Monday, January 26, 2015

Today, I met a truck driver who works with Alam Flora, and he and his wife were able to collect RM400k cumulatively. They have 7 children.

Nothing is impossible, right?

Then, he complained about the rising cost of living. I could feel him. Makan bukannya murah pun sekarang.

My son will soon reach 18 months old and I want to stop pumping already! My milk stock probably could last him 3 months. That should be enough lah kan...

My routine now is pumping once during lunchtime. Lebih kurang 3oz je dapat. But I think my son pun minum sikit. Sometimes, he could survive without drinking milk at all. Mother and bibik give him Vitagen, Ribena and water instead. I really hate it when bibik gives him Ribena to drink with during mealtime. Rosak gigi lah nanti...Dahlah bibik tu ada kencing manis. Because of this type of unhealthy lifestyle lah. Her permit gets rejected because she fails the urine test. Anyone knows what to do next? Dah habis ribu ribu dah ni.

Anyway, since I just got back to work, I have more milk from the all the direct feeding for the last 2 weeks. So, kita pump dulu selagi ada. After it diminishes in a few weeks time, I will reduce the amount of time pumping to 10 minutes once a day, and finally, go pumping free.

I really thought my cheapo breastpump wouldn't last, but it does...Yeay, cheapo! Win!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Again, it breaks my heart that tomorrow I will start my usual boring routine of going to work. My son fell asleep on my arm, and I love it when I catch him smiling, sometimes, giggling in his sleep. Sweet dreams, my dear. Mommy loves you.
Back from the long holiday and definitely not looking forward for work tomorrow.
Dreading the fact I will have to leave my son so early in the morning and probably comes back late at night.
Thinking of quitting and becoming a housewife yet again...Sigh.

Holiday was great. It was a success even though I didn't get to do all the things I wanted, but you know, in marriage, you just have to compromise. Unless you marry the person who has the same interests as you!

Because I compromised, my husband bought two new handbags for me. Well, I am not really crazy about them, but that means at least two years of fasting from getting any new one.

It's funny how I don't like to shop anymore. Actually, I probably still do, I just don't like to buy expensive things. And the holiday reminded me of how I used to love dressing up. And I remember how my friends used to drag me to shop with them because they needed my opinions. Like being a personal shopper/ stylist for them. Great time, I tell you... :)

Sometimes, I wish I had stayed instead of coming back. But I know, if I did, it'd be difficult to cover myself. How do you show up to work suddenly with a scarf on your head? Me and my logic. Boleh? Hahahaha.

Tengok, budak perasan, he refused to sit down and insisted my husband to dukung him so he could grab those things.

Many people commented that he looks older than 17 months old. Memang pun, kan?

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Had a meeting with a client. He is an elderly gentleman, a retired school principle.

He interrogated my background: where was I raised, who are my parents, how many siblings do I have, and what do they work as.

He then told me, Father must be a great man, who worked sincerely, using honest money. Why do you say that, I asked. Because all of his children are successful. And we were fed with 'air tangan ibu', my mother, who is a housewife.

Then, he shared his experiences, teaching his students, who were the sons and daughters of this profession of my father- "Jahat, nakal-nakal! Pakcik rasa, mesti sebab bapa dia ambil rasuah! Sebab tu dapat anak macam tu!"

I am proud of my parents.

But I don't think it's fair to blame the children's behaviours solely on the parents lah...

Stress pulak aku nak jadi Mak ni. Haha.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Was introduced to the brand Ann Taylor by

Feels like I am now more mature, hence, my style has shifted to be more demure, simple, classy and clean.

Bye bye fun clothes, I am into classic pieces now, especially white.

For the last few months, I've clicked on Ann Taylor website for so many times, I even fall in love with their ready-to-wear wedding collections. Tah kenapa tah gila baju kahwin...Haha. Tapi memang cantiklah...And so convenient that you can order your wedding dress online.

Bad news is, they don't ship to Malaysia.

Baru-baru ni, ada sale 60% off on most items, I weep inside...

Sunday, December 28, 2014

My son had a fall in the bathroom.
When he grows up, I'm gonna tell him it's because he was stubborn and refused to follow what I said, which, by the way, had become last night's bedtime story.

My son loves water and whenever I give him a shower, he would take the opportunity to disobey me to continue playing with the water (because he knows I'm the only person who would layan what he wants).

Me: Baby K! Enough! Finish!
Baby K: (Grunts in disapproval)
Me: Sudah!
Baby K: (Makes angry face)
Me: Baby K!
Baby K: (runs away from me and falls down --> loud cry)

He was bleeding at the chin and in the mouth.
I picked him up and calmly tried to stop the bleeding.

Mother, as expected, panicked.

I soothed my baby and changed him. Changed my clothes and off we went to Hospital XXX.

Baby K was quite fine, actually. Had a good cry for probably 10 minutes. After that, he was more clingy and menangis mengada-ngada.

Saw the doctor, and he said Baby K needed to be admitted so the stitching could be done in the OT (operating theatre).

Me: What?! Can't you just give some medications that make him sleepy?
Nurse: Tak boleh, Kak. Kalau bagi tidur pun, dia mesti jaga punya.
Me: Is it deep?
Doctor: It's quite deep.
Me: How much is the total cost?
Doctor: About RM4k. So, when was his last meal?

I refused admission. Paid RM56 for nothing.

Went to a government hospital instead. Because I know they are more reluctant to admit patients unnecessarily.

By this time, my son was already happily running around. He chased after the cat and the cockroach, he even played hide and seek. Tak padan dengan baju berdarah-darah.

Our number was called. The doctor said, he would send us to procedure room for 'skinglue'.

Me: Boleh pakai skinglue?
Doctor: Boleh.
Me: Because, I went to a private hospital just now, and the doctor wanted to do it under general anaesthesia.
Doctor: No need.
Me: I think so too!
Doctor: Okay, pergi bilik sebelah ambil Panadol. Lepas tu pergi Bilik 13.

I skipped the Panadol part because, well, I nak cepat and my son didn't look like he was in so much pain. Haha. Sorry, Baby K, tapi satu kerja lah pulak Mommy nak paksa awak minum ubat!

So, masuk je Bilik 13, Baby K screamed and cried. Tak buat apa-apa lagi dah berdrama...

Mommy tak kira, Mommy tekan bahu kuat-kuat. Mommy tahu itu semua lakonan saja. Habis je the procedure, keluar Bilik 13, automatic Baby K senyap lalu ajak main lagi... (-___-")

Me: Dah siap. Anything else?
Doctor: Ini prescription ubat.
Me: Apa tu?
Doctor: Panadol.
Me: Tak apalah. I beli sendiri. I dah ada dekat rumah. Thank you!


When we were small, my parents never brought me or my siblings to government clinics/ hospitals if we fell sick. So, I grew up thinking- (1) there was no govenment clinic. (2) there was only government hospital, and they are for really, really sick patients.

Now, I have many doctor friends. And I also found out you only have to RM1 for a visit to the government clinic/ hospital.

I have nothing against the government hospital because I think, they are there to help the rakyat. And in my opinion, the rakyat should not abuse the facilities!

Me, for example, I could afford to go to the private hospital, so I went there.

But, I was not happy with the doctor's recommendations, so I went to the government hospital instead.

However, all the while I was there waiting for our turn, I felt so guilty! I felt like I was robbing other people's needs. They might need to see doctor more urgently than we had to. I felt like they had to wait longer because my son and I took a number. I also felt like I was misusing the service.

And that's why I refuse to take the Panadol the doctor had prescribed for Baby K.
For RM1, my son received skinglue and SteriStrip, which I know, should cost a lot more than that. I could buy the Panadol from the pharmacy, I even could buy the flavoured medicine.

How can I accept the Panadol, when I knew, at that time, the people in the East Coast were in a huge flood, which destroyed the hospitals and their pharmacies and all the medicines?

My act may be small, but I hope I could somehow, contribute. Contribute so that they would have leftover medicines for the people who are really in need. Contribute so that the people who really could not afford to see the GP, could see the doctor faster.

Although, I can argue, the facilities are for people from all walks of life, besides, I pay my taxes, but I think, our society is so used of taking instead of giving, don't you think? We love to take, take, take.

We don't prioritize our needs.

"Let's go to the RM1 Clinic! So, I can use the money I save to buy that handbag..."

Seriously, you would rather spend your money on a handbag, instead on your health?

And please don't complaint about the waiting time...

With RM1, my son got satisfactory treatment. I didn't mind the 3 hour wait. In fact, I was so happy that my son didn't need to be admitted. Sakit sikit je tu...

I'm such a cool mom! If I wasn't there, I'm sure Mother or my husband would have simply followed the doctor's orders and made my son go through unnecessary procedure.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tadi, ada sesi berjumpa supervisor and mendapat puji-pujian. Tapi, mesti ada tapi, dalam pujian ada teguran.

"Perhaps you should be a little more hardworking," she said.

I terkejut. Nak tergelak pun ada. Because...

Is it really that obvious!!!

Tu lah, malas nak buka buku, tapi nak sambung belajar, pastu stress nak exam, buat style orang bujang study last minute...Old habits die hard...Tapi sikap ini jangan dicontohi ye...Walaupun it sometimes works for me, but you shouldn't take that risk.

I ni...Macam mana nak berubah ye!

Anyway, after that session, I felt a little bit better. Sikit je lah. Because they believe in me! Apa masalah I dengan self-esteem ni haa...

My colleague, who's in the same boat, said her husband is not happy with our tight schedules and long working hours.

Ye lah, nak buat macam mana kan...

I'm glad my husband is very supportive. Terlebih supportive kadang-kadang.

Husband: You kena sambung belajar...
Me: Tapi...I malaslah...Exam susah! I nak berhenti kerja...
Husband: Tak boleh. You kena tunjuk dekat Baby K yang you ni hebat.
Me: Alaaa...
Husband: You kena ingat Father. Dia hantar you belajar tinggi-tinggi, takkan you nak stop...Jangan sia-siakan peluang ni. You kan bijak, you mesti boleh buat.
Me: You cakap senanglah! Bukan you yang kena buat semua ni!
Husband: Nanti, I boleh ikut pergi overseas...
Me: Tak semestinya dapat pergi overseas...
Husband: Ala, lepas ni, you boleh berhenti kerja and buat business sendiri. Dapat banyak duit.
Me: Tapi, I nak tolong orang susah!
Husband: Boleh juga tolong orang susah kalau dah kaya nanti...
Me: Kenapalah you tak kaya...
Husband: I kaya jugak lah!
Me: Hahaha...Tapi kawan I tu, dia berhenti kerja jaga anak...Bestnya...Lepas tu, suami dia belikan dia handbag, kasut...
Husband: I pun belikan untuk you juga!
Me: Tapi I nak berhenti kerja!
Husband: Cubalah dulu...I selalu doakan you untuk berjaya.
Me: Ala, you sebenarnya nak tumpang glamour je kan? Tapi I yang susah!

Basically, I had the above conversation when I was in no mood.

Padahal, kalau my application was turned down hari tu, I yang menangis macam orang gila, lepas tu depress rasa diri tak beguna.

Bipolar betul.
Apakan daya, aku hanya manusia...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One day, my husband came home, telling me how he had spent his afternoon at the car showroom, mingling with the salesmen and their customers.

"Abang dah tahu dah macam mana diorang tukar-tukar kereta!"

He began to explain the method, which I no longer can remember howvbut it made a bit of sense at that time.

"So, kita pun boleh buat macam tu. Main rolling-rolling je! Setiap 3 tahun, kita tukar kereta."

I nodded. "Tapi," I said, "kita orang Islam tak bolehlah buat macam tu. I tak sukalah hutang-hutang ni..."


A few months ago, I was car shopping.

Me: Model ni, ada discount?
Saleman: Kalau you beli model ni, diskaun RM5 ribu. Lepas tu, I bagi you free bla bla bla...
Me: Model ni pula?
Saleman: Yang ini, discount RM3k. Tapi esok sudah boleh dapat. Bla bla bla...

Me: Kalau I bayar cash?
Salesman: Kalau cash, tak ada discount.
Me: Haaa? Apasal pula? Saya nak bayar cash, patutnya you lagi banyak bagi saya discount and free gift!
Salesman: Ohh...Ini bank punya policy.

Kalau macam tu, bukan discountlah namanya!
You still make profit via the bank loans kan...
Meaning, all the free gift you promised tu, sebenarnya tak free pun!


I rasa tertipu...

In the end, I beli kereta tu. Payung pun I tak dapat!
*Rolls eyes*
Tak tahulah accurate ke tak cerita ni...But my husband told me that his friend who's working with a credit card company said the wife of a politician spends a fortune.

Then, we imagined the things we can do with that much money.

Then, my husband said, "Kalau dia bagi points dekat kita pun tak apa."

We chuckled at the thought.

"Betul juga! Mesti dia tak redeem points dia kan..."

Haha. Dapat points pun dah puas hati. I ni memang kaki redeem point!

I always say to my husband, "Bertuah you ni dapat isteri pandai jimat duit..."

Monday, December 22, 2014

Sekarang update blog tukar style.

Update pendek-pendek.

Orang nak baca pon senang.

Nak type pon senang. Apa rasa, update cepat-cepat!

Tadi, I tried to come home early. Early pon, 7.30pm baru sampai. Anyway, was happy to see my baby. He asked for milk, then, he fell asleep.


I owe my family an apology.
Semuanya sebab Mommy nak sambung belajar.
Berjauhan dari Daddy sebab Mommy nak timba pengalaman baru yang lain.

Salah Mommy.

Tapi Mommy harap, pengorbanan ni tak sia-sia.

Ilmu itu dituntut.
I hope I can serve the community better.
I hope I can represent the Muslimat in this field, Fardhu Kifayah.
And I hope to teach you that learning is neverending, you just don't stop.

(Dan ini semua ayat memujuk hati)