Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Setan ni banyak.

My husband was away for a few days, well, not that it's something new to me, but this time is different because he was uncontactable. (Ah, but he was uncontactable for a few days last year too, but that was due to flood. Too many buts!!!)

Anyway...While he was away, I kept thinking of the worst- him breaking my heart. Is he getting married again? Is he on a honeymoon or something? Is he really in Singapore?

My husband ni kan bukannya tech savvy. So, he turned off his phone. He only uses his Wi-fi if I connect it for him. Otherwise, he wouldn't know how, and is too scared to switch anything on to avoid overcharging.

That's why he was so quiet, but I couldn't help but think about all this unpleasant things. I mean, if it can happen to someone else, it can happen to me too! Plus, I've been getting numerous whispers over the years: Do you really trust your husband? Why are there hairclips in the car? Tak takut ke tinggal asing-asing?

Biasanya I buat pekak telinga je, as a sign of respect for their concerns. I don't want to unnecessarily fight without proof. I am not that kind of woman.

I mean, why should I be insecured? I am okay looking, I am smart and independent, I have my own good qualities many people are looking for, if that's not enough for my husband, then it is his loss. I have always stood by his side, helped and supported him. He is the one who should be thankful to have me!

Husband I tu pun, bukannya handsome sangat pun...Kadang-kadang, I found Whatsapp messages in his phone which I don't like. So, I deleted their numbers and blocked them, haha. My husband is so blur, he doesn't even know what I did or how to unblock them. Most of the messages are quite harmless, but I just don't like lah okay!

So, tuh lah. Tak baik kan bersangka buruk pada suami sendiri. Tapi I memang sedikit paranoid, akibat baca banyak tabloid, haha.

After 3 days of silence, he called me from the airport and I demanded him to take pictures of his luggage and airplane ticket. Crazy woman.

I tak suka ada suspicion macam ni sebenarnya. But, as they always say, never trust men 100%.

But, yeah, I write this post just to remind myself that I'm awesome. If he breaks my heart, then it is his loss, and I know he wouldn't be able to find a woman as perfect as I am --> must think like this every time setan datang to mess with head.


It's funny to think that when I was with my ex boyfriend, I used to imagine, if I marry him, I wouldn't mind if he wants to have a polygamy. But with my current husband, lain pulak jadinya, no way I would agree to such things, okay! I guess, I never really loved my ex boyfriend, but he did give me a major heartache when we got separated for good. Tak berapa cinta pun nak patah hati macam gila. Bongok betul. Tapi ex boyfriend I tu lagi bongok, haha, thank God I didn't marry him.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Pregnancy: better skin, better hair. Somehow I think I look prettier in a way...Like, after so long of feeling ugly and unkempt. Haaa...Finally, that feeling when you look at yourself and you say, "Actually, I am not that bad..."

Good thing that I'm a mom, so I don't have the time to look in the mirror for so many times to admire myself. Keeps me grounded.

Hey, I can still be hot!


I think my tummy is smaller compared to last time. The nurses and the doctors think so too...The scan showed otherwise though, Alhamdulillah.

I thought, you should get bigger with subsequent pregnancies. When I was pregnant with Baby K, I was so big because I had polyhydromnious. This one makes me worry- is it due to my anaemia? And I frequently missed my daily dose. Errrkkk...

At 28 weeks, I was 55 kg. For those who think 55 kg is heavy, well, I'm not one of you..I used to weigh 52 kg when I was plumper, curvier and healthier, in my Uni days...Made my then boyfriend-now-husband crazy about me. Hahaha...

Ah, well, Malaysian women generally want to be ligher. 50kg pun dah bising gemuk...I was once almost 60kg! I was new in town, adjusting to the weather, didn't know how to estimate food intake, ate a lot of junk food as long as they are cheap, (well, cookies and chocolates memang sedap and murah pun kalau dekat overseas! Pastu minum susu and cereal), too poor to be generous so my housemates and I simply cooked 1 pot beras per person so we can divide the rice in the rice cooker into four parts...Macam pie...Found out 1 pot of rice can make more than a plate of rice...Also cooked 1 chicken leg per person because...Well, it was easier that way lah kot...No wonder everybody gained weight in their first year of Uni.

Bila balik Malaysia, baru sedar diri tu dah membesar dengan jayanya...Sebab orang Malaysia memang kenit kenit...Lepas tu baru terhegeh-hegeh nak count calories...It only lasted for a month or so for me...Lepas tu I makan macam biasa, and the weight naturally went off too...Semua my friends pun sama. Pelik betul.

Apesal cerita macam dah melalut? Esok kerja. Good night.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

So, my husband works closely with a bunch of schools.

While we were on a holiday, he received a call from a headmaster of one of the schools, asking to borrow RM500. My husband said okay and asked him to wait until his return. But the headmaster needed it urgently, so my husband asked one of his staff to give it to him.

Me: Kenapa tak bank in je?
Husband: Mana boleh...Nanti orang ingat rasuah pula.
Me: Dia kan Guru Besar. Guru Besar pun tak ada duit ke?
Husband: Ala...Guru Besar sekolah rendah je...
Me: Anak ramai kot...Kesiannya...RM500 pun tak ada. Bukan tinggal dekat KL pun...
Husband: Banyak hutang kot...

2 weeks passed by. One day, my husband told me that the headmaster had already borrowed up to a couple thousands of ringgit.

Husband: Kesian dia. Dia cakap dia akan bayar balik sikit-sikit. Tapi I dah kira halal dah, kalau tak bayar balik pun tak apalah...Lagipun dia baik, tak pernah susahkan kerja I. Tapi I dah tak nak bagi hutang dah.
Me: Kenapa pula? Dia kan tengah susah, kena tolonglah!
Husband: Oh, I tak kisah dengan Guru Besar tu. I cakap pasal hutang orang lain.
Me: You bagi pinjam siapa lagi?
Husband: Adalah...Kawan I...Pinjam beribu-ribu, tak pernah bayar, pastu berlagak...
Me: You ni!!! Kawan apa jenis macam tu!


It's quite sad, don't you think? Orang berpangkat besar, kerja tetap, masih tak cukup gaji. Orang lain tu macam mana lah agaknya...
My son is not a baby anymore, but he still likes to pretend like one.

Kalau nangis, he would come to me, and I 'd give him the boobies. He would immediately calm down and enjoy the treat. Lepas tu, I'd have to tell him to let go, he would usually refuse to do so. Then, what am I to do?

I have to carry him while his mouth still attaching on my boobs! He really enjoys this, sebab selalu tersengih-sengih bila kena angkat. Then, he'd declare himself a baby. "Baby!"

He still baby talks. But it's a joy having a conversation with him. However, he doesn't call me Mommy! What a strange little boy. He calls me Keke, or Gege, I don't know, but I suspect he means Gegurl! Like, what the hell...

Me: Say Mommy!
Boy: Gege!
Me: Mommy!
Boy: Gege!

Aiyoyo...Malu tau, people must have thought that I leave him with the maid too much until he can't even call me Mommy. If they only knew how much he hates the Makcik...

I hope he grows out of it soon. I mean, how hard it is to call me Mommy! And everbody has been scolding and correcting him, but he simply doesn't want to follow, "Maaaa...Mieeeee!" "Gege!"

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Laaa...Lupa pula nak cerita...

After we came back from dinner, that night, our house was broken into!

The burglar somehow managed to unlock the padlock and carefully break the window glass. My maid's room is at the back of the house, she heard unfamiliar soft sounds.

She noticed how we usually make louder noise if we decide to come down to the kitchen in the middle of the night.

So, she screamed and the burglar tak sempat enter the house.

So scary because all of us were at home and it was only 12 midnight at that time. Berani punya pencuri. It was so obvious that our porch was full with cars indicating all of us were home!

And syukur juga sebab kebetulan my husband was with us, taking some time off work. He and my brother took charge, so we installed new grills and changed locks and all...

I can't imagine if the intruder got in, went upstairs and inside my room. I'm pregnant, with my young son...Ishhhh...So scary!!!
My son was being difficult one night. I decided to take an emergency leave as I was too sleepy to work. Besides, I don't want to burden my husband. He already took care of him the day before.

He left his work for a few days because Mother is currently not around. She's performing Umrah with my sister. We could leave my son with the maid, but we never left him more than a few hours alone with her, unsupervised. We trust the maid, we just don't have the heart to do it.

Tiba-tiba, my husband had a meeting in KL, so he brought us along and dumped us in KLCC. We didn't get to beat the traffic on our way back home though.

My husband decided to stop and perform his Asar prayer at Masjid Negara. Then, we continued to drive home.

But, he made a U turn. "Abang tertinggal barang dekat masjid," he said. It was weird because he didn't look too worried. What might have he left there? His watch? Can't be, because I know he would be speeding and so anxious about it.

"Abang tinggal apa?" I asked, kinda annoyed because I didn't want to go through the traffic again!
"Duit 50 ringgit," he said.

Hhmmm...So unlike him. He would usually just leave it and niat sedeqah.

Being the good wife that I am, hehe, I senyap je lah...

But, he made a left turn and went to Majestic Hotel instead. "Surprise! I nak bawa you makan sini lah..." he said.

Waahhh...Terus rasa terharu and blessed. I will always be grateful that I have a wonderful husband. He's always so kind to me and my family.

It was only a simple dinner, but I tak tau lah kenapa, it really made this pregnant woman happy. Actually, its not so hard to please me. Benda simple pun boleh happy...Punyalah low maintenance...


Me: Abang, kalau I ambil exam, okay tak?
Him: Haa...Ambillah...
Me: Tapi I takut...
Him: Ala...Sure pass punya!
Me: Harga exam tu 3 ribu lebih...
Him: Tak apa, Abang bayar.
Me: Yeay! Okay...Tapi kalau I fail, you jangan marah tau...
Him: Kena study lah...
Me: Tapi...Maksudnya, I tak bolehlah nak beli handbag...
Him: You nak handbag apa?

Wahahaha...So nice, my husband is willing to pay for my exam and a new handbag! Sweet betul...

If I were the husband, and he was my wife, I would've said, "Haaa...You bayarlah exam you sendiri! Buat apa nak beli bag? You belilah handbag you sendiri!" Perhaps, that's why God made me a woman. I would've been a bad husband.

But, I don't have any bags on my mind. So, actually, he's the lucky one for marrying a non shopaholic wife like me. And maybe, that's why he always offer me things, but deep down, he knows for a fact that I usually decline his offer.

Ends up, me happy just because he's thoughtful, he's happy because he doesn't have to really pay.

Smart, eh!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My little family just spent a week away from home- a short vacation and also a trip balik kampung. That was when I realized how my son has grown so much, no longer a baby, and now a young, cheeky, playful boy. He's definitely more like a brother now.

I've been telling him that he's a big boy- to wean him off breastfeeding and diapers. He is diaper-free now, I trained him at my own pace. It took me a week, and I only did it after I came home from work. Mother and the maid weren't supportive about it, but I ignored them. Now, I've proven them wrong, my son is not too young for potty training! There are younger babies out there who can tell when they want to pee, Mother!

However, my son still wants to do number 2 in his diapers. When we put him on the toilet seat, macam terencat pulak hajat dia. Haha. Pandai pulak tu request pakai diapers so he can relieve himself. He also wears diapers at night as he drinks his milk before his bedtime.

I thought it would be difficult to re-train him back after our vacation (didn't want any accidents on the aeroplanes or when we jalan-jalan). But, he was okay about it.

My son knows how to ride his Strider bike like a pro. See, that's why he doesn't look like a baby anymore. At two years old, he's balancing on a two-wheel with feet off the ground. He also has learnt to ride his cousin's scooter board.

He likes to jump and dance to his songs. Sometimes, he pretends to be a baby and laughs about it. He also can get angry and pandai merajuk. His vocab is improving. Still doesn't make a sentence but I can have cute conversations with him. He doesn't know ABC or 123, but he knows colours. He has a pretty good memory.

I'm scared of cockroaches. I want him not be scared because he's a boy. But I don't know how to teach him that because whenever he sees me I squirmed at the sight of cockroaches, he would follow my reaction. Haha. Fail betul. Macam mana ketam nak ajar anaknya berjalan lurus...

He teases a lot too. He pretends to cabut my nose and throw it away. He pretends his bike is a motorbike, he stops to asks me to fill up petrol and sometimes, he gestures that his motorbike is rosak, so I have to become a mechanic to fix it.

My son always looks for his daddy. During our recent vacation, he chose daddy to prepare his milk, and daddy had to feed him too. I'm so glad because I got to rest and enjoy my vacation. Haha. Pandai demand tu...

My baby is almost 28 months old.
Big boy dah dia...