Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I'm actually waiting for my pregnancy check-up, it's only 10.15am and battery is already left to 69%.

All because of 1 client.

Contact orang sana sini.

I already prepared myself to do light duty only. But my boss came to me, and asked me to handle a big portion of the workload.
"Because Kim is new...She previously worked in other departments...Hash is taking care of that side...I need someone senior...I can't depend on Tini."

I half-heartedly agreed to take on the challenge, with a warning, "I'm not going to be around always. My appointment is getting more frequent!"

"Sure, sure..."

Then, my boss bothers me like today lah! She wants an email lah, call for an update lah...Manalah I tau, I'm not at work today. Tapi, I had to convey the message to the person in charge pulak.

Anyway...Saja je nak complaint...Hehe. I'm lazy to wash baby clothes...Can I just not wash them? My husband used to do it for me...Now, I know my maid will do, but...I nak kasih sayang I melekat dekat baju baju tu. (I know how ridiciulous this sounds) Tapi I malas. How?


Anonymous said...

hello pregnant mommy,
since your blog is a referrer to mine, and knowing this is not a familiar blogger i used to follow..hence the excitement of getting to explore and read a new blog datang tanpa dipinta.

and so i managed to read sampai 20th November 2015 entry dalam masa kurang daripada 45 minit.

i am truly impressed with bloggers yang boleh tulih without sharing any pictures. purely words and thoughts. like, you don't need to sogok people with interesting pictures and muka selfie but you can engage the readers to keep on reading.

nampaknya kena baca sampai khatam ni. baca buku sekolah pun tak segigih ni, tahu? looks like your blog is going to be one of my happy pills.

the ectopy said...

Haha. Okay...i pun ade cuba mengkhatamkan blog you, tapi yours is like, tak begitu user friendly sebab dia jadi panjanggggggg ke bawah...atau pun i yang tak reti kot. I'll try again whenever im free (so far managed to baca sampai entry harry potter usj je)

Anonymous said...

alah, no need to khatam mine pun. it's just a belog picisan yang emo all the time. lagipun wordpress kan memang lain sikit daripada blogspot, dia ngada-ngada lebih.

nice knowing you, ectopy!