Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I've been talking about the Mischa Mini Bucket bag for quite some time now. How I wanted it for weeks, specifically in Champagne colour. How suddenly Vivy made it popular (and I was like, stop advertising the bag! It's for me...!) . How it went sold out. How the official website ( restocked the colour I wanted. And how it went sold out again in just a few days! And how I accepted the fact, it's not my rezeki to own it.

But, God has fated for me...To buy the design in Lily, which is the yellow and fuschia colours. I think it is my next best option, since I don't have a yellow bag.

And the best part is...

*Drum rolls*

I bought it at 30% off! Woot woot!

Mischa official website is having a 3 day summer sale! (OMG, it's summer already?!)

RM491.11 is such a steal! Haha...Look who's laughing now!
Initially, I wanted to include the monogram service, since it's also on sale, but that means having to add RM50, so I passed the idea (I know, I'm so kiasu, couldn't help it).

At last, a happy ending to my bag hunt.
My patience paid about RM200 off. Hahaha...

Now, waiting for the parcel to arrive. I hope the Champagne colour will never be back in stock, because I would definitely want to buy that one instead. Can't have two colours in the same design...Or, can I?

Can't believe it took me weeks to spend RM500. Macamlah handbag idaman kalbu sangat! Mesti husband I gelakkan nanti. He doesn't know yet.

Anyway, selamat berpuasa!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Remember that bag I wanted? Last weekend, it was back on the official website. Decided to ask FV if I can order through FV instead.

Today, poof, gone again...

Why have I not learnt my lesson yet? Kalau dah suka, terus beli!!! Paham tak Ectopy?!!!

Bukan rezeki I lah tu...*Cries again*

Anyway...Work has not been better. I am still on a war with this certain colleague. I thought, I already let it go. But just now, another colleague of mine came and reported her comments about me. She said I was lazy.

First, she accused me of being insincere. Now, lazy?

Okay, I need to remind myself not to take it too seriously. Because, as long as I didn't witness what she actually said, this all could still be a rumour/ miscommunication. So, why crowd my mind with it?

Secondly, I hope there 's a hikmah behind all this. Like, perhaps, Allah will answer all my prayers. Let me make my prayers as my weapon.

My next strategy is to avoid all direct contact with her. Not that I'm scared, berani kerana benar, but I don't want to make things worse. Biarlah Tuhan yang tunjuk, I'm in no position to prove her wrong.

And, I hope people would stop telling me what she thinks of me. Everytime I started to forget about her and enjoy my work again, somebody would come and tell me news that would spoil my mood. So, I want to forget and don't want to know. In this case, ignorance is definitely bliss!


Tadi, I baca a Malaysian gossip blog. The visitors are bitching about this actress. I think it's unrealistic when we expect public figures to be friendly, happy and ready all the time! Like, hello, you yourself wouldn't be friendly, happy and ready for a photo session with your fans all the time too!

Susah jadi orang famous ni.
Buat baik pun, ada je yang tak kena...

Lepas tu, every single photo nak kena komen. I pun ada juga gambar dengan anjing. Ada juga gambar dengan non Muslims who are holding alcohol. Ada juga gambar dalam church.

To me, shouldn't be an issue. Tapi, bila celebrities yang buat, mulalah ada komen komen yang dot dot dot. Like, seriously?

Like that gymnast lah. Kesian dia...

To me, the best way to preach is by showing good examples. Setakat nak komen-komen ni, please lah, sometimes you yang nampak bodoh.

When you show good examples, orang sendiri yang tertarik dengan you. You tak payah susah susah nak berdebat.

I've never told anyone how I decided to wear tudung. I think my previous boss played a big part of it, I wish to tell him how I respect him and look up to him so much, that he really did leave a mark in my heart.

See? My boss is a guy, dia tak pakai tudung and dia tak pernah sekali pun komen about my appearance. He never indirectly or sarcastically tried to judge me or change me. He just did his work, talked about his experiences and taught me.

But I sendiri yang malu. And after my confinement, I came to work with a headscarf. He just smiled at me. Nothing more or less.

I don't know about you, but that's the kind of people I want to idolize.

Until now, whenever I thought about my hijrah, I thought about my boss. I selalu rasa he should know what he did to me, tapi I malulah...Haha.

Dulu-dulu, I selalu rasa pakai tudung ni won't define your heart. Sebab I selalu encounter orang yang I tak respect tapi pakai tudung. But my ex-boss managed to change my perception, even without him even knowing.

Dan itulah dakwah yang terbaik.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I am in the middle of a conflict.

It's good that I am not taking sides and I get to listen to both parties. It really opens up my eyes as there are many ways to view a matter. I can understand the frustrations of both A and B, and truthfully, it's really nobody's fault and everybody's fault.

Anyway, I, myself become a victim of rumours.

There's nobody to blame, except for the people who choose to believe the rumour.

It hurts so much because
- it's not true, duh...
- my work goes unappreciated
- people end up hating me for no reason
- I am not even given the chance to explain things or defend myself or convey my side of the story

I cried because people even question my sincerity of doing my work, when in fact, ikhlas tak ikhlas tu adalah between me and God.
Sometimes, sometimes...I lose respect to orang konon-konon alim, pakai tudung labuh, sebab mulut mulut yang celupar. In my case, bukan mulut, tapi type dekat Whatsapp secara celupar. Lagi bahaya, sebab ada evidence.

Mentang-mentang I ni tak cantik, muka pun ala-ala tak suci, tak ada cahaya terpancar, senang-senang je nak lempar fitnah dan menuduh I melulu. Sampai a colleague of mine warns me that I am being targeted. Sedih sangat.

Sometimes, I question why God tests me in such way. Tapi macam kelakar pula, I ni, baru kena jentik sikit, dah nak mogok and quit my work. Lemahnya...

Whenever I feel upset because I need to work and leave my family, I think about my maid.

Maid I, anak-anak dia kecil lagi. Beza setahun dua je dengan anak I. Tapi, sebab nak mencari rezeki punya pasal, dia tinggalkan anak-anak dia. Handphone pun tak ada, nak bercakap ke, nak Whatsapp ke, nak tengok gambar ke...

If she's good to my family, I hope I can help her family too, InsyaAllah.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I was so overwhelmed by work, I was thinking about quitting.

"I rasa nak quit lah! Sokong ke tak?"

Friend 1:
No no no no noooo!!! Never give up!
"Tapi I penat. I nak kerja office."
Office boring! Kenapa dengan you ni?

Friend 2:
Well, kalau ikutkan hati, aku sokong. Tapi kalau fikirkan masa depan kau, I can't answer that.
"I penat!"
Aku faham. Aku sangat kagum dengan perempuan, especially ibu-ibu yang buat ni. Sangat hebat.
"Or perhaps, I should take unpaid leave."
Kenapa ni?
"On the other hand, I shouldn't hate my job so much kan? Kesian orang-orang MAS yang kena laid off tu."

You janganlah quit. Rugi. You belajar mahal mahal. Kena teruskan tolong orang.


Then, I encountered some clients who are way more unfortunate than me. But there I was, whining about my life.

My life is pretty awesome actually.

I have a stable job and income.
I have a loving husband.
I have a son who is able to cheer me up.
Mother is healthy.
My previous maid lasted for a year,and this new one seems like a nice person too.
And even though my husband is far, I have reliable people around me to take care of my family. And I'm so glad that my husband is able to travel to visit us whenever he feels like it.



It was my birthday weekend!

Initially, my husband was thinking of buying me a watch that matches his.

But I want an Omega watch instead. Haha. So, my smart husband has learnt his lesson, why buy me something I don't really like? So, no watch for me... :( Boohoo...

No handbag. No jewellery. No shoes. No tablet.

You nak apa?

I wasn't craving for anything in particular. In the end, I told him to buy some Patchi chocolates. And we had dinner at a fancy restaurant.

It felt great nonetheless!

Gonna do some online shopping for a treat to myself. Bucket bag warna apa nak beli ni...!!! Definitely, not red, not black, but other colours are too vibrant for me! My old self would've rocked it, no problem, but my current mature me is more demure...Ecececeh...Haha!

I've decided to become more ladylike and demure after I find that I have many baju kurung, jubah, dresses that I rarely wear. It's time to wear them, even to a casual occasions. Besides, I kan nak jadi a better Muslim, so baju longgar longgar ni memang sesuai. It's time to buck up. Nak masuk syurga...