Sunday, October 30, 2016

2 weeks ago, my husband went shopping with my son at KLCC. I was working.

Usually, if I asked my husband to buy me anything, he would say- "Susah. Sebab Abang K ada. I tak boleh buat apa-apa."

So, I asked my husband:

Me: Tak susah ke shopping dengan Abang K?
Him: Abang K tidur dalam stroller. Sebab tu I boleh shopping.
Me: Ha? You bawa stroller? Dia tidur dalam kereta ke?
Him: Tak lah. Lepas jalan-jalan, dia penat. Lepas itu, dia duduk dalam stroller, tidur sendiri.
Me: Ohh...Kenapa you bawa stroller siap-siap? Biasanya you tak suka.
Him: Senang nak letak barang.

Before this, my husband didn't like the stroller. He used to bring back my son to his hometown, without the stroller. He would rather carry my son because he thought the stroller was such a hassle. Besides, he thought my son is a big boy.

Then, he would complaint that his shoulders hurt for carrying my son. I told him, "Bawa stroller tu. Senang kalau nak check in. Walaupun Abang K dah besar, he still needs his afternoon nap. Kalau tak cukup tidur, nanti dia cranky."

It took some time to convince my husband. Finally, he gave in and discovered the convenience of bringing the stroller. But I thought, he would only bring the stroller to the airport.


Suddenly, I pictured him pushing the stroller. Haha. I wonder what would people think of him.

I told Mother about this.

Mother: Tak pelik ke orang tengok lelaki tolak stroller (without the wife)?
Me: Haha (beaming with pride)
Mother: Cuba bayangkan Abang (my brother) buat macam tu? Memang tak akan!

It's true. I can't imagine Father or my brothers doing it.
They are the - this is women's job, I am not doing it - kinda men.

I know a lot of men are like my husband. He' s not rare, a lot of my friends/ friends' husbands are doing it too. It's just that he is rare in my family.

I love my husband!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Abang K: Mommy, nak tengok penguin.
Me: Okay, nanti kita ajak Daddy jalan okay...Abang K nak tengok penguin ye...
Abang K: Penguin jalan macam ni...(Demonstrates the penguin waddle) Macam maktok jalan!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I worry about my children becoming little brats.

I don't know lah whether I yang over perasan, but I notice my MIL always takes my son's side.

When he's naughty and throws food on purpose- tak apa.

When he makes a mess on purpose- biarkan.

When he fights with his cousins- the cousins get scolded.

When he doesn't want to share- the cousins are told to leave him.

When he hit the cousins- my MIL just laughs.

When he cries mengada-ngada- my MIL gives in.

Aiyo...If I notice the favouritism, my in-laws might notice it too.

Dahlah I am the odd one, that's why I like to leave my son with my MIL when we balik kampung, so I can blend in better, tapi, when my son is in the house, amboi, macam anak raja, perangai menjadi-jadi.

Sometimes, I saja extra garang membebel-bebel, so they would know that my son is not always right.

When my son doesn't want to listen to his grandparents- they say my son doesn't understand the loghat.
Hello, it's not like you are talking in a foreign language. Malay is still our mother tongue. Mengada-ngada je budak tu.

Yang Baby H ni pun sama...
Kalau dekat kampung, menangis je...I understand it's hot, but this is still Malaysia, jangan perasan yang awak tu anak orang putih, boleh tak?

She is just a baby, I know, but I couldn't help but feel embarassed when I have to bring her inside the car for her naps.

My parents-in-law are very nice, I know they wouldn't think that my children are spoilt brats, but I'm sure they feel bad when they see my baby keeps being fussy, while other babies are all so calm. I understand the feeling of not being able to provide comfort...

I hope they would treat all their grandchildren the same. We are not special, different maybe, not special!