Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the proposal 1.

I spend less and less time on the Internet. No, I don't know what happened to Piah Zadora, to answer a reader's question. Haha, funny that the reader mentioned her name. Piah Zadora, once a legend, I wish somebody was able to reveal her identity. You know, it'd be fun to watch the drama.

But I guess, people move on. Those who shut down their blogs are now writing again.


On Sunday, Mother sent an SMS asking whether I was coming home for lunch because the menu of the day was fish and chips. I couldn't resist it, instead of having a fun loving date with my boyfriend, I forced him to join me at my house.

I think, my boyfriend was preparing for his speech for my parents, but I kept interrupting by, asking him to eat with me, talking about work with Mother. Then, I excused myself to get ready for our special dinner.

He was supposed to use the time to blurt it out to my parents.

This is what happened, according to him:

He went to one of the rooms to perform his prayer, waiting for the perfect moment, but it was spoiled by the sudden influx of people into my house- my siblings and their kids.

I, on the other hand, thought he did it, went to greet him, all made up and smiling.

In the car, he admitted, "I haven't told yet."

"Why?" I asked and he mentioned the reason above. "Tak apa, esok I cuba lagi, okay?" were his comforting words.

At the same time, I wasn't in my very best of health. I had a flu. My boyfriend thought I was crying. I did not. But I pretended I was.

"Kenapa you sedih?"
"Sebab you lah!"

The intention was to jokingly alarm him. However, I was too engrossed in my character, it became real, the emotions- anger and disappointment.

"You are always like this, aren't you? You give me all kinds of reasons!"
"Memang betul, tadi tiba-tiba ramai orang!"
"Well, perhaps, ni Tuhan nak tunjuk yang we are not supposed to be together!"

I am more mature now. I limit my words when I'm angry, avoiding regretful conversations that might come out from my words.

Silence. I fixed my eyes on the road. I waited for him to stroke my hair or hold and kiss my hands, like the way he always does when I'm upset.

He did not.

Instead, he took out his mobile phone, which made me angrier. Wrong timing, Sir, to call your friend at times like this, all hell's gonna break loose.

Actually, he was calling Mother. "Esok, dalam pukul 12 tengahari, saya datang rumah, ada hal nak jumpa."

Feeling embarassed, it did work to calm me down. My mouth started to curve slowly upwards.

Dinner at Mandarin Hotel was superb. We ate so much, to make worth of the RM100++ per head buffet. Not bad, huh? It was my first time there, didn't know the price is affordable and fit the quality served there.

The night ended well.

I arrived soundly, but Mother was obviously was anticipating for my return. She doesn't usually stay up after midnight. I escaped her by quickly ran towards my room, getting ready for my slumber.

Mother knocked on the door. "Apa yang dia nak cakap?"

"That his parents are going to see you soon."

"Are you sure? Ataupun kamu nak kahwin just because all your friends are getting married?"
"Orang dah nak kahwin lama dah. Tapi Mother yang tak bagi dulu..."

"Dah fikir betul-betul? Betulke ini orangnya?"
"Betul lah."

"Betul ke dia kerja xxx?"

"Nanti lepas kahwin tinggal mana? Jauh?"
"Sini lah."

"Tapi dia kerja jauh."
"Nanti dia pindah kerja sini."

"Kenapa tak boleh cari yang lebih elok?"
"Eloklah tu. Yang penting, hati baik."

"You have so many friends. Kenapa tak lekat?"
"Dia yang paling baik."

The next day, in the morning:

"I told Father. Dia cakap kena tunggu dua tahun."
"Dua tahun! Tak mau!"

"Ma cakap, 2 tahun lama sangat. Setahun okaylah."
"I nak bulan 6. Kalau ikut dia, dia nak bulan 3."

"Lagi satu, Father cakap kena datang lepas Raya Haji."

As planned, my boyfriend paid a visit in the afternoon. I didn't know what my boyfriend discussed with Mother, I haven't got the chance to interview him yet. But it's sad, huh? Because Father knew he was coming but decided to settle his work. My boyfriend called one day earlier to make sure they were at home, but Father left.

And the reason Father wants two years for us to prepare for the wedding? I think he secretly hopes that in the meantime, I would find somebody else.