Saturday, April 21, 2012

This year, my husband had told me twice about the death of two footballers.

The most recent one, was last week. I shed tears when I watched the last few moments of his life being displayed on TV.

My husband saw my expression and asked why, I said, "Sebab sedihlah!"

"Can you imagine, sebelum ni, you training dengan teammates you hari-hari, nothing was wrong, you rasa fit. On the day of the match, you bersemangat gila nak main bola, nak menang. Lepas tu, tiba-tiba, in the middle of the field, you sakit dada. You try nak bangun, tapi tak boleh. Last-last you rebah, tiba-tiba je. Cuba bayangkan, you tengah sakit gila, beribu-ribu orang tengah tengok you sakit, tapi seorang pun tak boleh tolong you."

Being in extreme pain and suddenly you cannot breathe, with so many people around you, but noone could help. It's horrible! It's one of the worst ways to die! And it's just so sad that all we could do is just watch.

And what about his teammates...To see the paramedics perform CPR right in front of your eyes, to the friend whom you just laughed/ eaten/ talked with. Who would've thought it would be the last of everything...

I think, for me to cry while watching it on TV, it is justifiable.

And he was so young and it was so unexpected.

Takutlah I tengok sportsmen ni...


Before I received the above news, I often wonder why is my mind, spirit, body- my whole self changing.

I remember the time when I wasn't afraid of anything. I would ride a speedy car, dream of bungee-jumping, paragliding, parachuting, be excited for roller-coasters and ride them over and over again...I even snuck out from the house just to attend funfairs and do all the crazy stuff.

The feeling was different when I went to Universal Studio, Singapore.

I wasn't all very excited when the roller-coaster slowly climbing up. It was awkward as I did not know whether I should open my eyes to build up the momentum or, close my eyes and wait for my heart to stop for a moment.

Close eyes? Open eyes? Close eyes? Open eyes?

After much thinking, I personally prefer keeping my eyes open than close. I don't like the feeling of suddenly dropping, I know what kind of stress it will do to my heart, I know in extreme shock/ fright, I wouldn't even make a sound because it feels like everything is frozen, and so does my heart.

Me: Abang, abang lagi suka naik roller-coaster tutup mata ke, buka mata?
Husband: Tutup mata lah. Takutlah buka mata!
Me: Tapi kalau tutup mata, rasa jatuh tiba-tiba, rasa macam jantung nak tercabut!
Husband: Ala, kalau buka mata pun, jantung nak tercabut jugak. Kalau tutup mata, rasa takut tu sekejap je...

Me: Kalau macam tu, maksudnya abang lebih prefer mati tiba-tiba. I lagi suka kalau I sakit dulu sebelum mati.
Husband: Eh, kalau mati, lainlah...Kena sakit dulu sebelum mati.
Me: Mana aci! Tadi you cakap lain!
Husband: Situasi dah tukar sekarang ni...
Me: Kenapa you lebih suka sakit dulu sebelum mati?
Husband: Sebab, sebelum Nabi Muhammad SWT wafat pun, dia sakit dulu selama seminggu, baru dia meninggal dunia...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I have been up early for every single day for the past 3 weeks (weekends included), it's almost unfair that I am ultimately busy! Three weekends had gone and I didn't get to spend any time lazing around.

I keep telling myself that I deserve a break. It's just that, I don't know when I will get to get one.

To my advantage, my husband is a natural early riser. So, whenever he gets that extra leisure time, I don't get overly jealous because he actually makes the effort to walk me off and feed me breakfast (even though, sometimes, it's just water).

And when I'm asleep, he respects that. (Instead of the usual squeezing and wrapping me around with his legs) I am so glad he understands.


One of the most recent activities that we had together is running a marathon.

This is so funny because I can't remember the last time I actually ran. I am not one of those girls who joined the gym to keep fit. I am not even very athletic during school.

I was an active kid when I was in primary school, but it shifted when I entered the secondary. Because of my limited stamina (I always can dash the 100 metres, but not the 200 metres and more!), I represented my secondary school entirely on academics.

Now, that I am thinking about it, the last time I had a proper run was probably in 2001. In college, I did go for a camping trip, that was probably the most physical I had gotten into. During my university years, I travelled a lot which involved a lot running to catch flights/ trains/ buses (but that's because I just had to). After I started working, from time to time, I went for paintball, white water rafting, gun shooting, flying fox and climbing, but nothing too vigorous.

My husband, on the other hand, would get weird if he didn't go for a workout. No, he is not a gym junkie either, I wouldn't let him spend thousands of ringgit for something you could get for free. However, he does play football almost everyday. During the moonsoon season, he would at least run a few laps just because he needs to get sweat out of his body.


So, at 6am, I woke my husband up. Surprise, surprise, he was already up by that time. We shared a can of 100 Plus and a bar of Snickers for energy. He refused to eat more than that for the reason, "I rasa sakit perut lah..." and tapped on his tummy.

Off we ran the marathon while he left me miles behind. We didn't even start together because I was with my friends and afterall, we are not a very clingy couple.

I finished 49, which wasn't too bad really, because I didn't even train for it!

Naturally, I looked for my husband at the finish line but couldn't find him. I thought he was in the car but the car was missing too.

The car and my husband soon re-appeared.

My husband admitted that he went to search for a nice toilet to dump his stuff. He actually went to a nearby hotel for that business. I knew it! (He always does this! Pretending to be a hotel customer, padahal nak berak je...!!!)

I seriously believed the tummy ache was the motivation for him to run faster. He was placed number two, beaten by a kid. "Ala, abang sengaja bagi budak tu menang..."

Yeah, right.


Speaking of number two, it reminded me of a conversation my husband and I had.

In our bedroom, there's this corner where banyak taik cicak.

It's so annoying! Because, everytime I sapu, mesti ada balik.

Padahal, rumah I ni, jarang nak nampak cicak. Whenever I see one, I would scream and my husband would pick it up (euwww!!!) and throw it outside.

Me: Eeee!!! Kenapa ada banyak taik cicak ni! Hari tu I dah sapu dah!
Husband: Maybe, cicak tu ingat tu toilet dia kot...(Bercakap dengan wajah selamba nak mampus)

Haha. Mana ada cicak boleh terfikir nak ada toilet! Ke ada? Because they always shit at the same place! Annoying gile okay!


The marathon was actually for a charitable cause. So, the prize was only a modest hamper and nothing fancy. Nevertheless, I still got excited because in the hamper, there was an iron. Our house needed an iron. Hehe.

Hari tu, I mengada-ngada gila nak steam iron, like the one you find dekat kedai tu...After we bought it, I realized I can't iron the bottom of my baju kurung (dekat bahagian lipatan tu) and I can't iron my husband's work pants (to get that crease in the middle).

We didn't bother to buy any because, well, I ni kan mengada-ngada...So, I refuse to buy the cheap, brandless one. I only want something that is long lasting AND cheap.

But since my husband won the iron for free, I don't mind it being brandless as long as it functions! Yeay!


My husband had to go outstation after the marathon.

As expected, I developed muscle ache.

So, I texted my husband

Me: Abang, kakiku tegang!

How nice if my husband said something like, "Nanti I urut ye..." Instead, my husband punya reply?

"Konek ku tegang."