Saturday, February 15, 2014

I am having flu, caught from my son, who caught it from my husband's daughter.

I expected it resolve within 3 days, but it's already day five today and his nose is still runny. Kesian dia...

Speaking of kesian, I was meeting a client when he revealed that his son is specialist doctor.

My staff overheard our conversation,

Staff: Anak dia doktor pakar dekat mana?
Me: Dekat Putrajaya. Hebat kan? Pakcik tu dulu ambulance driver je.
Staff: Oh, ye ke? Maksudnya, dia berduit juga lah sebab dapat hantar anak dia belajar tinggi. Maksudnya, driver ambulance ni banyak gaji juga lah...

Well, it never really struck me that it costs so much to send your children to study.

Me, for example, went to school with only 30 cents a day until I was in Standard Three. Then, I received an increment of 20 cents until I was 12 years old. Mind you, when I was in Standard 4, there was a girl in my school whose parents gave her RM5 per day for pocket money! Big difference, mine was only 10% of her daily income...

Then, my parents gave me RM1 per day for secondary school. Then, I enrolled into a boarding school. Then, I had conditional free education for my tertiery studies.

So, in a way, I never felt that I am a burden for my parents lah...Same goes to my siblings. Kitorang pakai duit sikit gile kot!!!

Colleague: Minggu lepas, jiran aku datang rumah, nak pinjam duit. Kitorang tak bagi. Lepas tu, semalam dia datang lagi bawa emas. Nak gadai. Nak duit sebab anak dia nak masuk university.
Me and my other colleagues: Ya Allah, kesian nya...
Colleague 2: Masa aku sekolah pun sama. Ada kawan aku ni, mak dia kena gadai emas sebab tak ada duit nak bayar yuran sekolah.

Sigh. Bila dengar cerita-cerita macam ni, rasa kesian sangat and rasa macam bersalah nak enjoy life when knowing there are people struggling.

In boarding school, I was kinda culture-shocked. I got to know friends who never stayed in a hotel, or friends who thought eating KFC was luxurious. I remember, a friend who could not afford to go to a school trip. It was only RM30. But she said, her parents didn't have money, she had many siblings that needed the money more than her. My other friend felt bad and paid for her instead.

I forgot about all these until that day when I had the conversation with my staff. To her, you need money in order for your children to further your studies.

This is exactly how my husband is thinking.

As I have mentioned before, my husband came from a very humble family. His family didn't care so much about education. His family is content- one house, one toilet, one motorcycle, one job, enough food on the table...That's all. They don't care about going for holidays, or investments, or if you've finished your homework, or things like that, if you get what I mean. It is the complete total opposite from my family, I really don't know how I end up with my husband lah, no wonder Father was very concerned! Hahaha...!

Anyway, because my husband came from this family, he had to work harder than anyone else to be at where he is now. This means, when he wanted to go to university, he was the one who scouted for the forms and he filled them up and he did them all by himself. When his brothers finished school, he was the one who pushed them to go here and there, because his parents memang orang kampung, they don't know what to do.

I mean, I can imagine how hard it was for him, because from what I remember, when I finished school, all I did was having fun, while Father was the one who wrinkled his head everyday, cutting papers and sending applications for me! He was more updated than me. All I had to do was to produce good results and Father would settle everything else for me. This is why he pushed me to go to a boarding school for my form 4 and form 5, so the chances for me to excel would be brighter. He had it all planned! I hanya goyang kaki, lepas tu muncung muncung mulut sebab he wouldn't let me go to the same schools as my friends (bertuah punya anak!)!

My success now is largely contributed by Father. If he hadn't pushed me to my potential, mesti I menjadi seorang yang failure. Walaupun I tak adalah hebat sangat, tapi okaylah jugak kan! Kalau Father wasn't around, ditambah lagi dengan sikap pemalas I dan suka ber huha huha, sure I hancus punyeee!!!

Because of this, my husband has so much pride in himself. Like, whenever he sees someone who is successful, he would judge that person whether that person is successful because of his attitude, or is it because of his family background. Annoyingly, he always passes comments like, "Ala, dia tu sebab bapak dia ada cable...Kalau tak, mana boleh berjaya. Hari-hari bangun lambat. Harapkan duit mak bapak je..."

I selalu tegur, tak baik dia cakap macam tu. But I think he was hurt before kot, because I find he repeatedly said, "Ala, sebab dulu atok moyang dia tu keturunan raja, sebab tu lah boleh pandai. Padahal, bukannya kita tak pandai, tapi kita tak ada kesempatan nak belajar!" Then, because of my husband's inclination towards politics and history, mulalah dia buka cerita pasal zaman Tunku Abdul Rahman lah pulak...I pun dengar je lah, padahal dah dengar banyak kali, hehehehe...

I think, it is more for his ego boost kot. I think, he is also proud to marry me lah. Haha, ayat perasan betul aku ni. But, yeah, I think lah. Sebab kadang-kadang dia terlepas cakap, "Tengok I ni, I start from zero. And now, I dapat kahwin dengan you..." And when he felt someone is boasting to him, he would sell names he got to know through me! OMG, this is so embarassing...! Bila ditegur, he would defend himself, "Biar dia rasa! Dia ingat dia seorang je kenal macam-macam orang?!"

So, anyway, when before, I couldn't grasp the concept that money do play a role in determining your degree of education, but after I met so many people who actually can't afford to pay for the school fees, I think, yeah, I have to agree lah. Which means, you have to set your priorities straight. Put some money aside for your children's future use.

I think, (banyaknya 'I think' dalam post kali ni) this is why my husband is a generous person. He easily lends money to his workers and don't really ask for it back. When they ask for their salaries in advance, he would give in. When they request for leaves because they want to send their children to universities, my husband would genuinely congratulate them and give hadiah. "Supaya dia rasa bangga dapat didik anak hingga berjaya. Dan menjadi insentif untuk anak diorang untuk terus berjaya," my husband said.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Colleague: Hari tu, ada orang tegur, aku nampak kurus. Dia cakap, "Lisa, macam mana boleh kurus lepas bersalin ni?" Aku cakaplah, aku breastfeeding. Tengok Ectopy tu, dia kurus juga, sebab dia pun breastfeeding.

Terus I pun perasan kurus...Hehehe...


Since Lisa just got back from her confinement leave, she noticed Ijah had gained weight.

Ijah was walking with her boss.

Lisa: Ijah, Ijah! Ijah dah mengandung berapa bulan ni?
Ijah: (All smiles) Ijah tak mengandunglah...

OMG! And she said this in front of Ijah's boss.

I also haven't seen Ijah in a while. So, I asked Lisa, "Ijah dah gemuk ke sekarang?"

Lisa: Ye...Dia dah berisi dah!
Me: Kenapa dia boleh gemuk pula?
Lisa: Entah. Dia cakap sebab dia dah stop breastfeeding.


My husband is now 60kg. He is usually 65kg.

Me: Kurusnya Abang ni! Pakai seluar dah tak cantik sebab longgar...
Husband: Sejak ada anak ni, kita dua jadi kurus dah...
Me: I kurus ke? Hehehehe...


Husband: Ectopy, dulu you nasi lemak 50 sen. Sekarang nasi lemak seringgit setengah. Tapi Baby K yang dapat rasa nasi lemak tu. Abang dah tak dapat dah...Hahahaha!


My niece is 5 years old but her parents teach her how important exams are, which makes Mother so annoyed.

Mother: Mengada-ngada abang kamu tu! Budak tu kecik lagi...Dia suruh belajarlah, bagi homework lah...
Me: Baguslah dia pentingkan pelajaran...
Mother: Alah, budak-budak kena main...Ada ke patut dia cakap, kalau dapat semua A baru boleh pergi Legoland.
Me: Tadika pun ada exam ke? Exam colouring kot...Kalau colour cantik, dapat A!


Niece Ana: Auntie Ectopy! Uncle Ectopy! Bila besar, Ana nak jadi doctor! Sebab masa exam hari tu, Ana dapat semua A...!
Husband: Hahaha...Oh, ye ke? Ana dapat semua A?
Niece Ana: Ye...Semua A! Papa kata papa nak bawa Ana pergi Legoland!

Me: What about you, Yaya? What do you want to be when you grow up?
Niece Yaya: I want to be a princess.


(Ana and Yaya are both 5 years old.)


One fine day, my husband, my son, my niece Ana, and I went out to a shopping mall.

We went to the kids section, and Ana was excited to see all the Hello Kitty.

Ana stopped, her eyes were big, and she shrieked, "Hello Kitty!"

Ana is a shy kid. She pulled my hand, "Can we go see that? That? That?"

I said, "Okay. Abang, can you bring them see that?" I wanted some time alone to look for clothes for my son.

My husband brought them to look at the toys.

Once I was done with shopping, I went to them.

Husband: Macam ni kot kalau ada anak perempuan.
Me: Kenapa?
Husband: Nak Hello Kitty lah, nak teddy bear lah, nak mainan make up lah...Semua benda pink!


Then, Ana stopped us again when we walked by Furby.

Ana: Ana nak Furby! Uncle Ectopy, Ana nak Furby!
Husband: Apa benda ni?


Apparently, my cousin's daughter has been asking her for a Furby too. She wrote about it on Facebook. One of my cousin's friends replied, "I have one, I bought it for myself!"
This new Furby is appealing to adults too, I guess.


On the way back, Ana fell asleep. Once we reached Mother's house, she was still sleeping. Slowly, my husband lifted her up, trying not to wake her up, but she woke up anyway.

"Uncle Ectopy," she said suddenly, still feeling dazed, "Ana nak jadi doctor..."

Haha! Sempat lagi mengigau nak jadi doctor!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Sebenarnya kan, dah lebih kurang 4 kali my son sakit demam.

Hehe, we are not perfect parents lah okayyyy...

I pulak jenis yang tak worry sangat as long as he is eating well, playful and active...

Never actually brought him to see a doctor. I dapat Panadol pun because it was given when he had his shots, in case he develops fever after the vaccination.

Ada one time tu, his body was full with bintik bintik merah.

Husband: Campak ke ni?
Me: No lah...
Husband: Ni demam campak ni!
Me: Tapi dia tak demam pun...

In the afternoon, the rash became more red and banyak!

MIL: Ni campak ni!
Husband: Tapi dia tak demam pun.
MIL: Ada juga demam campak yang tak demam!
Husband: Tak nak bawa jumpa doctor ke?
Me: Okaylah, kalau esok teruk lagi, kita bawa esok...
Husband: Tak nak bawa petang ni ke?
Me: Laa...Baru satu hari...Dia pun nampak okay je...)

(Me: OMG! Kena demam campak ke? Vaksin tak jadi ke ni...Or maybe belum vaksin lagi ke?)

Then, it subsided the very next day...

False alarm betul!

Pandai-pandai je MIL ni cakap demam campak tak ada deman kan..!

Although dah banyak kali demam, I pernah bagi dia Panadol 2-3 kali je...Because at that time, I could really feel his body was hot, it got me worried. Kalau setakat suam suam tu I just sponge him je.

My son really hates the taste of Panadol. It boggles my mind because he never had anything else in his life, other than my breast milk, so, how can he reject his Panadol! Siap nangis nangis...

Sebab the amount of Panadol that he actually took was lesser than the recommended dose, terpaksalah Mommy dia ni berjaga lap badan...

Just last week, dapat cirit birit pulak.

Satu malam sampai 6 kali tukar diapers sebab asyik cirit je...

But he was his usual self, champion betul. Except that he slept more during the day, he must be really tired because I kept bringing him to the toilet. Sampai merah bontot, kesian...

My son inherits my husband's skin.

Bukan setakat warna kulit, jenis kulit pun sama...

He is still a baby, but when I compare my leg with his thigh, my leg is way fairer than his thigh. Haha. My husband said, "Nasib baik lelaki..."

Dahlah sawo matang, pastu bertompok-tompok pulak tu. Bila nyamuk gigit, the scars would last a very long time!

And I thought baby's skin has a higher turnover rate, so their scars should heal pretty fast.

Not when he has my husband's gene!
(Written last week, I so hate my Internet service provider!)

I want to write more! I have so many drafts written in my head. Sometimes, when I actually do have time to write them down, it’s either the Internet too slow (damn you, my service provider!) or someone else have published something similar, I don’t want to be accused of stealing his/ her materials (unless I am truly inspired, then I will admit).


Today, I am dedicating this entry to…One of my bosses.

She is pious, physically, she is syariah compliant. But, personally, I think she is judgemental, easily influenced by cakap-cakap orang, rather than finding out the truth herself (this is another whole story).

One day, I caught her scolding her staff, and her tazkirah went on something like this
-         -  Kerja biar ikhlas (agree)
-          - Kerja biar sepenuh hati (agree)
-          - Kerja kerana Allah (agree)

But then, she said, “Kalau kereta selalu rosak, tayar pancit, sikit-sikit anak sakit, itu tanda-tanda kerja yang awak buat tu tak berkat lah tu!”
I just cannot agree 100% on this. To me, obstacles are one of many Allah’s secrets.

Tak baik tau cakap orang macam tu…

Shall I elaborate?

To make things short, obstacles don't necessarily mean God loves or hates you. You can't know. All you have to do is believe there will be hikmah behind every challenge. Always try to make the best out of it.

Sure, it could be a form of punishment, or cleansing, but that thinking is best kept to ourselves. Pandai-pandailah you reflect diri sendiri malam-malam before you go to sleep. Bukannya menjatuhkan hukuman pada orang lain.

Anyway, I think I have some pictures to share with you guys but I am so lazy to upload them. Haha! My time is gold, and my breastmilk is liquid gold!

Fret not, I will share quotes  instead!

This is taken from a friend who wrote this on Facebook:

"From Ibn Qayyim- Dogs generally do not have a high status in Islam. Even the saliva of a dog is najis. However, God allows hunting dogs and consumption of animals hunted by the hunting dogs. Obviously, when the hunting dogs catch the prey, the salova of the dogs will get stuck on the prey. How would this work then?

The difference between the hunting dog (al-mukallib) and the regurlar dog is the ilm of the dog. There are three prerequisites for the dog to be al-mukallib
- when the owner tells the dog to go, it goes
- when the owner tells the dog to stop, it stops
- it doesn't eat from the prey that it catches

The only difference between a dog and a hunting dog (al-mukallib) is the knowledge, and Allah even raises a dog in status because of its knowledge. So, what about human being?

Adapted from a tazkirah by Sh Omar Suleiman."

I always like the things he shares on Facebook. They make me ponder...

Dulu kan, masa I kecik-kecik, I selalu tak nak derma dekat anak yatim. Somehow, I was under the impression that they had enough things donated by other people in my hometown. They got treated to hotel buffets all the time, especially during Ramadhan. How shallow I was...But I was only a kid lah...

As I mature, I began to understand the pain of growing up without the love from your parents. Especially now that I have my own son. Ditambah pula dengan berita-berita masa kini. Or worse, kids who have parents, but they don't care about their own children.

Kesian sangat dengar cerita pasal kanak kanak ni tau.

Like this 3 year-old orphan girl, who had flu. But you know lah, budak kecik, merengek-rengek...But, she doesn't have her parents to merengek to...

Now I know why Allah gives special emphasis to orphans. And InsyaAllah, I will be much nicer, kinder, and have more mercy to these children. I will never know how difficult it is for these to grow up without parents...

I understand why doctors hate MC seekers so much. I would have hated my colleagues who keep giving fake excuses for not coming to work too. We all should be grateful that God blesses us with the ability to work and the opportunity to be employed. Clearly, these people haven’t seen others who have to work well below his/ her qualifications, or worse, unable to secure a job at all. And what about those who desperately need to work to support his/ her family but is truly ill that he/ she just can’t find work…So, those who like to request unnecessary MCs from doctors, just think, what if one day God really makes you fall sick?

I am so surprised on how well I handle stress. Remember my spoilt breast milk story? Sure, I was sad and depressed, but it only lasted for one day. I didn’t give it much thought the next day. I continued pumping and all praise to the Almighty God, my supply is good again, although, not to the point of replacing all the spoilt milk stocks. How cool is that! And how proud I am with myself…

My baby will turn 6 months old in February, so I guess I will achieve my first target to exclusively breastfeed my baby for 6 months. My next target is to exclusively breastfeed him until he is 9 months old.

Actually, I bought a bottle of fenugreek pills but I wasn’t confident with the bovine gelatine used for its capsules. So, I went to Tesco and bought the dried fenugreek seeds, washed and dried the product and keep it in an airtight container. Tutup hidung setiap kali buka Tupperware, take a few seeds and telan. Suka hati je my dosage tu…Hehe…Whatever it takes to make this work lahh…

Oh, and my high school friends, a husband and wife, now, also my neighbour, kindly will lend me their deep freezer! I offered to pay rent, but they say, “Tak payahlah!” Yahoo! (Now that I’ve learnt my lessons, I also keep a pile of stocks in my workplace refrigerator. Haha. I don’t care, I just need a back up!)

Hhmm…Now, it is confirmed confirmed confirmed ASB is haram. This really creates problems lah…Why lah ASB is so stupid mixing our investments with haram income! If it only involves my money, okaylah, I can simply withdraw…But what about my late Father’s money? In his will, the ASB money is solely to be used for his grandchildren education.
Can I simply assume that it is only recently haram, since the fatwa baru je keluar? See…So complicated, right…!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lately, I've been thinking about how lucky I am and how I live a rather comfortable life. I am relatively problem-free compared to other people I met, at work especially, or people I read about.

Somehow, it bothers me a little bit because I was taught that the more you are tested, the stronger you are, the closer you'd become (hopefully) to God.

Well, oh well, be careful of what you wish for. Today, I am being tested big time.

I came home to see the freezer door was not properly closed, with about a hundred packets of 4 oz of breast milk in each packet (stocks which took months to build), all melted.

Auto-tears activated.

What am I to do?

Called my husband, gave him a short description and succumbed to my depression.
Went to sleep, hoping to wake up from a nightmare.

My husband thought we could salvage them by refreezing.
Men- how simple their mind is.

I wouldn't have bawled my eyes out if it was that easy!

Sigh. Only a person who had gone through the same experience could possibly understand how I am feeling right now.

My baby is taking at least 12 oz during the day. Nowadays, I make no more than 12 oz per day.

I guess, there's nothing else to do except to go back to having sleepless, interrupted nights, just to pump out more milk. Please, God, please let the milk flow...

They are still in the freezer, I don't have the heart to throw them away yet. Perhaps it's better to ask my husband to do it.

Oh, my precious liquid gold.

Sabarlah wahai hati...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I don't know how other people can make time for all the social media that are available now. I only have Facebook and Blogger. I tried logging on Instagram and ended up spending unnecessary hours browsing through the photos. Just one time, then I decided, no, retreat before I'll get further sucked into the cyber world.

There are people on my friends list who still don't that I've given birth. It's not that I hide the fact on purpose, I just don't feel that I need to announce it on Facebook.

Also, it's been a long time since I last post photos or status on Facebook. Adalah orang tag sana sini. But, that's it. I still love taking pictures though.

But, it doesn't bother me at all. I am not like myself 5 years ago.

I'm sure there will be people questioning why I keep my profile picture showing off my hair. To me, I am more comfortable to embrace myself wearing the tudung in discrete. 

I remember the first time I showed up to work wearing tudung. I prayed that nobody would make a huge deal out of it. I hoped there would be no congratulations, I wished to get by unnoticed. I was still me with an extra clothing on my head.

Anyway, I am just drifting, I was not planning to write on this actually.


My son and I have traveled on many plane rides, he could have been a seasoned traveler by the time he turns one. Haha.
Initially, I was uncomfortable bringing an infant on flight, since I don't think the trapped air circulating in the aeroplanes could be good for babies. Tapi, takkanlah nak tinggal baby pulak kan...Nasib baik lah he is not a pre-term baby, so okaylah, forgivable, I succumbed...

Did I tell you he loves riding on any transportation. Tidur comfortably je...It must be the swinging motion, or the fact that he can sleep in my arms.

You should see his passport picture. Kelakar je. He was the youngest applicant when we were at the Immigration Office. At that time, he was still too young to lift up his head. So, we laid him down on a white board. He was smiling but wouldn't stop moving. So, the photographer, my husband and I, tried to make him focus to the camera. We tried so many times, just to get his both ears visible (one of the criteria for a passport photo), which attracted many spectators and a few immigration officers. We got the photo, but a non-smiling one. Ceh!

We had a nice, short getaway 4 hours away (by plane) from Malaysia. The day that we were to return to Malaysia, we were duped by a cab driver and I had the worst airport experience in my entire life. I shouted at the immigration officer and the airport security officer. I was carrying a baby and they did nothing to make the procedure faster or at least easier. They kept asking me for my boarding pass when I already showed them ours. Once they saw that the paper was a little bit different from the normal boarding pass, they said, "No, no, no, boarding pass, white colour," without even trying to look at what had been handed to them.

"This is my boarding pass! The system was down so they gave me a manual one! Can't you read this? Board-ing Pass!" You think I'm stupid? Now, let's see who's the dumb one!

Lepas tu dahlah tak apologize, tau pulak malu sendiri.

It was horrible, I don't think I will ever return to that country. Pergi pun sebab sponsored and ada hal sikit.

P/s: We got to use the foot muff that came with the stroller, yeay, puas hati!


Speaking of plane rides, anybody knows whether the loud noise would have any effect on babies?

I've been told to cover his ears, but my baby usually sleeps in his stroller and is not woken up by the noise, so I ignored the advice at first. My baby looks comfortable, I taknaklah kejut dia semata-mata nak tutup telinga...Kecualilah dia tengah menangis kan...

But a few strangers (usually makcik and pakcik) had came up to us telling us to cover his ears. So, that me second-guess my decision.

Should I buy ear plugs? Do they come in baby size? Do babies need it? It's not like they would hear the loud aeroplane engines for a very long time, right?


It is so much easier to take care of my son now. Baru nak masuk 4 bulan setengah, but we can already see his characters and now he manages to express his wants, it's a joy to attend to him. Cuma kadang-kadang tu demanding sangat!

He started to giggle before he turned 4 months, but I had no witnesses with me. On the day he turned 4 months old, he giggled to my husband tease.

At Ikea, we distracted him with a toy. Seeing the line at the cashier was too long (anybody went there around Christmas time? Way too many people! Pening kepala!), it was not worth the queue just to pay for three things. Mengamuklah anak I tu!

Pandai minta angkat. And pandai pretend cry, oh my Goddd...I discovered this when he straightened his arms and legs (Mommy, please pick me up!) but I ignored his request. Ek ek ek, he grunted, which led to him wimpering and crying, "Waarrgghhh!!!" Kesian punya pasal, I pun angkatlah. Immediately, he giggled. I was surprised, I pun tergelak sekali. Sabar je lah dengan budak ni! Rupa-rupanya pandai berlakon. Pretend cry je!!!


There goes my lunch hour. Will write again soon...Probably on more serious stuff. Haha.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Although I've been missing from writing in this blog, I still read your blogs and believe me, there had been numerous times I wanted to drop a comment or two, but too bad, it's just too complicated (for me at least) when I do it on my phone...A sign that I'm getting old-er?

Many things had happened, and as much as I wanted to share a piece of my mind regarding the matters, often times, I'd rather use my free time to tidy up the house a bit or play with my baby. That's called putting my priorities where they belong, chewahhh...

Work is crazyyy...13 days non-stop. Buruh pun tak macam ni kot. Sigh. I don't know lah. I mean, this is the path that I choose, I can't complaint too much about it lah. But I really thought it would get better when I am higher on the hierarchy, takde maknanya...Rumah macam kapal pecah sebab 13 hari terbiar. Kalau gaji banyak, tak apa juga kan? I pun tak tahu I kerja susah susah untuk apa sebenarnya. I work because this is the responsibility I commit myself to, and if I don't do it accordingly, it is haram.

Paling menyedihkan is when my breastmilk is diminishing, both my stocks in the freezer and in my body. I initially plan to at least replace what's been consumed over the weekend, but when you have to also work on the weekends,  you tell me how lah...Of course, I salute my colleagues who manage to do it. Not just salute, malah iri hati. Here I am, pumping at least 4 times per day, most of the time, 5 times per day, and if I'm not too tired, 6 times per day, but I still can't produce mencurah-curah like them. Dapat 8-10oz je, while baby is taking 12oz if I leave him from 8am to 5pm. Orang lain tu, sekali pump je dapat 8oz!

I want their breats!

Kata milk production will increase with frequent pumping! Tipu je...It also depends on your body, I guess. Maybe that's why some people just can't...Tapi I bersyukur lah. I will breastfeed my baby as long as I can, jika ditakdirkan tak boleh, kena redha. I will do a divided short term target, for now, 6 months!

This in turn, put a stress on me. Banyak rasa terkilan je...Like, if my baby wants more milk, I tell his baby sitter don't give him more, she probably thinks I'm such a bad mother for letting him go hungry. I know better, sometimes my baby doesn't want more, he just cries because he misses me, wants to suckle my nipples, maybe he is uncomfortable because you carry him wrongly, etc.

Even though I limit his daily intake to 12oz over 9 hours, at 3 months, my baby weighed 6.7kg. Woohoo...Badan tak berketul-ketul pun, he's simply a tall baby...Character boleh tahan ganas, memang boy sangat! Pandai demand attention. The presence of a familiar voice is not enough for him, mesti kena duduk depan mata dia jugak! Dah start gigit gigit, pandai roll over, dah start drooling (euw), but hasn't reach out for things yet.

I  think I am the only one who can understand him and knows how to play with him. I'm so proud of myself. Walaupun busy with work, my baby still wants me, terharu sangat...

Apa lagi nak cerita? Banyak lagi! Tapi sambung di kemudian hari lah...

Monday, October 28, 2013

I went to SACC to buy baby stuff. It was my first time, probably my last. Gosh, it was so crowded! And the sale wasn't worth it. Except for diapers and formula milk.

I went on Friday morning, in hope to avoid the crowd, but nooo, my husband and I couldn't take it. I can't imagine how the turn out would be like in MidValley. Mesti lagi terukkk...

The price fluctuated too. I bought nursing bras, which was priced at RM40 for two.
Me: Eh, tadi awak kata dua helai RM30!
Salesgirl: Boss dah naikkan harga.
Husband: Mana boss awak? Saya nak cakap dengan boss awak.
Salesgirl: Boss, kakak ni dapat harga lain.
Boss: Berapa? Berapa?
Husband: Dua helai RM30.
Boss: Okay, okay. Untuk you, I bagi special price.

Waahh...Dalam masa sejam naik 10 ringgit!

Anyway, I will be starting work next week. During my short visit to Mother's house, we practised leaving Baby KR for a few hours without his parents.

It wasn't planned. I wanted to bring him along, but Mother volunteered. Mother seemed to be handling him well. Baby KR slept and did not fuss for 4 successful (it was 6 hours the next day when we left him), it's so unlike him when he is with my husband and I. Perhaps we are simply clueless parents.

Because it was our first time being separated from each other, I was anxious. I didn't even browse stuff I need for myself. I need new pair of pants! And tudung, and shoes. And Spanx! OMG, seriously, giving birth has changed the contour of my cute butt that I used to be proud of, haha. Apesal sekarang bontot macam jatuh semacam...Tak perky dah... :(

Here's a confession.

I had a problem in expressing breast milk. Because of that, I've been delaying in introducing the bottle to my baby. I was afraid if I started to bottle feed him, I would lose the natural stimulation I need to make more breast milk.

So, I kept on direct feeding my baby, kept on pumping, taking fenugreek pills and kept on praying. Slowly, I am able to build up breast milk stocks.

I was so worried my baby would reject the bottle. Berdoa je lah agar dipermudahkan. I've heard some babies needed trial and error of up to SEVEN different types bottles!

Alhamdulillah, when I left Baby KR with Mother, he took it. He just took it. Kuasa Allah sangat! That's one huge burden being lifted off my shoulders.

I used MAM bottles, by the way, funny thing is, he does not want the MAM pacifier or any other pacifier.

I do not know how much breast milk he would take, how much breast milk I should leave him with. They say it's about 1 oz per hour, but it really depends on your baby. So, I guess, I will be leaving 12 oz for him each day for now. I store my breast milk 4 oz per bag.

And because of this, I'm aiming to make 12 oz per day at least! The more the better, obviously, it's just that I will be having problems with the freezer space.

Oh, Baby KR is 5.5kg at 2 months. Hurrah! Shopping baju dia mahal nak mampus, kain sikit tapi mahal, mak dia pun tak merasa pakai baju mahal ni haaaa!!!

And I found out there's even imitation strollers out there! OMG, these Chinese people really copy anything and everything! Never it crosses my mind that somebody would make a fake stroller lah...I also found some people who are okay with it. But me, I'd rather have second hand Bugaboo strollers than having a flimsy one.