Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Muda-muda lagi dah -bekerjaya-," said one of my clients. Well, I edited Pakcik's quote, the -bekerjaya- part was actually the name of the profession I am doing for a living.

"Tak lah, Pakcik...Nampak saja muda..." I gave him a polite smile.

He laughed, "Jangan tipulah, tengok tangan pun Pakcik dah tahu, awak ni muda lagi..."

I was writing at that time. So I looked at hands.

I look at my hands all the time. I notice that my blood vessels are getting more visible. Ugly hands, I thought. A lady's hands should be soft and smooth. I work too much sampai urat timbul.

Obviously, Pakcik is not a fortune-teller because he gets it all wrong.

I have a few gay friends, one of which always included in our circle of friends.

On one of the occasions during the early time when we were still getting to get to know each other, he said farewell to us after a midnight movie,
"Bye, gorgeous, except you, Ectopy!" with flying kisses and all.

We laughed.

At home, I moaned to my boyfriend how he didn't think I was one of the gorgeous, I didn't care whether it was intentional or not.

I mean, I know I am not, but, there's no need to add salt to my wound.

Today, I looked through my photos on Facebook, and I thought, I am not actually bad-looking lah! Biasa-biasa saja, and I am grateful because God could have given me an uglier face.

I am writing this now because it's so funny of me, I can be shallow sometimes. Looks are not everything and why did I still get offended?

Carol asked me the other day, "Are you and Brad P related?"
If you follow my blog, you would have known who is Brad P. I always give different nicknames for him, but he is always the same guy, my good friend/ colleague which I spend time a lot with.

I denied.

"Oh, I thought you guys were. I won't be surprised if you guys were related because you guys have the same features," she said.

Wow, that was the first time I get that. I was really expecting something like, 'You guys talk alike' or 'You guys think alike'.

Too much wey, now we are morphing to look like each other.

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