Thursday, August 15, 2019

A reminder to myself

"Almighty. I ask you to strengthen me so I can face whatever challenges You put in my path & not be overwhelmed by them. I know You see my tears and hear my prayers. I also know that You’re testing me. Grant me the ability to endure & face this with utmost patience. Aameen."

P/s: I already remember the top that I wore, yeay!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I am going crazy tonight because I can't remember which top I was wearing just 2 days ago.

I can remember which pants, shoes, tudung and handbag I wore, but not my top. What is wrong with me!

Not even the colour, or material, or the style of it.


Monday, July 15, 2019

Although I regard myself as having a high threshold for pain...

But you know what? Going through labour naturally, is better than having migraine. I really cannot stand the slightest throbbing headache.

Sakit gila nak mampus.

At least kalau bersalin, I know it would be over once the baby is out, but migraine...It feels like forever...

Just now I took 2 tablets of Panadols 9am. Then, I guling-guling menangis, I so badly wanted to take another 2 tablets, but I knew I should take the next one at 1pm.
But, when I opened my eyes, it was only 10am, like seriously! How long moreeeee...!!!

Kids got frightened and left me by myself. They told my mother- Mommy sakit kepala, menangis, macam kena tumbuk.
Which is exactly how it feels! Bergegar otak...

I really hate migraine attacks. I know other people have it worse, but they would talk to you like normal, still smiling...Well, not me. It happened at work a couple of times before, and I completely shut down. I just walked away, laid down, cried and had a nap. I cannot even see or read!

Giving birth is better. Because the pain comes and goes and you get to relax for a bit. I secretly took Panadols before I gave labour, twice, and I think it helped a tiny bit to reduce the pain.
And you are more prepared before giving birth. Because the pain slowly builds up.

Unlike migraine, terus stabbing you in the head without warning. Which makes me feel like I'd rather crack my skull open, and just remove whatever it is that causing the pain.

My kryptonite.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

I've been losing a lot of stuff lately. I really need to imorove on my memory. I usually don't bother so much if I lose stuff, you know, they are always replacable...But what drives me nuts is the fact that I was sure they were with me, so why can't I remember!

I misplaced my sunglasses, for now, I'm not gonna say I lost them...Hmm, do you know how freaking difficult it is for me to find a good pair of sunnies!

I've always asked for a pair of good sunnies for my birthday, but nobody ever got me, because they know how funny I would look if they got the wrong one.

Last good pair of sunnies I had were- the cheap M&S wayfarer, which was lost in the plane. And the cheap H&M aviator which was so overused...

Then, after I had a proper job and years of hunting, my husband finally bought a really good pair, and now they are gone. So sad. I hope I will let them go  Y tomorrow. No point stressing myself over this.

And you know what? I also recently lost my house keys and my name stamp. And last week I forgot my car keys! The office was already closed, so I had to go home by Uber, and brought another car the next day. I had 2 cars at my workplace for a couple of days or so, because
- too scared to take Uber at night just to bring that car home
- my son has taekeando lessons on certain nights
- too lazy to take Uber to work early in the morning. Besides, I need to send kids to school first
- and, my husband was not around

Is this a sign of old age?

And why am I only writing about it now?

Because, actually, I wanted to write about a very specific YSL small wallet that I've been looking for, but I can't find. Why! Why can't I find that wallet! Ugh, so annoying. Should've bought it when I was overseas! Why didn't I get it!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

I look at fellow Malaysians, sometimes, I think we are very rich. I see a lot of them carry very, very expensive handbags and buy expensive toys for their children. I often say to my husband, "Kaya betul orang Malaysia ni."

Then, I look at other fellow Malaysians. Young, healthy, clean and polite. Not rich, using basic handphones, not even smartphones.

They are not kampung boys. They've been living the city with their grandparents and parents. They are what we call- Miskin bandar.

I mean...It's 2019. Every body is using Whatsapp. Who still uses SMS!

It reminded me of all the previous maids I had. They all wanted smartphones, we bought it for them (because it will be easier for them to call their children), they never paid us back (we would halalkan if they really stuck around to complete their contract), and we bought top ups for them!

Those ungrateful bitches.

I'm not mad if they earn the money through hard work. Kerja senang lenang. Lepas tu mencuri. Orang negara sendiri hidup lagi susah.

Geram pulak fikir. So unfair.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Oh, my God...Lamanya tak tulis dekat sini...For your info, I've had 3 drafts, and maybe a few more drafts in head, but never got the chance to sit down and write.

I've been busy. I've been avoiding staying up late. My son already knew how to use the laptop. Yes, some of my excuses...

And today, I'm on leave for Raya! My children are away for half day.

My son met his cousin for the first time yesterday, and her name is Amani.
Cheeky boy said- What? Nama dia Money? Kenapa nama dia 'Duit'!

Hahaha...That made me laugh. Who would have thought...

Anyway, how is life? Mine has been up and down, as usual. I read something online, from now on, I think I want to pray differently. Like, "Oh, Allah, please grant me strength and sabar to face the challenges," instead of, "Oh, Allah, please remove the challenges in my life."
I want to be more thankful and complaint less.

You see, I know I am so blessed in so many ways, but I still keep wanting more, typical of me, the imperfect human. At the same time, I've been feeling afraid that God might not love me as much because if compared to other peoole, my life obstacles are not as dramatic as theirs.

Well, but I believe the ones I have are enough for me. I may not be able to handle bigger problems. Ya Allah, I am so weak...

And I'm not a very good servant either. Ramadhan this year, and all the years before, tak banyak pun terawih. I just hope there will be progress in my Ibadah, no matter how slow I am. Told ya, I'm so weak...

Good thing is, I notice I am a lot calmer now. I compare myself less to others. I care less about what people might think of me. I judge less too...
I went for a facial by myself for the first time ever. And I did teeth whitening for the first time ever too.

I feel good about myself more often than I feel miserable, and this is how a woman in her mid thirties should feel.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

I'm excited for my much needed break next month! We will be away for 10 days!

But, it's different this time. Even though I'm thrilled, I haven't done much preparation. I haven't started researching for the things to do, or places to go, or what to wear...

I have booked the flight tickets, the train tickets and accomodations, that's all.

Meh, I guess we will just go with the flow...No plan kinda vacation. Wheee!


I used to want to become a famous person, the closest I could be is a famous blogger or vlogger. I thought, hey, easy money! You'd get gifts all the time, get invited to fashion shows, be able to wear nice clothes...

Since I am older now, I realize it would be a bad idea. Being famous means you also have the ability to influence.

Do you know how much responsibility in that? No wonder you get paid so much.

I mean, you can influence people. You have the power, and you can either use it in a good way, or in a bad way (usually unintentionally). People idolize you, so you have to watch how you carry yourself, behave carefully.

For example, Dina, the polular Muslim fashion v/blogger. A lot of people look up to her. Although, I understand that it is entirely her rights to do what she thinks is best for her, but I couldn't help thinking about the young  people who would follow her footsteps.

Yeah, it's not her fault if people would copy her recent looks, but if I were her, I would think twice about the people who would get affected by how I would change my appearance. It's the price of being well known.

When you are popular, you sort of become the public's property. They know about you. You can't be 100% you. It's too vulnerable. Your opinions will give impact to those who worship you.

We all know, you and I are not perfect. But on social media, you always have to be the best versions of yourself. Some v/bloggerd don't give a shit about being mediocore or ugly or judged, but I still think, when you are famous, you have social resposibilty to set good examples to your followers.

And moreso if you are a Muslim. With all the misconceptions about Islam...We are taught our behaviours will determine whether we go to Heaven or Hell, even if your deed is atom size.

I'm not saying I'm a saint, I show my aurat a lot still, but dosa tu I tanggung (or, maybe my husband also tanggung), but not you, social media influencers...Always think before you act or speak.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Ooohhhh....John Mayer, my long time crush. Ever so good looking, so tall, so dreamy, that voice, that talent, that creativity!

He's the reason why I think some musicians can be sexy...

And he's 40! Just right for me...Hihihi...

I wanted to go to Ed Sheeran concert, but cancelled and bought tickets to the Phantom of the Opera instead.
Just found out that John Mayer is coming to Jakarta, Thailand, and Singapore, but not Malaysia! Why, John!

And Singapore tickets already sold out. So, yeah.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Read the story about Qayyum, the toddler, who got separated from his adopted parents (Dato' and Datin) because his biological mom wants him back.

I can't imagine because I don't have an adopted child.
So, I imagine being separated from my children instead. Afterall, when you adopt a child, you'd treat them as your own.

It's hardbreaking.

I am more sad for the child actually. So young, he couldn't possibly understand of what's going on. He would be so traumatised, looking for a familiar face...

Sometimes, I think the world is cruel to the children.

Just recently, I was involved with a case of a young mother, who was high on drugs, then delivered her baby 2 days later.
Kesian sangat the baby.

How could you...
As much as I am angry at the mother, I also want to refrain myself from judging her. Who knows, she will become a better person in the future.

I pray for all children in this world to be okay. I pray that all children to be happy, or at least to find their happiness one day. And I pray for God's protection for all the children in this world.

My job can be so depressing...

Sunday, December 23, 2018

My son loves his school but we will change school starting next year.
It breaks my heart, because I really want to be loyal and supportive to his old kindy, but I guess, it is no longer convenient for us.

I remember when looking for a school, I was specific about wanting it to be Montessori, colourful, cheerful...And I found it. It is a small and new school, with minimal number of students.

I know the teachers, who are the owners, are doing it because they are passionate about it. They are not doing it for the money...Come on, RM300 per month for 7-10 students, that's like barely RM1500 per month (they only have 2 teachers). I don't think they are making any profits yet, and I really, really wish they would because they are such good people, but I just can't continue there.

Mother says it's too far away, we need a bus, I no longer have a maid, my son wants to learn Chinese...

The new school, it's a little crowded, and I don't like the toilet. There's Mandarin subject, so I don't have to pay RM60 per hour to a tutor (yes, I looked around for a tutor). I'm not planning to enrol him to a Chinese school (my only criteria is- a school that is close to my house), but because he keeps asking me for Mandarin class, so here we are, at a new school...

I'm getting too emotionally attached to his old school that it feels like I'm going through a tough break-up.
Tsk. Itu pun nak nangis...