Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Aku pasrah.

I'll wear whatever wedding dress for my big day, okay?

My boyfriend originated from another state. He was so convincing: "People there can sew too. They are not designers, but they can sew!"

It got me really excited. I printed photos for him to show them around.

One shop finally agreed to tailor my dress. We asked for the price quotation. After 5 freaking days, she said it would cost us, "RM2000".

Bf: Kalau macam tu, baik saya buat dekat KL!
Tukang jahit: Memang kami akan tempah di KL pun...


Sangat marah because the design that I wanted bukannya sarat dengan labuci kena jahit tangan! Plus, itu harga KL, I nak harga murah, sebab tu I bawa pergi kampung, duh!

I am no longer angry at my boyfriend. Biarlah, it's just a dress. I'll make a better one later, when we are richer, even though it'll be after marriage. :)

Anyway, I am getting more and more sensitive ever since the date is approaching, especially when people comment on my looks.

One relative said, "Nanti sebelum kahwin, buatlah facial, lepas tu kena mekap cantik sikit, bagi hilang semua ni," and she pointed at my flaws.

I was offended.

In another situation, my sister-in-law asked, "Awak tak ada ambil apa-apa ke?"
Me: Ambil apa?
SIL: Ye lah...Macam jamu ke...
Mother: Jamu? Dia tak gemuklah.
SIL: Awak ni, nampak penat je...Jamu untuk bagi awak nampak, hhmm, fresh sikit.

I think she was very careful in choosing her words which equivalent to the word: unattractive.

I was the dealing with a client the other day. While waiting for the stuff to be sorted out, she stared at my namecard, gave me a look and said, "You are so pretty in this picture. Now you look...Tired."

In my head: tired = ugly.

Being polite, I said, "Well, work has consumed me. Don't worry, Auntie, I'll get prettier when I am getting married."

Auntie replied, "You should be pretty even before you get married."

I can only brushed off the topic by telling her a lie, "First, I need to find a guy!"

Urgh, what is wrong with these people! Am I that ugly!

Oh, well, the only good news is, I never thought my namecard photo was a nice one. At least, Auntie appreciated it.

And thank God I have a blind boyfriend.

I did not wear any make-up on, wore a plain baju kurung with a plain tudung to attend a boring Kursus Kahwin but he kept complimenting on how cute I was that it became annoying because I felt like I was being lied to.

I watched 'How I Met Your Mother'. Quote from the sitcom:
A: People don't like to lied to!
B: Wrong! People don't like finding out the truth!

Oh, and here's another quote:
Skanky old woman: Come here, baby...(Rubbing herself against the man's cock)
Timid man: (Refusing the skanky old woman) Actually, I have a girlfriend. No, fiance! Wife! I have a wife!
Skanky old woman: (Still trying her luck to seduce the timid man)
Timid man: (Blurted out) I have syphilis!
Skanky old woman: Even better! Cause I have syphilis too...


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So, I ran into Kancil and damaged her plate number.

My car is fine.

It wasn't a big deal. At work, I texted her an apology message, but was returned with a call by a stranger who was completely unaware about the matter. I must have gotten the wrong number, and the ironic thing is, the owner of the number has the exact same name.

It turned out, this woman is a stalker. She traced my car at my workplace and left me a note.

Remember the security guard I told you in my last post? Well, he told that they passed the message to me, if I was still uncontactable by the next day, they wanted to issue a summon. Over tak? Setakat plate number pecah kot...

At last, managed to contact her and she requested for, tadaa, RM250.

Cik: Mekanik tu estimate rosak dalam RM250.
Me: Mahalnya! Rosak apa mahal sangat? Number plate je yang pecah.
Cik: Dia cakap bumper jatuh.
Me: Awak repairlah dulu, nanti bagitau saya amount dia.

I thought, what the hell! Bila pulak bumper dia jatuh, bukannya langgar kuat pun, kereta I pun takde scratch. But quickly, I calmed myself down, tak baik bersangka buruk pada perempuan yang menutup aurat, mekanik tu kot yang jahat.


At night, she called me again. Oh, my God, I was beginning to think she was harassing me. This time, she said, "Saya dah confirm kan dengan mekanik tu. Memang dia nak charge RM250."

Fine, whatever lah...So, why do you call me?

Cik: Agak-agak, bila eh boleh masuk duit?
Me: Saya tak pasti lah...Kalau tak malam ni, esoklah saya transfer duit. Nanti awak bagilah account number awak.
Cik: Sebab, saya perlukan duit tu.
Me: Okay, tapi macam saya kata tadi, kalau tak malam ni, besok saya bagi duit tu. Saya selalu online banking. Malam ni saya ada hal, nak keluar.
Cik: Tinggal dekat mana eh? Boleh bagi alamat?

Sekali lagi syaitan menghasut. Desperate gila perempuan ni miskin sangat ke hape setakat 250ringgit pun tak boleh bayar dulu...(Kalau miskin sangat, sungguh tak bijak pakai kereta, sila naik bas untuk simpan duit, lebih bagus kalau jalan kaki je) Siap minta alamat, kalau tak boleh online banking, dia nak datang rumah minta cash pagi-pagi buta keesokan hari agaknya.

You know what she said that made my annoyance level hit the maximum?

SMS: Saya harap cik bleh tranfer mlm ni la coz esk dah lbh 24jam utk mngelak dr sbrng kesulitan tq

Subtly threatening me, for the second time (the first, regarding the summon) in day?

I sedeqah je RM250 tu, I halalkan. Puas hati?

Probably she didn't act alone, probably her husband/ boyfriend/ friends made her do things this way...

This strengthtens further my theory: People with limited power memang suka nak tunjuk power. (I discuss about this matter over and over again)

Thank God I'm surrounded by cool people. That thought makes me smile :) We are classy!