Thursday, January 28, 2016

Although my due date is in March, I'm about 80% done with the things I need to prepare to welcome this baby. This is in terms of the things I want/ need to buy.

Other things that we already own are still in the state I used to live. So, once my husbands bring them back here, we will be ready.

My husband was supposed to bring them last week, but the only thing he brought back was the stupid playgym.

Me: You bawa ni je? Mana katil?
Husband: Katil pun nak juga ke? I ingatkan you nak ini je.
Me: Benda ni murah, dahlah mainan dia banyak dah hilang. Baik beli baru. Ni dah lunyai!

I tried not to lose my temper. I should have just thrown away the playgym. People give playgyms as gifts, I will receive one after I deliver. If I don't, I will buy one. We don't need a playgym for a newborn!

He came back without telling me, that's why I didn't give him the list.

Me: So, you balik bawa kereta ni sia-sia je lah.
Him: Ala, nanti I datang lagi.
Me: Kenapa you balik tak bagitau?
Him: Saja, nak surprise. I tak plan nak drive sebenarnya. I ingatkan nak naik flight. Tapi bila I keluarkan kereta nak pergi airport, I terus drive sampai sini.

He does this often. Memanglah best bila di surprise, but I already reminded him for so many times to tell me if he ever comes back with a car, because I need him to bring me things!

That night, he brought us to dinner. Before we arrived at the restaurant, he stopped for petrol.

Me: Aik, kenapa pakai Petron? (He usually uses Shell)
Him: Saja...I nak try minyak Blaze 100.
Me: Haa?
Him: Macam V-Power...RON 97...Tapi ni 100, paling latest punya. Haaa...Cuba you rasa, sedap kan?

Then it hit me- he came with the car secara spontan ni sebab nak try minyak! I know him, he would totally do something like this!


Because I'm pregnant and hormonal, I was hurt. My husband ni tak fikir ke pasal anak. There are so many things he could have brought back: the playpen, the baby mattress, the pillow set, the Fisher Price bouncer, the box where I put all my unused pantang items and my bengkung, the baby bathtub. Itu belum masuk kalau I minta he brings the loose, small items lagi, the baju, the mittens, the swaddles, all kept nicely in the baby drawer.

Geram gila I.

Even though he said he could bring them next time, I know it will be very tight. He will go abroad for 2 weeks soon. And he certainly could not come the week before that because he needs to attend a course. So, this weekend? Well, he will still be here! The week after he comes back? What if I already deliver at that time! How can I be at peace waiting for my delivery when I don't even know where my baby would be sleeping. Plus, kena buat laundry semua!

That's why lah I prepare early, because I don't want to mengangkut barang seorang diri.

I stress okay! So, now, I am on a strike, I don't care, I'm going silent sebab I memang tak puas hati. He doesn't even get what my concerns are, I pun malas nak explain, sebab nanti he would say that I nag too much. Tapi, my husband tu kan memang blur. Sampaikan when he talks to me, I have to tell him, "I don't want to talk to you." Kalau I diam je, memang dia takkan tak tahu pasal this cold war. Now that I already declare that I refuse to talk to him, I hope he makes up to me big time!

Eeee...I am mad at myself too because I don't know why I need to find the best bargain for something I really want. Tengoklah my husband tu, he spends so much, why must I kena fikir tentang pembaziran.

Haaa, nak senang, beli je semua set baru. Let us have double of everything. You don't want to bring them over, just buy me new ones! He would be happy to do it sebab tak menyusahkan dia, but I will end up rasa semak je...Like, why do I need two of this?

I spend so much time hunting for the best price, using vouchers that would give me the lowest value, I downloaded so many apps so that I can compare the prices. You think it's easy?

It is all worth it when your research becomes fruitful. For example, I got this new Clevamama 10 in 1 nursing pillow for RM250 only. The price from Mothercare is RM370. Asked a personal shopper in UK, she also quoted RM370. Online, it is roughly RM320. Found the cheapest at RM280, and negotiated for RM250. So happy! The seller said okay in the spirit of CNY katanya...First time I negotiate macam ni and buat COD- sebab takut kena tipu, why so cheap...

But, it is becoming exhausting. After some time, you will get used to the high price, in the end, you rasa macam, "Oohh...It's not that expensive...Beli je lah! Malas nak fikir..."

That's what happened to me. I ada terbeli this swaddle for RM200. Like, what the hell, one single swaddle for RM200! Special sangat ke? I was tempted by, "It gives you 2 hours extra sleep." My sleep is precious. Plus, I tell myself not to berkira dengan anak.

I'm so scared my daughter ni suka nangis and susah nak tidur. Because that's what I do in this pregnancy. Asyik menangis je, and having difficulties to fall asleep. Haishhh...

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