Monday, August 2, 2010

Still about it.

Come, let me tell you my secret.

Why I don't have an MP3 player.
Why I don't have CDs in my car.
Why I don't download songs.

Okay, first, it is because I have this very mild OCD to treat everyone/ everything fairly.

I think things have feelings too. So I will wear them the same amount of time. Or in this case, even though I have favourite songs, but highly unlikely I'd listen to them over and over and over again because
- I don't want to hurt other songs' feelings (if they ever have). Or more realistically, I don't want to hurt the creators/ singers of the not-so-nice songs.
- And that is why I prefer to listen to the radio. The songs are by random. Not my fault if I don't listen to it!

- I am aware that by getting into any vehicle, there is always chance that I'd get into a freak accident and lose my life, WHILE listening to songs.

Don't want that to happen.

If you follow my blog long enough, you would know that I am not a perfect Muslim.
So, whenever there's an opportunity for me to get free pahala, I would try my best to practise it.
Like, staring my steps with my right leg.
Or, never judge a person.
Pakai tudung will earn me free pahala too, but that's a little bit complex for me, okay?

And that's why, I love the sea. Free pahala.


That's why I prefer the radio while driving, so, whenever there's nothing good on the station, I can flip through the channels, and at least, I would listen to IKIM.FM.

I seldom recite the Quran nowadays, so listening to it would at least make me less worst.

(Faint smile)

I read a blogger's post one day, about an unfortunate accident. The vehicles were on fire, burning the driver, and according to the witnesses, the driver recited the Syahadah before the car she was driving blew up.

Which, brought to tears.

I was driving, calmly, feeling safe, while listening to the beautiful recitation of the Holy book.
Then, assaulted.
I shouted and I cried.
Then, I realized the radio was still on.

But did I remember to say my Syahadah? I did not. What if I died that day? I'd be sinful, dying without clarifying that 'There is no god but God, and Prophet Muhammad SAW is His messenger'.

Even with a reminder ringing in my ears, I still didn't do it.
(Huge sigh!)


wick n weak said...

u should listen to maher zain too. i love his songs.

Sue@Iza said...

yess..true. i just fall in love with his' songs. entertaining, easy on ear and meaningful.

but ectopy, at least u r trying to do something good in ur life with niat untuk Allah. that's much more better than those yang sbyg tapi niat tak betul. Sobsss! That one is for me.

ku2 said...

is it pahala u looking for?
saje la tanya..

ku2 said...
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