that makes me feel like a princess in love. Right now, we are having our ups and downs. And I want to feel how is it like to sleep in a room that costs RM1300 per night!

(Stomp feet like a brat)

I really don't understand some people. They have the same profession like me, but somehow they can afford all the nice things in life. Where have I gone wrong?! I nak makan luar mahal-mahal pun rasa guilty and berkira tau. I am so green in envy!

My husband says, "Sebab you pakai duit sendiri masa kahwin hari tu..."

Aik? Takkan orang lain tak keluar duit kot...

Tak apalah, rezeki masing-masing...

Okay, lets reminiscence the days before I got married. Compared to me, my husband (then boyfriend) had more fun shopping for the hantarans.

Whenever he bought something, he'd get discounts and free gifts. Then, he would gloat to my face, complimenting his bargaining skills.

One incident took place in this shop, where I was buying for his hantaran. He tried on the pants and admired himself. The salesperson was a cute boy. I was quiet all the time because I don't do small talks with strangers. Then, the salesboy asked me, "You tak suka apa-apa ke? Taknak beli?" I said, no thanks.

Then, it was time to pay. We were lucky because the item was on sale and the salesboy threw a Seven For All Mankind t-shirt for free.

Boy: Ni adik abang ke? (Referring to me) Adik taknak beli apa-apa?

So, he thought I was my husband's sister! And the salesboy was hitting on me! Is that why he was being so nice and all?

My husband left the shop feeling very offended, "I beli barang mahal-mahal, and dia ingat you ni adik I! Dia tak tahu ke you ni tunang I hah!"

HAHAHAHAHA, serve you right!


Anyway, what I was trying to remind myself is: The buying for hantarans experience has taught me that, I don't really enjoy buying expensive stuffs. I am more into liking the feeling of being able to afford for expensive things. Different.

Like, "Hey, I actually have the money to buy that, that and that. I don't buy them just because I don't like the way they are priced! Thousands of bucks for this? You've got to be kidding me!"

Although, my husband still bought me a designer handbag for one of my wedding gifts.

Being practical, I actually suggested for cheaper brands. But my husband got all upset which confused me. In the mall, we were fighting,

Me: Beli je lah handbag XYZ tu. Cantik jugak...Murah pulak tu.
Him: Kenapa pulak? I kan dah janji nak beli handbag ABC untuk you.
Me: Tapi handbag ABC tu mahallah!
Him: I ada duit nak beli untuk you!
Me: Kenapa dengan you ni? Kalau laki lain mesti dah bersyukur sebab dapat girlfriend yang memahami macam I.
Him: I bukan macam lelaki lain. I dah janji kan nak belikan handbag ABC untuk you. Kenapa sekarang you taknak pulak?
Me: Sebab I taknak membebankan you lah! Kalau orang lain, mesti gembira sebab I minta handbag murah. Duit lebih tu boleh guna untuk benda lain.

Him: Masalahnya, I dah simpan duit sebab nak belikan handbag ABC untuk you. I tau you nak sangat handbag tu dulu. I bukan macam lelaki lain. I nak you happy. Masa I kumpul duit ni, I happy sangat sebab akhirnya, dapat belikan untuk you. Sekarang you taknak pulak. I frust lah. Habis, I kumpul duit ni untuk apa? Untuk beli handbag yang you tak suka?

I went, "Awww..." upon hearing his explaination.

Me: I suka jugaklah handbag XYZ tu...

Him: I nak you beli ABC jugak! Baru I puas hati duit yang I kumpul selama ni, dapat guna untuk beli handbag yang you suka!

My heart melted.

(Okay, I feel like hugging my husband now. Haha)

I don't think I am good-looking.
I don't think my husband is good-looking.
I don't think my husband has the best taste in women.

I mean, whenever I see a pretty lady in the magazine, I would ask him, "Cantik kan dia ni?"
He would disagree and point to another lady.
Then I would think, "Euwww...Perempuan macam ni you kata cantik? Dia ni buruklah!"

And the things I say would reflect back on me. Because, basically, I am saying, if he thinks I am pretty, I must be one ugly girl in my eyes...

Him: Sayang, tadi I jumpa seorang pakcik ni. Dia panggil I dari jauh. I pun datanglah. Ingatkan dia nak bagi projek ke...Tengok-tengok dia tanya pasal you.
Me: Ha? Dia tanya apa?
Him: Dia cakap, isteri abang ni cantik, body lawa. Dekat mana jumpa? Gatal betul orang tua tu!
Me: Dia pernah nampak I ke?
Him: Dia ada datang masa kenduri hari tu...

The only perk of this is his taste is similar with his friends'. Is it because they come from the same place that their idea of beauty is so off?

I mean, come on, if I was really that beautiful, wouldn't I be chased by many men? Wouldn't I have only girl friends because every guy friend I have would have fall in love with me and make things complicated? Wouldn't I be approached by modelling agencies? Wouldn't I be showered with gifts by rich guys? Wouldn't I be stalked?

Oh, I know why. Because they are all older than me. And old men automatically thinks the younger you are, the prettier. (No wonder people mistakenly think I am my husband's sister)

Oh, well, bersyukur je lah dapat husband who thinks I am all that. Love is blind...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have been separated from my old colleagues since joining the new department. Some of us are leaving to other states. Last Monday was kinda like a get-together thing before the day comes.

I was in my jeans when I received a call from my friend, Gina.
"Peter is on his way to pick you up. What? You are wearing jeans? You are supposed to dress up, dear. Go change into a dress, now!"

Ade dress code pulak dah...

Anyway, glad to find out that most of them quit drinking!

After a few months of being busy with our own work, we finally had the chance to catch up with one another.

The waitress arrived with our food. You know, a good restaurant is supposed to know what you ordered and put the correct food accordingly, not by asking the whole table, "Caesar salad?" and you have to raise your hand like you are a kid in a classroom.

Exactly what happened that night. The waitress didn't know whose food was that. Then, when my friend confirmed that it's hers, she tried to serve my friend from across the table (of eight people!), like, so freaking idiotic, it's so dangerous, the big, hot plate can fall on our heads.

My friend, Cynthia, snapped, "Oh, my God, she's never been trained to be a proper waitress, is it? How can you serve food like that!"

We were shocked to hear her comment. Firstly, it was nothing subtle about it, I am sure the waitress could hear it. Secondly, she was never the mean type, in fact, she's probably the most innocent and kindest among us.

I looked at my friend and giggled about it. Peter said, "That's how she is in the department, being a boss now. So, don't you mess with her!"

Waaahhh, number one.

We had a good time. We also surprised Peter and Cynthia with a birthday cake.

Then, it was time to say goodbye. We asked for the bill but it took more than 10 minutes when they were only four tables left in the restaurant.

Gina lost her patience after two requests for the bill (that took forever) and one of the waiters came by our table to announce that the kitchen was closing so, "Any last order?" he asked.

Gina snapped at him, "We are actually waiting for our bill. Why is it taking so long? You wanna give us a free dinner, is it?" and gave him her best poker-face look.

Waaahhh, number two.

Sejak naik pangkat ni, semua orang dah change a bit. Meaner and bossier.

I wish I can lead people. I need to. But, I am too soft. I give face all the time. I cannot raise my voice to express my anger or disappointment. Dengan my husband je boleh, hehe. And I still go back later than my juniors. I am still being bullied!

I want to change this personality. How to naik pangkat lagi dan lagi kalau orang asyik pijak kepala kita je kan?

Actually, I don't like this department that I am currently being in charge of.

The only secret reason I came, is because I am the only Muslim with the position in that department. Macam kesian la pulak tengok department tu kena conquer dengan non-Muslims when I am actually in a Muslim country.

I repeatedly told myself that it's my duty as a Muslim, to fulfill the Fardhu Kifayah.

Sometimes, I wonder, don't other people realize that they carry a responsibility to represent Muslims in areas where Muslims are scarce, especially where no other Muslim is involved?

I have been waiting for more Muslims to enter the department, but so far, all of them requested to transfer to other department because they are not interested. Eh, I pun tak interested, tapi ku korbankan juga sebab tu kan tanggungjawab Fardhu Kifayah? Korang kan lagi alim, ilmu agama tinggi-tinggi, pakai tudung, takkan tak perasan peliknya takde Muslim dekat situ? Semua nak berkumpul ikut gang-gang je ye...

This situation reminds me of my college days. For the second half of the study year, most students dropped some subjects, in order to concentrate more in certain subjects so to obtain good marks in the final exam.

Although half of the class was made up by Muslims, only three Muslims, me included, decided to continue that one or two particular subjects that the rest of them thought were so burdening to them.

Damn sad...

Tak tahu lah memang pemalas ke, opportunists ke, kaki mengelak ke, peer pressure ke, or memang bengap tak dapat carry subjects banyak-banyak (padahal bukan banyak sangat pun) sedangkan orang lain boleh je buat...

This kind of mentality should change.

Kita orang Islam, ada Fardhu Ain, ada Fardhu Kifayah. Dua-dua pun wajib kena buat.

Patutnya, kena ceburkan diri dengan bidang yang tak ramai orang Islam. Bukannya cakap, "Eh, tanaklah pergi sana. Semua Mat Salleh je. Susah nanti."

God, please help me.

I preach to you all, to be brave and adventurous. Jangan jadi katak di bawah tempurung.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I have a friend, lets call her Kate. We are close, but there's always a barrier between us that cannot be broken. She built it and she guards it.

Kate is a person who has many groups of friends, but unlike me, she keeps them separated. I still remember how I used to get hurt because she liked to leave me behind when she had plans with her other friends. The thing is, I had nobody else at that time, so sometimes, I felt lonely when she did this. I told myself that I cannot become her bestfriend, because a bestfriend won't treat you like this. (Besides, I don't believe in having a bestfriend, I don't like to rate my friends and label who's best or second best, it's childish.)

Now that we are back on our motherland, I don't mind her doing it at all. I am not lonely anymore, yeay!

We are still keeping in touch and I mostly know what she has been up to. But a recent event made her keep a distant from the rest of us. You see, Kate is now seeing someone who doesn't like it when she tells too much. And we respect that.

One of Kate's sibling got married. Our friend, Jack, questioned why we weren't invited. When Jack's brother got married, he invited us to come, when Ivy's sister got married, we attended the wedding. It's what friends do. Jack thinks it's odd.

Since I was the 'closest' to Kate, they came to me to ask, but I wasn't invited either.

Serena: Do you think she forgot to invite us?
Me: She must have a reason not to invite. Oh, you know Kate. She always has secrets and all...
Serena: Yeah, I know. She and her secrets.
Me: Did you see the wedding photos?
Serena: I did.
Me: Did you see anything different?
Serena: Like what?
Me: Do you know how we always suspect that she has more family members than she told us? It's confirmed. Maybe that's why she didn't let us come. She doesn't want us to know.

Why did we have that kind of suspicion? It's like a jigsaw puzzle, to have to put all pieces together to see the bigger picture.

Our friend, Fatin, who was like a sister to Kate, always complained that she couldn't view Kate's photos in Facebook. Fatin lives abroad, so, it was important for her that she was being updated regarding our activities because she wouldn't want to be left behind.

Kate told me, the reason she keeps them private is because her aunts and uncles are on Facebook too. Sometimes, her friends tag inappropriate pictures of her, so she doesn't want the elderly to see them.

The two of them are no longer talking to each other, but that's a different story altogether.

Now, that I've seen her brother's wedding photos, via her sister's Facebook page, (because I can't view photos on her page, remember) I begin to understand.

Their cousin, tagged Kate and her siblings, and also, some other boys and girls who happen to have similar names and their father has the same name, too, all wearing the same colour baju kurung and baju melayu.

That's the downside of naming your children Nurul Atikah, Nurul Afikah, Nurul Asyafikah, Nurul Athirah, Mohd Ikmal, Mohd Iqbal, Mohd Irfan, Mohd Ifran etc.

When I first met Kate, I thought she was just like me, coming from an average family.

Me: I think the government should give scholarships to deserving students. Sometimes, even though the kid is smart, gotten all As and everything, but if his or her family could afford it, why would they be given a scholarship? Better give it to someone who is smart AND poor, so the kid can improve his or her life, right? I really hate those who use their family connections just to get a scholarship when it's so clear that they don't even need it.

Kate: No, I don't think so. As long as that person is smart, he or she should be granted with a scholarship.

Me: But that's unfair. The government couldn't give scholarships to just everyone. Besides, rich people always have the advantages to be better than the poor students in term of studies. They can go to tuitions and they don't have to walk to go to schools, they study in schools where the good teachers are...

A few weeks after we landed in the foreign country, I found out her father transferred a 5-figure number worth of RM into her bank account, reserved only for travels, leisures and emergencies.

No wonder she was so offended.

Kate: We have to make sure my sister get a scholarship.
Me: Why? Your father can afford it even if she didn't get it.
Kate: Ectopy, I come from a big family. Even though my father is rich, tapi I banyak adik beradik.
Me: What do you mean? He only has 6 children! (And he still gives you guys thousands of ringgit per person, per month!)

Kate always tells us that she has 2 sisters and 3 brothers.

Sometimes, there will be extra people in the house. Who are they? The answers would always be different.

Sometimes, it would be, "These are my cousins."

Some other times,
"This is my Adik." Eh, but I thought you said you have 3 brothers?
"Memanglah." So, who is this?
"My Adik." Wait, your brothers are Ikmal, Iqbal and Irfan, right? So, who is this again? How many brothers do you have?
"...(change topic)..." Wait, I am still confused!
Some people just don't know when to stop. (Slaps forehead)
Kate was obviously uncomfortable, but my blur friend just had to demand for an explanation.

One time, was even funnier.

Haliza: Hello, little boy, who are you?
Boy: I am Boy, Kate's brother.
Haliza: Oh.

Haliza: Kate, I didn't know you have another brother.
Kate: No, he's not. He's my cousin.
Haliza: But, why is he saying he's your brother then?
Kate: I don't know. But he's not my brother. (Nervous laugh)
Haliza: Okay...


I think Kate secretly knows that I know her secret and she must be very glad because I give her privacy. Come on, pandai-pandailah, kita pun dah besar, she will talk about when she is ready. If she doesn't want to tell, why ask further?

Maybe that's why I am the closest to her. I understand without her having to tell.


Kate ni pun satu hal jugak.

She comes from a very tight family. She gets along very well with her step-siblings.

I mean, I see the 'cousins', 'adik angkat' and 'extra sisters and brothers' all the time in her house.

But why does she have to hide this kind of things? Is it still a taboo in our society?

It's not uncommon nowadays, and there's nothing to be ashamed of.

My other friends talk very openly about their fathers second and third wives, how they prefer one over the other, or how they hate their stepmom but loves their step siblings...

I think it will be less burdening for Kate if she just admits. The thing is, it's difficult to admit when you've been dodging the issue for very long.


In the August issue of majalah Perempuan, or was it Wanita (?), there are two articles about poligamy.

It's amazing how I can loathe one family, and love the other one, even though both family practice polygamy.

The one that I hate is an Ustadz who married 4 women, each staying in a different state, one even lives in Australia. Apa dia ingat perempuan perempuan ni hotel? Tempat persinggahan? How can you be fair when your wives are so far from you at a time. How can you keep track of your children? So, you leave your wives to manage everything on their own lah! There's not even tolong menolong sesama madu concept in this marriage!

Lepas tu nak berbangga dalam majalah pulak. Please lah!

The one who lives in Australia, quoted, "Rasa seronok sangat sebab dapat bersama abang beraya ke rumah-rumah madu saya, pusing-pusing satu Malaysia." You are so immature!


The other one is about an Ustadz with 3 wives. He married the first wife because her father approached him to take care of his daughter, he agreed. Then, he married the second and third wives because the first wife suggested it to him, even tolong meminang them for him.

And...The second and third wives are janda, people who were wrongly treated during their first marriages. And both of them are medical doctors.

Now, this sounds much better, right!

My cousin came to Mother's house for a Raya visit.

Cousin: Oh, my God!
Me: Why?
Cousin: This woman, she approached my friend to marry her husband.
Me: Why?!
Cousin: She wants the Golden Umbrella.
Me: The what?!
Cousin: She wants the Payung Emas God promises to give in Heaven, if you live peacefully with your husband and his other wives.
Me: Oh. Why she didn't approach you then?
Cousin: Because, I am not good enough for her husband. Dia nak orang-orang tudung labuh je...


Friday, September 9, 2011

I actually want to write a decent post but I was caught up reading a blog from A to Z, and it's already too late!

Anyway, just a quick one.

As you know, I had an accident a few weeks ago. Also, my car was smashed and I was nearly robbed one year ago.

Because of this unfortunate events, I've had people suggesting to me to sell the car and buy a new one.

I refuse.

First reason is, this is my first car and I don't use it that often. The mileage is minimal so, it'll be my loss if I were to sell the car.

Secondly, it is the last thing that Father helped me to purchase before he passed away. I remember how we had to wait for a few months just because he wanted me to have the family's plate number. He also witnessed the night the robbers terrorized me. (Sometimes, I wish he would just shoot them bastards.)

Basically, the car really means a lot to me. I don't care if it will end up as my 'kereta pergi pasar', as long as it's there. We could always buy a new one, right?

Besides, I don't believe in luck, especially bad ones.

I notice a similar thing between the two incidents. I was wearing baju kurung!

I don't consider myself as someone who wears baju kurung rarely, but one of my bosses once pointed out to me.

Boss: Eh, hi. This is the first time I see you in baju kurung.
Me: (Shocked) Really? I've worn it before! (Defensive)

The first time, when the two guys hit me, I was so shaken that I went to sleep sobbing. You know, that's the time when you start to think the worst thing that could have happened. Not only traumatized, I was also beating myself up because supposedly, the first thing that should have come to my mind, was the Shahadah.

During the recent incident, I am glad that I remembered God. Although not immediately, but that's an improvement from the last time. If I were to die, at least I won't regret my last words.

I've had two near-deaths experiences but I am still tudungless. Insaflah, Ectopy!!!

Last but not least, regarding me forcing my husband to eat...Hehe. I guess, it's not so much of me wanting to punish him, but more of him following my orders.


It's actually the fact that he listened to me and did not reciprocate my anger that made me forgive him. Can you imagine if he started to scold me back?

The argument would have been definitely extended and uglier.

So, to guys out there, now you know what we, women, want.
Sometimes, it's nice if you make us feel like a Goddess once in a while.
It works for me!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

At my parents' house, I browsed through an old highschool album.

For the first time in my life, I think I was not a bad looking girl. Cute jugak ape...

Stupid boys...How can they not fall for this face, huh!

Me: Abang, cantik tak Rozita Che Wan ni?
Husband: Oh...Ni lah Rozita Che Wan...Ni anak Chef Wan tu eh?
Me: (Slaps forehead)

Me: Okay, nak tengok Final Destination 5 ke, Conan the Barbarian ke, The Smurfs?
Friend: Tak nak tengok The Smurfs!
Husband: Kita tengok Conan the Barbarian lah...
Me: Final Destination lah best!
Husband: Final Destination yang first je yang best...Cerita pasal Lailatul Qadar.
Me: Cerita pasal Qada' dan Qadar lah!!!

Me: Kalau you tak sampai esok, siap you! I mengamuk!
Husband: Mana boleh mengamuk! Syurga you di bawah tapak kaki I!
Me: Oh...Syurga I di bawah tapak kaki you...Syurga you tu dekat bawah sini juga...
Husband: Memang pun...Bawah tu syurga dunia I...(Evil laugh)

My husband always regards my pussy as his heaven.

I met an old friend because he came back for a short Raya holiday.

Me: So, who have you met today? Or, who else are you planning to meet today?
Friend: I have met Rina. We had coffee in KL Sentral.
Me: Then, where is she?
Friend: She had to go somewhere.

Rina is our mutual friend whose profession is the same like mine.

Friend: So, how's work?
Me: Okay lah...Not too bad.
Friend: Rina complained a lot.
Me: About her clients?
Friend: No. Generally. She complains about the system and macam-macam lah.
Me: I see...

At that point, it hits me: There's nothing sexy about complaining.

I am meeting an old friend and I definitely don't want him to remember me as someone who likes to complain.

Let this be a reminder for me.

Last Friday, my husband went for his Solat Jumaat and came home really late.

I called and called but he did not pick up his phone.

Finally, at 2.45pm, he came home and I was so angry at that time, ready to throw tantrums.

He was oblivious about my anger, so he didn't expect my fierceness.

Me: You pergi mana!
Husband: Pergi sembahyang lah.
Me: Kenapa tak angkat phone!
Husband: Oh, sorry, sorry, tak dengar.
Me: You pergi mana?
Husband: Abang makan tadi.

Me: Makan! You makan! Habis you tak fikir isteri you tak makan!
Husband: Abang lapar tadi. Kawan ajak makan.
Me: Habis I tunggu you lama-lama buat apa!
Husband: Okay, cepat, abang teman you makan.
Me: I tak nak you teman I makan, I nak you makan sekali lah!

Me: Apasal tak boleh nak SMS cakap you balik lambat! Apa guna handphone tu kalau tak guna! Apa guna you bawa kalau you silent kan handphone tu!
Husband: Sembahyang tadi kena silent.
Me: Masa makan tadi tak ingat I langsung! I tak kira, I nak you makan dengan I!

Husband: Ha, okaylah...Cepat, ambil pinggan tu.
Me: I nak you hidangkan untuk I.
Husband: Okay, dah.
Me: You nak makan sangat kan tadi? Lapar sangat kan tadi? I nak you habiskan nasi atas pinggan you tu. I tak kisah!
Husband: Tapi ni banyak sangat ni. I dah kenyang.
Me: I tak kisah. Siapa suruh you pergi makan tak beritahu I!

Husband: I kenyang ni...
Me: Kalau you tak makan, I tak nak makan!

Husband: Okay, I makan ni...

And that's how a controlling wife punish her husband- feed him sampai meletup perut.

Garang gila nak mampus I ni!