Friday, January 29, 2016

I just finished from naik hantu because...

My maid threw away the Miu Miu pink box.

Now that I've calmed down...Did I overreact?

What would you do?

Orang yang pergi shopping dekat overseas, they don't even bring back the boxes, right? Kotak jeeeee...

Is it valuable to you?

I completely screamed at her for a good 15 minutes and just banned her from entering my room forever. Like, really, really exploded.

What annoys me the most is...She keeps my son's Lego box, but not my pretty pink box. Idiot.

Arghhh...Now, I am super mad again just thinking about it.

She kept saying that the box was empty.
Masalahnya, itu kotak handbag hantaran saya. It holds a sentimental value. Because that was the first designer handbag that my husband bought for me. And when I married him, he was not even rich, but he still got me a designer bag. I told him if he wanted to splurge for the wedding, splurge on my hantaran gifts. Hantaran I pun tak banyak. 5 dulang je. Satu designer watch, satu designer handbag. Yang lain tu, cheque hantaran/ cincin, telekung and sirih junjung/ kek.

I complained to my husband and he said he will buy me a new one. But it's not the same...I am not lusting over any Miu Miu bag now, I don't want my husband to buy one just so that I can get a new pink box.

I shouted like a crazy woman. She should use her common sense lah okay...Kotak tisu dia simpan, kotak yang cantik cantik dia pergi buang, hello, even if it was not Miu Miu, but with that kind of material, you can tell the box is little bit more expensive than a regular box, like RM20 ke...

What would you do if it happens to you? I mean, it is just one box, and it is just Miu Miu...I je yang jakun sangat...Kalau I ni memang orang kaya-kaya, mesti tak hairan pun, kan?


SL said...

Ohhh saya pun akan amuk!!! Sentimental value kot plus its pink :) so what you did was right cuma patut tambah lagi nanti ... 15 mins tak cukup! I kotak perfume bodo pun simpan sebab memang yg tu kotak tu tebal and Cantik. Paper bags pun I simpan ....:)

Since dah jadi lepas nie istighfar saja lah ..., tak dak rezeki :(

Nutasyah said...

U know what..i would be extremely mad BUT in my case,it was different level of people.

Sent all the hantaran items with boxes for my mother inlaw's friend to decorate it,and that I personally asked to get back me the boxes later on (plus all the receipts were in there *cry*)

I just didn't received it in the end and yeahh..I dont know to whom should i be mad off.
Now where should I keep my bag and the shoes? (I asked my mil to give me another box-dont care what brand for me to keep my bag and the shoes-right into the shoe cabinet!)

Now,after 3 years,I've let it pass..

the ectopy said...

Ok, nutasya...cerita you lagi sadis okay...glad you've finally let it pass...

I pun dah redha since last night lagi. Haha.

And thank you for sharing your stories. I feel a little bit guilty actually. Now that I know that my actions were somewhat justified - to some extent, haha - at least kurang sikit lah rasa bersalah tu