Sunday, September 25, 2011

I probably prefer to write in point form. Random thoughts again...

I have a friend, Elizabeth. She's pretty, rich, smart...And she can be cocky at times. But she is married to our good friend, Hadi, so sometimes, we have to put up with her, whether we like it or not. Being the usual good people that we are, we always give her chances to prove that our perception towards her is wrong.

So, I met Vicky, who works in the same place as Elizabeth.

Me: Dah lama tak jumpa Hadi. Dia tak ajak ke pergi raya rumah dia? You know, if I were him, living in a nice condominium, I would have invited my friends over all the time. It's nice, what...
Vicky: Oh, semalam Hadi ada ajak jumpa. Tapi I busy semalam. And you know lah, his wife, Elizabeth tu...
Me: What's with her?
Vicky: Everytime I would like to think that she is a normal person, she will do these things that repel me.

And therefore, Vicky told me about what Elizabeth did.

To cut story short, Vicky likes to drop big, big names in their conversations.

For example:
"Eh, who is his father? Which powerful man? I mean, I am sure my father knows his father. Especially if his father was in so-and-so department. Because they are all invited to my wedding. Tan Sri Aziz? No, can't be. Tan Sri Firdaus? Can't be. Tan Sri Danial? Tan Sri Mahathir?"

And, being the typical me, I like to give people like Elizabeth my benefit of doubt.

Vicky's father is also a rich, famous, powerful person. So, I told Vicky, Elizabeth probably behaves that way around Vicky because they probably know the same people.

I said, "Maybe, Elizabeth tahu, yang you guys come from a similar background. So, Elizabeth ingat, it's okay. Maybe she thinks you would understand and not be offended. I mean, kalau dia cakap macam tu dekat I, mestilah I rasa dia berlagak gila. So, around me, she has to be extra humble. Tapi kalau dia cakap macam tu dekat you, maybe she thinks you wouldn't judge her. Sebab you guys experience more or less the same things."

Do you get what I mean?

Elizabeth may not be aware of this. Perhaps, she thinks she was having an innocent conversation with someone who is at the same par as her.
She must be stupid/ crazy to say those things to someone like me, because I am obviously not as privileged as them, it would have sounded like she intended to make me feel small.

Vicky: I know lah her father is a somebody, but does she have to make it obvious? The most annoying part is, she tells people about it, but, at the same time, she doesn't them to know whose daughter she is. She keeps them guessing. In the end, people come up to me to find out what famous person her father is.

In the end, I change and fixate my mind.

I guess, Elizabeth is probably that type of person, afterall.
You know, the You-want-people-to-know,-but-not-know,-but-you-still-want-them-to-know-from-other-people kinda person.

Am I making any sense here!

I was filling up my time with my hobby- blog hopping- when I stumble upon this one blog by Miss Jamilah.

Miss Jamilah is a nice, married woman with one child. Her husband, Mr. Kamil, studied in *Planet Pluto. (I obviously can't name the place when he got his education to protect their privacy, duh)

As far as I know, there are only a handful of Malaysians who ever went to *Planet Pluto to further their study. I know only two, one is my husband's friend, Jay, (whom I have never met, by the way) and the other is Jay's housemate.

Me: Abang, abang ingat tak kawan abang yang pernah study dekat *Planet Pluto tu?
Him: Kenapa?
Me: Apa nama dia?
Him: Nama dia Jay.
Me: Dia tinggal mana sekarang?
Him: Sekarang tinggal dekat Puncak Alam. Kenapa?
Me: I ada jumpa satu blog ni. Husband dia pun pernah study dekat *Planet Pluto jugak. Tapi nama dia Mr. Kamil. And dia tinggal dekat KL. Salah orang kot...
Him: Oohhh...I kenal Mr. Kamil tu! Dia dulu housemate Jay dekat *Planet Pluto tu...

I was very impressed by Mr. Kamil. He's handsome and super rich! And by the way his wife describes him as, he sounds like a really nice person.

Him: Memang Mr. Kamil tu budak baik pun...
Me: Rumah dia besar tau, Abang...Ada swimming pool! Sebelum dia kahwin pun dah ada swimming pool. Senang je wife dia, lepas kahwin, kemas beg pindah rumah. Rumah cantik pula tu!
Him: Ala, bapa dia kaya...
Me: Ye lah, but it is still very impressive. Can you imagine, even as a bachelor, he lives in a house with a swimming pool!
Him: Abang tahu, Abang pernah pergi rumah dia dulu...

Contoh rumah Miss Jamilah and Mr. Kamil. Source: Google

As usual, my husband already knew where this was heading to...Hehehe...

Me: Why can't you be like that? Why can't I have a husband like that. I tahulah Abang pernah cerita pasal dia dulu dekat I, he's rich and all, but I didn't know he was also good looking! How come you never introduce me to your rich, good looking friends before we got married?

(Okay, this sounds like an isteri derhaka in the making. But trust me, I was only teasing my husband. A very mean game.)

Him: Mr. Kamil tu tak kayalah. Bapa dia yang kaya. He's the type yang masuk office, goyang kaki je...
Me: I don't care. He owns three very expensive cars. He flies overseas all the time. Dia lelaki yang jenis suka duduk rumah to spend time with his family. And he buys nice things for his wife.
Him: Well, memanglah dia baik. Masa dia study dekat *Planet Pluto dulu, Jay tak payah bayar sewa rumah pun. Mr. Kamil yang settle kan. Kadang-kadang, dia tinggalkan je credit card atas meja, so housemates dia boleh guna beli groceries. Tapi I respect sangat pada dia. Do you know why?

"Why?" I asked.

"Because he was born rich. Dia tak pernah hidup susah. I lebih suka kalau seseorang tu pernah hidup susah, kemudian dia jadi berjaya. Ataupun kalau dia memang datang dari keluarga mewah, tapi dia bina kerjaya dia sendiri. Barulah inspiring..." my husband explained.

Eleh, orang jealous memang cakap macam tu nak sedapkan hati sendiri...Hehehe...

Abang, bila Abang nak kaya ni!!!

That night, I went to sleep thinking how nice it would be if we were rich.

I know if I were, I won't be spending the cash on designer items. I'd be more than satisfied if I were to have a nice, permanent house in a strategic location (because I want to start decorating my own house and never to move again), a nice, loan-free car and one whole year, at least, to not worry about work and thinking on how to generate money, but to travel around the world and do the things I love instead!

I asked the same question to my husband, what would do if you were rich?

"Abang nak pergi travel to Japan and Brazil. Tengok fashion show dekat Milan and New York," was his answer.


Slaps forehead.

That is my husband's life long dream? Really!

Me: Abang ni, macam perempuan lah! Buat ape nak pergi tengok fashion show?
Him: Sebab Abang suka fashion lah...Milan tu kan capital city of fashion...

Seriously. (Rolls eyes)