Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The first time I saw this .gif, I laughed out loud. Hahahaha! Still do!

Suck it innnn!!! And boink!


I've been meaning to write a proper blog post since forever but I was too lazy to switch on my laptop. Haha, what an excuse...I thought I would write something once I am back in Klang Valley, but then, I was too busy enjoying my urban life, besides my husband was hogging the computer most of the time, so I came home yesterday with no update. At work today, I received a good news: I am required to attend a course in Ampang, yahoo, tomorrow I am going back to KL again and spend the weekend in my hometown! So, after I sorted out my flight ticket, what the hell, I'll write something now.


A few days ago, I had a nightmare.

In the dream, my husband had a second wife and he was not being fair to me. He had been sleeping with her for 2-3 days. So, I demanded him to spend time with me. I merajuk but he tak layan I langsung! I cried, but he buat dunno. So, at one point, I became angry, I wanted to bite him and was crying all the while.

In real life, I screamed and bit the pillow instead, woke up crying. Haha!

My husband boleh pulak terjaga masa tu. He was worried and concerned, "Kenapa, Sayang? Ha? Kenapa? Kenapa you nangis?"

I malulah nak cakap the actual reason I nangis sebab you tak pujuk I, so in between the sobs, I told him, "I mimpi Abang kahwin lain!"

"Mimpi je tu...Mana ada Abang kahwin lain...Dah, tidur!" And he hugged me tight.

Hihihi. Hahaha...Bodohlah mimpi sampai nangis! In my lifetime, this probably has occured for 5 times only, and the last I had was when I was in university, years ago!

It's not like I fought with anybody before going to sleep. In fact, I was quite happy that week!

The next morning, I thought about it. My husband usually tidur mati.

Me: Abang, kuat ke I jerit semalam? Sampai you boleh terjaga...
Husband: I bangun pergi toilet lah masa tu...
Me: Patutlah! You tu tidur mati, mana pernah bangun kalau bunyi apa-apa!

Me: Nasib baik I tak betul-betul gigit you kan. I gigit bantal...
Husband: Kalau you gigit I, I pukul you lah...!

Husband: Yang, I kahwin dengan siapa?
Me: Entah. Tak kenal orang tu. Jahatlah you kahwin lain! I rasa ni petunjuk lah. Naluri seorang isteri. Hehehe...
Husband: Ye lah tu! Merepek!


When I was at Mother's house, the recycling lorry went by.

"Suratkhabar lama...! Paper lama...! Che cho soi lek...! (or something like that)"

Husband: Eh, selama ni I ingat lori tu wujud dalam TV je. Rupa-rupanya memang betul-betul ada!
Me: Lori apa?
Husband: Tu, lori suratkhabar lama tu.
Me: Memanglah ada!
Husband: I ingat dalam iklan je. I tak pernah tengok pun. Tak pernah dengar.
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Selama ni you tengok dalam iklan je? HAHAHAHAHA!

Kampungnye husband I niiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!


I have a laid back family.

Mother langsung tak ada pantang larang waktu pregnant. Sangatlah cool...

I attended my sister's housewarming, and they served lauk nangka masak lemak? Itu ke nama dia? Tapi sedaplah.

My SIL saw, "Ehhh...Orang pregnant tak boleh makan nangka!"

Husband: Haa...Awak jangan makanlah nangka tu...Kak kata tak elok makan...
Me: Tapi I dah makan dah setengah ni!
Husband: Makan ni je, lepas ni tak boleh makan dah!

Husband: Kak, apa lagi orang pregnant tak boleh makan?
SIL: Tak boleh makan ais. Nanti baby besar.
Me: Baguslah baby besar!
SIL: Tunggulah masa nak lahir nanti...Seksa nak teran!

Hehe, I don't think I would follow any of her pantang larang. I will only avoid raw sushi.
That's all.


MIL: Boleh makan? Tak ada alahan?
Me: Okay je...Kadang-kadang je loya...
MIL: Ma tak boleh makan nasi langsung sampai bulan 5. Tapi Ma mudah bersalin. Bidan tak sempat datang rumah, Ma dah bersalin sendiri dah...
Me: (Horrified face)

At home-

Me: Abang! Abang lahir dekat rumahhhhhhh!!! Eeeekkkk!!! You nampak adik you lahir dekat rumah! Eeeekkkk!!! Lepas tu you dengarlah mak you jerit jerit? Dahlah bidan tak sempat sampai. Mesti you nampak mak you berdarah-darah! Eeeeekkkk!!!

Husband: Tak adalah...I tak ada dekat rumah pun time tu. Tak tengok pun...

Me: Still...Mesti satu rumah kecoh. Kenapa mak you tak pergi hospital?

Husband: Entah. Mak I tu orang kampung.

I selalu ingat orang yang beranak dekat rumah ni zaman datuk nenek moyang kita je...My MIL muda lagi tau...Even my brother-in-law is younger than me!



Cerita serius di lain post. Hari ni kita light light aje...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I thought I was lucky for this pregnancy, the kind who wouldn't feel a thing and breeze through the period for 9 months until I pop out a kid.

I had severe nausea and vomitting. Severe to me, severe enough to make me think about checking in to the nearest the hospital, but I didn't. I counted, 14 times of vomitting that day, practically waking up every single hour to run to the toilet to vomit not food content, because the vomitting had drained my stomach empty, but bile! Have you ever tasted it, multiple times, over and over again? It really tasted like the content of my instestine instead, yerp, like shit.

Me: Abang, I nak pergi hospital...
Husband: Nak pergi ke? Ala, biasa lah ni muntah muntah masa pregnant. Isteri kawan Abang macam ni juga...

All I can think of, "Kepala hotak! Orang dah separuh mati dekat sini, senang senang je dia cakap tak payah pergi hospital! I don't care. If this continues tomorrow, I am going, I am so going to the hospital! Tak larat dah ni..."

My husband ni pulak, obviously doesn't watch enough Western movies. When I vomit, one should hold my hair up, that is more important than rubbing my back vigorously, (you should do it gently instead), I ended up getting vomit stain all over the tip of my hair. Then, I had stomach cramp because I bent down so many times for so long.

I was dehydrated, so I asked for water and food when I felt intermittently okay. My funny husband said, "Eh, mana boleh makan minum! Nanti muntah lagi. You biar je perut you kosong."

Eh, what logic is this! Orang lain siap paksa isteri lagi, minumlah sikit, makanlah sikit, perut tu kosong. My husband ni memang thinking outside the box lah kiranya. Sabar je lah I. I juga yang terseksa di situ.

That night, he didn't even sleep next to me.

Me: You ni, siap tak tidur sebelah I lagi. Biar je I muntah sorang-sorang! Pentingkan tidur lah tu, tanak I kejut!
Husband: Eh, bukanlah. Nanti you tu cakap you muntah sebab bau badan I lah, apa lah. Baik I lari awal-awal. Kalau tak, tak pasal-pasal kena marah dengan you tengah-tengah malam buta.

*Narrow eyes*

The next day, I vomitted less and finally, able to tolerate some fluids, even though not much but an improvement. I didn't go to the hospital in the end, but I ate very minimally for three days straight. I was afraid to eat, and at the same time, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to provide much nutrients for my baby, I felt like a bad mother.

Forced myself to work but spent some time at the sink anticipating the puke. I only felt a whole lot better on day 5, which is today. But, today pulak ditinggalkan husband 3 hari. :(

The above occured before my first baby scan, and all sorts of things ran through my mind. I consulted my friend in Obstetrics, and we were scared of molar pregnancy, which is, well, kalau orang-orang Melayu cakap, baby kena culik Jin, basically, your baby is not there, just the sac!
If that happened, I'd be like, OMG, gila lah, all this for nothing!

I was really anxious before meeting the doctor, siap nangis semua, thinking the worst. Finally, the day of my appointment arrived, Alhamdulillah semua pun okay, my baby is tiny...Haha. And I don't gain weight pun. I remember my husband puji-puji, "Comelnya awak ni! Tengok, pipi dah bulat. Boobs dah besar! Perut dah nampak..." It's all in your head, honey.

Despite all of this, my husband is such, such a dear. I am so lucky, I don't know what I did to deserve this nice man in my life.

My husband prepared the pail next to our bed. If I vomitted all over the place, he was the one who cleaned up after me, sambil menahan his own puke, yes, I saw his facial expressions! Lepas tu I tak masak dah lamaaaaa dah, but he didn't complain, dia buat Maggi, or beli dari luar. He layan je whatever I want, anytime. Macam-macam I minta. He did the laundry without being asked, dia sidai baju, dia angkat baju. He handwashed my bras. He also senyap je kalau I terlupa to iron his work shirts. He cleaned all the toilets. Buang sampah. Basuh pinggan mangkuk.

Sangat syukur.

Retrospectively, in the midst of the drama, I told my husband, "This is the only baby we are getting. I tak sanggup." Teruk kan? Muntah sikit dah tak tahan. I pun tak paham. I ni very tough, keluar masuk hutan, turun naik gunung, terjun sana sini, tapi bila muntah tu terus rasa down gila. Never felt that helpless in my life. It's probably because I am rarely sick. But can you imagine, if I can't handle the vomiting, how do you expect me to endure labour pain? Oh no!