Monday, August 21, 2017

I think I have a love-hate relationship with myself.

Like...I am glad that I am not the kind who needs to upload and share every single thing I do on the Internet. Love my life!

But...When I see these people having nice pictures and going for holidays, I'm like, damn, why am I not like that! Hate my life!


Anyway...Dah lama I tak perasan. So, today, I nak perasan cantik, excuse me.

A colleague of mine from a different department casually asked me.

Him: Ectopy, Ectopy, bila nak kahwin?
Me: I dah kahwin lah...
Him: Oh yeke...Dah ada anak?
Me: Dah...Ada dua anak.
Him: Oh, sepasang ke?
Me: Ha ah...
Him: Yang kecik umur berapa?
Me: Setahun 5 bulan...

Okay. Two reasons why I'm allowed to be perasan.

1) Was he hitting on me?
2) Do I look younger than my age?

Hahaha! Either way, I am happy because...I don't feel pretty in a very long time...So, this is considered a huge compliment, despite me not wearing any make up to work. Yeay!

I told my husband. Via Whatsapp. Untunglah bini cun...Haha!