Saturday, September 19, 2009


So, it's like this.

When you drive a luxury car, everything that comes out of it, people will believe it's authentic. Because nobody can fake an expensive car.

But, if you carry a Louis Vuitton and you only drive a Kancil, people find it hard to believe that the LV bag you have on your shoulder actually cost you RM5000.

So, there's this one makcik who just bought a Brabus.

"Kalau Auntie bawa kereta ni, makcik pakai handbag made in Golok pun takpe..." she said.

True, true.

But I also have met a person with a different kind of mentality.

"Ye, memang betul kalau kita pakai kereta besar, kalau kita pakai Gucci fake pun orang percaya. Orang lain tak tahu, tapi kita sendiri tahu kita pakai barang fake...Untuk kepuasan saya sendiri, saya mesti beli yang original punya. Sebab kalau ikut betul-betul dari segi Islam, menciplak itu dah dikira mencuri....Sebab tu, kalau kita tengok orang putih, mereka tak support sangat CD-CD ciplak sebab mereka tahu, mencuri hasil kerja orang lain tu salah."

He added, "Kalau kita pakai barang original kan, kita sendiri rasa confident. Betul tak?"

Eh, tapi I rasa confident kalau ada orang mengorat I! Haha!

Speaking about being flirtatious, I don't know why some people don't take engagements seriously. When you are engaged, heck, when you are risik-ed, it means you are already attached!

Just now, a doctor indirectly asked for my number. I was happy, of course. As I was telling my boyfriend how hot I am (told you my confidence level go sky-high when somebody shows his interest in me, haha), we concluded he must think I haven't found out about his status. Gatal!

A colleague also recently was involved in this love triangle. He found out that the girl he was seeing was somebody's fiance from her friend. He went ballistic, of course. "Tapi kan, kasihan juga dekat perempuan tu, sebab dia cakap dia dipaksa untuk bertunang," he told us.
What kind of bull is that!

To snap him out of it, I said, "You nak percaya lagi cakap dia? Ini bukan zaman dulu-dulu lah. Kalau tak suka, cakap tak suka. Takde mak bapak akan paksa anak dia bertunang."

My other colleague said, "Orang zaman sekarang ni, tak paham konsep bertunang. Kalau dah bertunang, patutnya sudah bersedia untuk berkahwin. Dia tu, dah bertunang, tapi mata masih nak pandang orang lain..."

"Because...She thinks you are such a good catch!" I said, referring it to him, my colleague. "Kalau dah bertunang, dah bersedia nak kahwin, kita patutnya dah terima baik buruk tunang kita...Mana boleh, dulu suka sama suka, lepas jumpa you, tiba-tiba semua buruk tunang dia boleh nampak!"

I so don't like dishonesty!

Speaking about dishonesty, one pakcik in his late 40s was caught for stealing cash money.

I don't know why, thieves always think they are so smart but in actual fact, they are stupid.

He did it in the broad daylight and people witnessed the event. So, the boss investigated, within hours, he knew it was him.

Since this man is the boss, he knows a lot of people, one of them is a policeman. He arranged with the policeman to go the thieve's house. The thieve ran away and had a cup of coffee in a nearby coffeeshop, probably to relief his thirst after all the running. (Did I mention how stupid thieves are?)

The boss and the cop caught him, he admitted and returned the money. The boss, out of his mercy, didn't report the case because Hari Raya was a week away. He didn't want the thieve's family to be saddened by it and he didn't want to take away the only breadwinner in the family.

So, he let the thieve go. The boss didn't shout. The boss didn't even fire him. The young boss said, "Pakcik datanglah kerja minggu depan...Lain kali kalau pakcik ada masalah duit, minta duit tu dengan saya, jangan curi."

Just now, the kind boss even pay for his workers' zakats and went to all his workers' houses to deliver kain pelikat to them as Hari Raya gifts, including the thieve's house.

Agaknya, kenapa kain pelikat?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

tiga cerita.

First thing first,

Do you remember the time when we were in school and we learned that even gas has weight ('jisim') and the teachers made us do the experiment to prove it:
Two balloons, a straw and strings.

Image Hosted by

We blew up the balloons, hung it on the hanging straw, then we popped up one of the balloons, and we saw how the other balloon sagged.

"Wallah!" said the teacher. "Hipotesis terbukti!"

It has been years that I have a query in my mind about the legibility of the experiment.

Now, a question the scientists out there:

How can we measure the weight of air in air itself?

It's like, measuring the weight of water underwater!
Imagine doing the experiment in the bottom the swimming pool. Fill the balloons with water, immerse them in water, pop one balloon up and watch what happens next.
Will the other fat balloon fall to the bottom?
I don't know. Do you know?

Back to the gas experiment, perhaps, we are actually proving that carbon dioxide is heavy. We expire CO2 into the balloons and according it's nature, it makes the balloon sag.

That's why we use CO2 to fight fire. Fire eats up oxygen. We spray CO2 to cover the fire from getting more O2. CO2 is heavier than O2, so it acts like a blanket.

Can someone please answer me? Sudah bertahun-tahun ku memikirkan hal ini tapi tak pernah pula bertanya pada sesiapa.

I think I'm finally right on my track.

"Ectopy, why are you so happy today? You smile and smile, why?"
"You look happy today!"
My bosses said on two separate occasions.

The last time I got so many complimets on my happiness was 5-6 years ago. I was very happy back then.
"From the first time I saw you, the very first thing I notice was your smile. You have this bright smile and you are always smiling," said one of my lecturers 5-6 years ago. I consider it as one of the best compliments I've ever gotten and I'll cherish and remember it forever.

That's why when someone commented on how I'm always smiling, I am reminded about how myself used to be.

I miss myself and I'm glad that I am finding back myself!


It's either, what people say is true, or my boyfriend is playing with my heart.

We are planning to get married. However, unfortunate things keep happening to my boyfriend, it's almost unbelievable.

His father collapsed and was hospitalized but the doctors could not find anything conclusive about his condition.

He is still saving up to replace the RM60K that he lends to his so-called friend who refuses to pay him back.

Me: Where are you?
Him: Buka puasa dengan lawyer.
Me: I thought you dah tak kawan dengan lawyer!
Him: Lawyer sorang tu je yang I taknak kawan...In fact, I dah tak contact dengan dia dah. Dia call pun I tak angkat. Bila I pikir balik, marahnya!
Me: Bongoklah you ni, kalau you dah taknak contact dia lagi, macam mana you nak minta hutang you balik! Mana tahu kalau dia call you sebab nak bayar hutang ke...

I hate it when my boyfriend becomes emotional over money matters. Last-last, diri sendiri yang rugi!

Then, when I pushed him so things can proceed faster, he told me how he was duped again! More $$$ gone, and he said he needs time to replace what's been lost.

Is he making things up to avoid being married to me, or does things suddenly happen for a reason? Is he hiding something from me???

Since I'm in a new workplace, for some reason I don't like to share anything personal with my colleagues.

"Cik dah kahwin?" my staff asked.
I denied, memang betul belum kahwin pun.

"Have you watched 'Up'?" asked my boss.
"I haven't."
"Why? It's really good, it's so funny!"
"Well, I don't have anybody to watch with," I was not even thinking that the words I said might imply that I'm single. But it's true I usually watch movies with my boyfriend, but ever since he's busy with his work, I really don't have anybody to watch movies with!
"Lain kali Cik tengoklah dengan boss..." my staff interfered, giggling as she said it.

And, whenever people asking me whether I am attached, I'd answer neither. My boyfriend knows about this.

Him: Kenapa you tak mengaku?
Me: Sebab, kalau orang tahu I dah ada boyfriend, nanti orang tak mahu mengorat I!
Him: You jangan nak menggatal eh...
Me: Ye lah, you kan tak mahu kahwin dengan I cepat-cepat, jadi, sementara tu, baik I cari orang lain.
Him: Amboi, sedapnya cakap!
Me: Eh, you tu cuma calon suami, bukan bakal suami! Apa salahnya I cari calon banyak-banyak...
Him: Sabarlah sayang! I nak kahwin dengan you lah! You ingat I kerja ni untuk apa?

Well, if I have to be patient with his lateness, he has to be patient with my attitude. Right?

Friday, September 11, 2009

type and write

The truth is, as much as I'm loving this new chapter of my life, I also miss how my life used to be.

I especially miss all the time I had to blog-hop and discover interesting blogs and songs. It's like finding hidden treasures.

I was at work today and I was typing on the computer when someone mentioned to me, "Did you take typing class before?"

No. Typing is MY talent. Haha.

That's the second time this month somebody has noticed about my ability to type really fast.
Actually, I've never realized how speedy I type until these two people pointed it out to me.

Anyway, I explained that I used to spend a lot of my time on the Internet. I wanted to add, "In fact, I used to be an avid writer."

I miss writing. I miss expressing myself. I've been writing for as long as I can remember, fiction and non-fiction.
In school, I made excellent compositions, I was named 'Best' in both languages. It wasn't a talent, of course, I had good teachers, I followed their guidance and I'm still practicing them. I had teachers photocopying my materials, teachers asking to keep my Exercise Books...

At home, privacy was scarce. We lived in a small house and I had siblings and my parents who kept rummaging through my stuff. In those days, there was no Internet, and the only way to write discretely is by writing poems.

Yes, I miss writing. During my further studies, I always wondered if I was really in the correct stream. Writing is what I did best, but we (my family, the society and I) decided the other would give me better prospect for the future.

Besides, I used to feel that writing was just a hobby.
Like blogging. This is just one of my favourite pastimes.

And I shall write whenever I have the time and something to tell.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I feel like a model when I found out that I'm being paid RM560 for 7 hours of work. All I do is sit there and wait for my clients. If they are there, I consult them for 10 minutes at most. In between, I read magazines.
I say, all the hard work I did in school finally paid off! :)

I think people are way too scared of H1N1. Unnecessary paranoia.
Perhaps, deep down, I actually hate those ugly masks.
Especially those anti-bacterial masks. How's wearing those more expensive anti-bacterial masks prevent you from getting infected with the flu when H1N1 is a virus, not a bacteria!

Now that you understand that a virus is way smaller than a bacteria, please enlighten me why on earth some people buy those purposeless cloth Hello Kitty masks and wear it proudly like they're immune!

Now, moving on to the number 2 in my list: Parents who bring babies and toddlers to crowded places.
They are weak creatures. Tak payah tunggu H1N1, the normal flu pun can kill them, tahu?

Monday, September 7, 2009

the clients

I love my clients.

They are the ones who make my day when I'm at work. I get to meet all kinds of attitudes, and when I see the kind I like, it melts my heart.

Like this elderly man in his sixties, with both lower limbs amputated, but still kissing his wife and say, "I love you" to each other.

Like this mother whose son an injecting drug addict and I've heard her being shouted at by her son, but she is still there, caring and nursing him.

Like this man who is so lively, cheerful, fresh and funny whenever I meet him.

I like working with the poor, no matter what race they are, we are all the same.

My dear, dear clients. I wish to let them know how they have helped me go through the dog days at work, how significant they actually are in this world, at least to me...

Before I started this, I knew what was I getting myself into. But, it was too late to back out. So, I repeatedly told myself that whenever something bad happens, whenever I get a scolding, I am going to ignore and laugh. Laugh like nobody business. Laugh until I annoy the scolder.

Do I do it now? I do, but I do it in my heart. I have to hide the inappropriateness of sudden laugh before I get sacked for having a psychiatry condition.

And it helps a lot. Sometimes, after a round of scoldings, I'd sit down and I'd be on the verge of breaking down, but I'd be reminded about the resolution I made before I accepted this job.

I'd laugh inside my head, picturing how it would turn out be if I truly laugh during the event.

I'd be smiling foolishly after I'm snapped out from my imagination. Haha.

My latest amusement at work is- my secret admirer.

I was told by my friend that somebody fancies me, but he was too afraid to strike up a conversation.
Cute eh?
"Dia cakap you ni sexy..." said my friend.
"Huh? Sexy? Pakai baju kerja pun sexy ke? Hahaha."

Told the boyfriend about this and I asked him to spread this among his friends.


"So your friends would know that you have a hot girlfriend. I'm still sizzling hot in the market! Hahaha!"