Monday, February 27, 2017

Been super busy, but my kids are growing up so fast!

The baby is already taking a few steps!

And the boy...

Daddy: Abang K nak pergi school?
Boy: Tak nak! Nak makan sayur je!
Me: Kenapa nak makan sayur je?
Boy: Nak pandai, makan sayur je. Tak nak pergi school.

Wow. I praise his penaakulan mantik! Haha.

And...He does not even eat veges.
I can already imagine myself having to deal with his lame excuses when he's much older.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Same problem every year: don't know what to get for my dear husband's birthday.

I have been having bouts of burst tears lately, it makes me think whether I am pregnant again. Haha. My husband doesn't think so, but I have to check, just in case.

Anddd...I'm kinda involved in a case of a mother who was about to sell her baby...I'm so angry because I feel like I need to save the babies, but the babies are actually going to good homes...I also feel like I need to save the mothers, but they are all doing it willingly, for the money...

The only way is to stop the demand. But, there will always be couples who are desperate for babies.

So, yeah, my drama of the week.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Watched a video about refugees- mother and son got separated in order to live.

I can't imagine myself going through such ordeal. Me, not knowing how to contact my children, not knowing whether they are alive or not, not knowing whether I can ever meet them again...?

It's as worst as dying.

Oh, Allah, protect us all.