Saturday, February 13, 2016

My husband has been feeding the cat who lives at the basement of his apartment.

Tonight, he called me at 1 am, to tell me that he found the cat outside his door.

Him: Abang dengar bunyi meow, meow. Bila Abang buka pintu, nampak kucing tu...Dia lapar kot...So,  Abang pun turun beli nasi dengan ikan tongkol dekat cafe. Sekarang ni, kucing tu tengah makan...

Me: Macam mana dia sampai tingkat 12?

Him: Abang pun tak tahu...Dia naik tangga kot...

Me: Naik tangga? Macam mana dia tahu you duduk tingkat 12!

Him: Takkanlah dia naik lift...Siapa pula nak tekan lift tingkat 12!

Eh...Misteri betullah kucing ni...

Me: Bertuah punya kucing...Kalau isteri you kelaparan pun tengah-tengah malam pun, you tak layan I macam ni...You bantai tidur je...

True story.
The truth is, since I was pregnant with my firstborn, I lost interest in making myself pretty.

I usually go out bare faced and this still goes on until now...In fact, I've lost most of my make-up items.

Recently, things have changed. Perhaps because I am carrying a girl...
But, I still prefer quick and easy make-ups, because I seriously think my bag will be heavy enough with baby items anyway! And I'm not the type who likes to carry bulky bags.
So, I opt for 2 in 1 make-up products instead.

So, I've bought these...

The first one is Laneige Lip Tint which can be used on the cheeks as well.
The second one is Mary Kay at Play Eye shadow and Liner.

Love both of them!

See...Easy right? Just bring 3 items in the bag (including a face powder) and I'm ready!

So, I made myself up and send pictures to my husband...

Me: Abang, I baru beli make-up! Cantik tak? Style rambut pendek macam ni pun macam cantik juga dengan I. Hahahaha...!
Husband: Cantik, cantik...Comel macam umur 18 tahun.

Waahhh...Husband I puji melampau...Macam teenager katanya...
I pun tersengih-sengih sendirian...Haha!

The not so good thing about wearing make-ups is...You need to make sure that you remove the make-ups before performing ablution and solat. Ahhhh...I was never particular about this before, but as I read more and more (and also sebab usia dah dekat nak mati, jadi memang ada rasa takut sikit), I don't want to risk my ibadat not being accepted. Dahlah solat pun masih lubang-lubang lagi...Errrkkk...I'm not perfect and I'm still trying! (Could try better though...I know, aku insan yang lemah!)

Macam leceh lah kan...Especially kalau tengah jalan-jalan tu...

Now, I need to add another item in my bag: Make-up remover wipes.

Perhaps, someone should invent 2-in-1 wipes: make-up remover and for baby bottom. Haha!

Let's see how long I can last wearing make-ups. I have a feeling I will become too lazy to remove the make-ups and re-apply them...

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bought a pair of pretty culottes, which in the picture, was worn by a model of 175cm height. Since I am more than 10cm shorter than her, I thought the length would be just nice on me...No! They are still short! Unless if I wear them with boots, or purposely wear them at the hips so they fall at my ankles.


"So, maksudnya, ketinggian I ni lebih kurang macam model tu," I told my husband, trying to make myself feel better.

"Return lah..." he said.

"Tapi seluar tu cantik! Boleh pakai duduk rumah...Tapi cantik sangatlah kalau nak buat duduk rumah."

I returned things only twice, both got lost and I didn't bother to follow up. Aishhhh...Tuh lah, sikap malas dan don't care ni memang tak mendatangkan faedah...That's the downside of online shopping. Kalau tersalah saiz ke, ada rosak sikit ke, I redha je...Tapi kalau physical shopping, mati-mati boleh tuntut keadilan. Haha!

Anyway, there's a few more things to buy for the baby. Hospital bag pun tak pack lagi and I'm freaking out. I simply wasted my 4 days of the recent extended weekend doing...nothing...

But i deserved it, okay! Coz once the baby is out, there will be no more days of doing nothing and resting! (Again, making excuses for myself)

Malas betul nak kerja esok..I also feel like a good doctor should give me an MC because no pregnant woman should spend more than an hour driving to work. What if tiba-tiba I sakit dalam kereta, while being stuck in the traffic, without my hospital bag, and no husband to come to my rescue? Tolonglah jangan nak drama...!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Today, I am going to talk about hair.

So, I was on MC, but I was feeling much better after I saw the doctor, so I went to a nearby mall instead for:
search for cheap baju kurung/ jubah I can actually fit
buy a confinement set
get a haircut

Actually, I forgot what my last intention was, but as I was about to pay for the parking ticket, I saw a hair salon.

You see, I'm not a regular to any hair salon. For many reasons:

- when I was young, Mother used to cut my hair
- then I went to a boarding school
- then college
- then university, which I returned to Malaysia only once a year (hair maintenance only once a year, haha)
- then got busy with work
- got married and moved with husband
- returned back to Klang Valley, donning the tudung
- I don't do small talk. I prefer my hairstylist to do his/ her job and don't ask personal questions. I guess, I am just not a friendly person...(I usually lie about what I do, or where I stay if they start to ask...Just for the fun of it. It's fun to pretend to be someone you are not. I've pretended to be a teacher, a nurse, a housewife...Next time, I'm going to pretend to be a nursery owner. Or a pilot. Haha...! I also lie about my son's age: "Ohhhh...He's only 6 months old, he's waiting for me at home...The hair treatment would take 2 hours, right? Nope, can't do...This treatment? I'm still breastfeeding, can't take that chemical either, sorry...")

I go anywhere I want. In fact, this is the first time I got a haircut Syariah compliant. Haha. I know...Even though I'm bertudung, I didn't know where to go! So, previously, I just played cool and took off my tudung and let everybody see my hair...I usually went in the morning when less people were around.


There was this sign in front of the door: for females only. So, I knew my modesty would be preserved. I went inside, and asked, "Lama ke kena tunggu?"

See...Pretended to be hurry because
- ada alasan tak nak cuci rambut
- wanted to avoid the traffic jam

I sat down...And she asked, "Nak potong macam mana?"

"Pendek," and I gestured the length I intended to go with:


This is just a regular shop. No consultation given. I didn't even flip the magazines to show her examples...

She quickly prepped me up, sprayed water, clipped my hair, grabbed her scissors, "Kak nak ikat?"

I said, "Tak."



Her version of short is different from mine! I guess she wasn't really paying attention when I showed her how short I wanted my hair to be. This is way too short!

I don't confront people lah, okay...I kan jenis senyap je...So, I tahan je lah dalam hati...I've tried short hair before and it doesn't look good on me.

Mother used to do short hair for me and I hated it. (My own pakcik neighbour had mistaken me as a boy when I was 8 years old!!!) I avoided the cut once I'm old enough to decide for myself.

And remember how I used to do a proper hair cut once a year as a university student?
So, one time, before I flew back to study, I decided to cut my hair really short (bob). I thought the result would be better if done by a professional...No.
To make matters worse, the place I was studying at was windy. So, I ended up with frizzy hair for the first few months, until it grew longer...

As pictured above, my hair is not exactly straight or curly.

Mula-mula potong, mestilah nampak okay, sebab dah kena blow and sikat rapi-rapi...

Demi memujuk hatiku...
Well, at least I'm wearing tudung now. And my inner will keep my hair from getting too frizzy...

Now, I look like this:

You think they are pretty?

Now, try to imagine and replace those pretty faces with an Asian face: small eyes, flat nose, thick lips, no sharp, pointy features present...

You still think that's pretty?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I'm actually waiting for my pregnancy check-up, it's only 10.15am and battery is already left to 69%.

All because of 1 client.

Contact orang sana sini.

I already prepared myself to do light duty only. But my boss came to me, and asked me to handle a big portion of the workload.
"Because Kim is new...She previously worked in other departments...Hash is taking care of that side...I need someone senior...I can't depend on Tini."

I half-heartedly agreed to take on the challenge, with a warning, "I'm not going to be around always. My appointment is getting more frequent!"

"Sure, sure..."

Then, my boss bothers me like today lah! She wants an email lah, call for an update lah...Manalah I tau, I'm not at work today. Tapi, I had to convey the message to the person in charge pulak.

Anyway...Saja je nak complaint...Hehe. I'm lazy to wash baby clothes...Can I just not wash them? My husband used to do it for me...Now, I know my maid will do, but...I nak kasih sayang I melekat dekat baju baju tu. (I know how ridiciulous this sounds) Tapi I malas. How?