Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Muda-muda lagi dah -bekerjaya-," said one of my clients. Well, I edited Pakcik's quote, the -bekerjaya- part was actually the name of the profession I am doing for a living.

"Tak lah, Pakcik...Nampak saja muda..." I gave him a polite smile.

He laughed, "Jangan tipulah, tengok tangan pun Pakcik dah tahu, awak ni muda lagi..."

I was writing at that time. So I looked at hands.

I look at my hands all the time. I notice that my blood vessels are getting more visible. Ugly hands, I thought. A lady's hands should be soft and smooth. I work too much sampai urat timbul.

Obviously, Pakcik is not a fortune-teller because he gets it all wrong.

I have a few gay friends, one of which always included in our circle of friends.

On one of the occasions during the early time when we were still getting to get to know each other, he said farewell to us after a midnight movie,
"Bye, gorgeous, except you, Ectopy!" with flying kisses and all.

We laughed.

At home, I moaned to my boyfriend how he didn't think I was one of the gorgeous, I didn't care whether it was intentional or not.

I mean, I know I am not, but, there's no need to add salt to my wound.

Today, I looked through my photos on Facebook, and I thought, I am not actually bad-looking lah! Biasa-biasa saja, and I am grateful because God could have given me an uglier face.

I am writing this now because it's so funny of me, I can be shallow sometimes. Looks are not everything and why did I still get offended?

Carol asked me the other day, "Are you and Brad P related?"
If you follow my blog, you would have known who is Brad P. I always give different nicknames for him, but he is always the same guy, my good friend/ colleague which I spend time a lot with.

I denied.

"Oh, I thought you guys were. I won't be surprised if you guys were related because you guys have the same features," she said.

Wow, that was the first time I get that. I was really expecting something like, 'You guys talk alike' or 'You guys think alike'.

Too much wey, now we are morphing to look like each other.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What I like about this blog is, I could talk about anything.
Things that I couldn't really talk in real life.

Like, I really couldn't tell people why I don't buy CDs, for fear people would think I am weird, or they'd say things like, "Stop trying to be pious coz you are so not!"


Almost every night, before I go to sleep, I would tell sad stories that I encounter during my working hours to my boyfriend.
In return, he has to tell me happy stories before I go to sleep. I treat them almost like my bedtime stories. And it really works because sometimes, I fall asleep before the stories end. My boyfriend would create fantasies, about princes and princesses, dragons and genies. And of course, the princess would be me. :)

Sometimes, he would tell me funny stories.

Since we talk about everything,

Boyfriend: Kawan I baru pergi besarkan konek dia.
Me: Hah? Dekat mana?
Boyfriend: Dekat private clinic dekat *****
Me: Dia operate ke?
Boyfriend: Taklah. Injection je...
Me: Berapa lama boleh tahan?
Boyfriend: Entah, I tak tanya la pulak...
Me: Jadi ke?
Boyfriend: I tengok, besar lah jugak...I tak tengok lah konek dia, tapi I tengok seluar dia terbonjol je...
Me: Dia dah kahwin?
Boyfriend: Dah.
Me: Dia ada berapa bini?
Boyfriend: Seorang je...
Me: Dia plan nak tambah bini ke? (Laughs)
Boyfriend: Entah dia...Tak lah kot...
Me: Sebelum ni memang konek dia kecik kot... (Laughs)

Dia ajak I pergi inject jugak, I cakap, "Apa aku nak buat? Langgar dinding?"


Monday, August 2, 2010

Jane: I have a question. Are you and Brad P going out?
Me: No.
Jane: Why? I think you should.
Me: Why?
Jane: Because you guys look so cute together.
Me: (Polite smile)
Jane: Why aren't you together?
Me: Because I already have a boyfriend.
Jane: But not here, right?
Me: He's far.
Jane: Well, maybe you should dump your boyfriend. Oh, my God, that is so mean for me to say! But, I think you should. (Laughs)
Me: (Laughs)
Jane: Seriously, you guys would be perfect together.
Me: Maybe, we are two individually, separately cute people.
Jane: True. But you guys are cuter when together. You know, sometimes, two cute people, when together, they turn up wrong!

Brad P? Nah...

Vivien: Leo ajak keluar. He and his girlfriend. Let's meet up.
Me: Jom.
Vivien: Ajak Tom C jugak tau.
Me: Okay. (A moment later) I dah text Tom C, he said, he'll confirm tonight. Kalau takde hal, he'll join.
Vivien: Nak jumpa dekat mana? And ajak Brad P sekali.
Me: He can't. Ada hal.

After a few minutes.

Vivien: Ectopy...How about kita jumpa lain kali? Since tonight tak ramai orang boleh datang?
Me: Okay.

Me: Abang! Vivien tu suka dekat Brad P lah! Bila Brad P tak dapat datang, she cancelled our meet-up!
Boyfriend: Biarlah. Asalkan Brad P tu tak suka dekat you...
Me: Tapi I rasa Vivien tu gunakan I lah...

Thank God there is no more jealousy in me.
I have accepted and if they are meant to be together, I don't mind.
Yeay to this!

Still about it.

Come, let me tell you my secret.

Why I don't have an MP3 player.
Why I don't have CDs in my car.
Why I don't download songs.

Okay, first, it is because I have this very mild OCD to treat everyone/ everything fairly.

I think things have feelings too. So I will wear them the same amount of time. Or in this case, even though I have favourite songs, but highly unlikely I'd listen to them over and over and over again because
- I don't want to hurt other songs' feelings (if they ever have). Or more realistically, I don't want to hurt the creators/ singers of the not-so-nice songs.
- And that is why I prefer to listen to the radio. The songs are by random. Not my fault if I don't listen to it!

- I am aware that by getting into any vehicle, there is always chance that I'd get into a freak accident and lose my life, WHILE listening to songs.

Don't want that to happen.

If you follow my blog long enough, you would know that I am not a perfect Muslim.
So, whenever there's an opportunity for me to get free pahala, I would try my best to practise it.
Like, staring my steps with my right leg.
Or, never judge a person.
Pakai tudung will earn me free pahala too, but that's a little bit complex for me, okay?

And that's why, I love the sea. Free pahala.


That's why I prefer the radio while driving, so, whenever there's nothing good on the station, I can flip through the channels, and at least, I would listen to IKIM.FM.

I seldom recite the Quran nowadays, so listening to it would at least make me less worst.

(Faint smile)

I read a blogger's post one day, about an unfortunate accident. The vehicles were on fire, burning the driver, and according to the witnesses, the driver recited the Syahadah before the car she was driving blew up.

Which, brought to tears.

I was driving, calmly, feeling safe, while listening to the beautiful recitation of the Holy book.
Then, assaulted.
I shouted and I cried.
Then, I realized the radio was still on.

But did I remember to say my Syahadah? I did not. What if I died that day? I'd be sinful, dying without clarifying that 'There is no god but God, and Prophet Muhammad SAW is His messenger'.

Even with a reminder ringing in my ears, I still didn't do it.
(Huge sigh!)