Saturday, December 26, 2015

My son is not a baby anymore, but he still likes to pretend like one.

Kalau nangis, he would come to me, and I 'd give him the boobies. He would immediately calm down and enjoy the treat. Lepas tu, I'd have to tell him to let go, he would usually refuse to do so. Then, what am I to do?

I have to carry him while his mouth still attaching on my boobs! He really enjoys this, sebab selalu tersengih-sengih bila kena angkat. Then, he'd declare himself a baby. "Baby!"

He still baby talks. But it's a joy having a conversation with him. However, he doesn't call me Mommy! What a strange little boy. He calls me Keke, or Gege, I don't know, but I suspect he means Gegurl! Like, what the hell...

Me: Say Mommy!
Boy: Gege!
Me: Mommy!
Boy: Gege!

Aiyoyo...Malu tau, people must have thought that I leave him with the maid too much until he can't even call me Mommy. If they only knew how much he hates the Makcik...

I hope he grows out of it soon. I mean, how hard it is to call me Mommy! And everbody has been scolding and correcting him, but he simply doesn't want to follow, "Maaaa...Mieeeee!" "Gege!"

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