Monday, June 30, 2008

my fourth finger is itchy

Just now, an old friend called me after nearly months not hearing from each other. She started to ask about my relationship with my boyfriend and I told her that everything is fine. She also apologized for wishing a belated birthday.

Because she is one of my bestfriends, I told her about his latest gift for me, a necklace. It was a pleasant surprise (refer #2 in the previous post) and I am still smiling as I am writing this.

"So, when are you guys getting married?" she asked.
"I don't know. I baru dapat rantai. Cincin belum dapat," I giggled like a schoolgirl.
"I thought you said you were getting engaged this year?"
"Well...Takkan I nak push dia...I kena tunggu dia propose...We are doing it like the Westerners..."

I particularly love the stories behind every gift that my boyfriend gave me.
Did you know my boyfriend loves to make small talks with random people (one of the traits I like about him, his friendliness)? Therefore he is also full of random (sometimes useless) general knowledge (again, refer to #3 in the previous post) which I also like.

This time around, my boyfriend found out who is the VVIP who is a regular customer to that jewellery shop, the profit the shop is making each year, which celebrities go there to shop, what happens when items are unsold...

Now, I am wondering when he will give me the ring and what interesting stories are there behind it.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

10 greatest joys #1-3

So, I was tagged bangkai. I am beginning to like this tagging game, especially interesting ones like this.

My 10 greatest joys.

This sounds simple but being the 'Cerita betul. Tak tipu' as quoted from the sidebar of this blog (under 'About Me'), I am always careful to deliver only the truth. Yang lahir dari hati gitu...

I get to list only TEN and the greatEST ten only.

Because this requires much thinking, I'll probably list 3 first (in no particular order after number 1).

1) Cliche: My niece.
When I was a teenager, I used to hate her because I was needed to stay at home to watch her whenever Mother attended kelas mengaji. One time, I was on the phone with my then boyfriend (and I was only 15, what was I thinking!), and she started to cry. I left her and shut the door behind and continued to talk to my boyfriend.
I could have made my niece die from suffocation!
We are now so close, like sisters, and she always look forward for me returning home to see her.

My niece is a funny girl.
For example, she saw a baby and made a remark, "Baby banyak seluar dalam..."
You get it? Or am I the only one who thinks that's funny?
"Bukan seluar dalam lah! Dah baby memang kecik, seluar dia pun kecik lah...Bukan dia banyak seluar dalam!"
Example 2: "Oh...Tak boleh pergi bar ke..." my boyfriend said. My niece made faces and said, "Bukan 'tak boleh' pergi bar, ber'dosa'lah!"
"Oh, lain ke 'tak boleh' dengan 'berdosa'?"
"Memanglah lain! Berdosa tu ada dosa kecil, dosa sederhana, dosa besar!"
Dosa sederhana???

Why is she one of my greatest joy? Because I can never be sad whenever she is around. It is either she lifts my mood thus making me happy or I just couldn't bear to show a sad face to her, and the cycle continues.

When my boyfriend told her that he is going to marry me, my niece said, "Okay, as long as I am the flower girl."
Then, my boyfriend and I argued a little in front of her, and as usual, she took my side, "Auntie, don't marry Uncle! You are very pretty, a lot other men would want to marry you," she said.
"Of course your aunt is very pretty, who says she doesn't?" my boyfriend smiled at me.
"Am I really pretty? Do you really think I am pretty?" I asked my niece, surprised. I seldom get compliments on my looks.
"Of course you are. Cantik...Semua laki nak kahwin dengan Auntie..."
That's why I said she brings me joy.

A few days ago, she woke me up early in the morning.
"Auntie, Auntie pandai English kan? Boleh tolong kita buat homework?"
I began to nag her, "Pagi baru nak buat homework? Semalam kenapa tak buat?"
"Kita tak tahu jawapan...Semua orang balik lambat semalam..." her reasons were valid. True, everybody worked late the night before.
She then proceeded to ask me the comparative words for 'well', "Well, weller, wellest ke jawapan dia?"
I laughed. "Tak...Well, better, best!"
"Yang ini pulak? Much, mucher, muchest ke?"
I laughed even harder. She's one of the very special people in my life who could make my mornings cheerful.

2) Surprise anything (parties/ gifts/ etc) for me.
I always feel loved, appreciated and blessed after a surprise.
I could just enjoy the moment and wish the day would never end.
And the keyword here is 'surprise'. An expected gesture doesn't have the same effect on me.

3) Random (sometimes useless) general knowledge.
Because I'd feel smart. Like last week, I watch an Australian kids' series: The first water pipe system was made of lead, also known as plumbum (Pb), not copper. That's how the word 'plumbing' was born.
Then, I would have this urge to share this irrelevant information to everybody I know. They would be puzzled and politely say, "Ahhh..." and pretend to be enlightened by it, but I don't mind because I'd still be happy. But since I already revealed this in my blog, I need to refrain myself for telling others to protect my anonymity.
I also heard some rumours on why the daughter of Nordin Batik manufaturer was abducted.
These random, useless knowledge make me feel like I belong to a group, you name it, sometimes I feel like a socialite, sometimes I feel like a plumber, I can be anything!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Be me.

Sometimes, I am scared if my children are not smart.
Not that I am saying I am that smart, therefore they should inherit my intelligence...Or that I am saying my boyfriend is not so smart...
But I just want my children to be not so average. They don't need to top their classes everytime, but I want them to be above average, especially since the new generation is so competitive, I want my children to be like...ME or better than me.

When I was small, I had noone to teach me at home. I did all my work by myself, nobody helped me with Maths or English etc. But I still did fairly well at school. Nobody pushed me to study except the occasional, "Pergi baca buku," from my parents (but they never actually switched off the TV to make me stop watching it) and that time when Father forced me to spend two years in a boarding school which in the end, really brought out the best in me.

All my siblings are like me, we did our own thing but we did okay. (But if we didn't do okay, Father would be furious).

Anyway, yeah, I want my children to be at least like me. Independent and knows education is important.

My boyfriend's family is different from mine. They are more laid back in terms of education. Nobody monitored how well they did in school, which universities they were going, what courses they were taking...They didn't know there were scholarships you could apply to, even the application forms were filled by my boyfriend for his siblings! "Kenapa parents you tak uruskan?" "Parents I tak tahu apa-apa."

Perhaps that's why I am worried. I am worried if my boyfriend becomes the laid back father for my children.

Why am I worrying about children that I don't even carry yet!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

worst journey ever.

I was on an 7-hour flight, travelling alone.

I was tired and as I was settling down, an Abang Arab asked me whether I could swap my seat with her mother.

Although I was a little bit cranky from previous incidents which I shall not mention here, I didn't want anybody to be affected by my bad mood. I thought, maybe if I did a favour to those who need it, things would get brighter.

I agreed and my new seat was on the last row. I was horrified to find the one sitting next to me was a big African woman. She was HUGE!

Fine, I told myself. 'It's okay, since I am relatively very small compared to her, why not...I shouldn't be selfish, I should help to make her journey a comfortable one,' my values said.

Obviously, due to her size, she could not put the arm rest down, thus taking half of my seat. I am a fairly tolerable person, I didn't make a huge fuss about it. The person on her left was an Indian teenager, the African woman also took half of her seat.

She should feel lucky.

Quietly, I hope, God will repay my kindness, if ever one of my family members becomes as huge as that, I hope someone on that flight would understand.

Anyway, 2/3 into the journey, the woman needed to go the toilet. When she got up, I started to wonder how she would fit into the small toilet in the economy class. How was she able to clean herself up afterwards? Is there enough room for her to spread her legs open and wipe her private part with tissues? I thought about all that while enjoying my full seat.

As soon as she disappeared, the woman on my left started to introduce herself. She was from New Zealand. She said, "Thank God you switched your seat with that Arab woman. She is a big woman and the African woman next to you is big too."

Only then I realized I might had been conned, they requested to change seat with me not because they wanted to sit near to each other, but because both women were big and they couldn't possibly sit side by side! So, now, I was to suffer lah! They took advantage of my kindness.

Tak ape lah. Sabar lagi.

The African woman returned.

The Indian teenager's mother came to check upon her daughter. Could you believe what she did next? She put down the arm rest, making that African woman shifted her butt more into my seat! She didn't say anything to the African woman, only mumbling in her language to her daughter!

By that time, my annoyance went to the Indian woman. How rude.

Suddenly, I pitied that African woman, she must have felt terrible to be treated so disrespectful, so directly!

I cursed that Indian woman in my heart. I hope one day she will be put in a worse situation, serve her right!

Nobody deserves to be treated that way, no matter what size he/ she is. She has feelings too, you know...

I made a little more space for her. I hope she knew that she was not less than any of us in that plane just because she was big.

I paid full amount and was entitled for a seat, not half of that. If I needed only half of the seat, I should pay half of the amount, no? Tak apa lah, niat sedeqah.

At least, the experience made me more humble.

Oh, dunia!

How would you feel if...
you got engaged to a woman you love,
then you found out she's actually married!

Haha! That's exactly what happened to my boyfriend's friend!

Such a redner!

In this situation, I totally blame the girl and her family.

This guy and this girl had been in a relationship for about a year before they decided to get married. This guy then sent his family to 'memetik bunga di taman', and this girl's family even held a small majlis to celebrate the engagement.

Yes, complete with sarung cincin ceremony atas pelamin.

I'm impressed with the girl and her family acting skills...

The girl is actually the second wife of a man. We heard her family didn't approve her marriage, maybe that's why they welcomed this new guy with open arms. The girl is still young, around 22 years old, maybe she wanted to feel like a princess since she didn't get to be one on her first marriage. Because this girl is the second wife, no wonder she was let loose and bermain cinta dengan lelaki lain! We soon found out this girl didn't like to come second and was unsatisfied because her husband didn't divorce his first wife so she could the one and only.

I don't know what their plan is, maybe the girl was working on getting a divorce from his husband?

Anyway, this guy accidentally bumped into his 'fiance' with this man (her husband) and that's how the truth unfold!

The guy is in the process to send his family to take back the engagement right. And the latest we heard about the girl is: she is now the one and only. Her husband has finally divorced his first wife to satisfy her.

It must be difficult for the guy to accept the fact that he has been fooled by a girl 11 years younger for over a year.

Drama, drama...


The first time my boyfriend told me about it, I was pretty upset.
I felt pity for the first wife and this guy.
I was angry at the girl and her family.
I felt pity and angry at the husband.

Oh, dunia!

bukan perempuan biasa.

An ex-fling who I believe still in love with me (perasan sekejap) is asking a friend of mine for my current address.

My friend refused his request by lying to him. He told my friend that he has things to give to me.
(Perasan lagi) I believe he wants to post my birthday present. I remember his first gift for me was four years ago, for my birthday, a watch, which I tried to return to him because I thought it was a tad too expensive for a first gift when I was not that close to him yet and I know I would not spend that much just to return his kindness. (When someone give you an expensive gift, you are automatically burdened by the pressure to match his present, aren't you?) Plus, I know he couldn't afford that watch anyway! I took the watch back after he said: 'If you didn't accept my gift, I will throw it away. I'm not taking back what I had given to you.'

Later, I learnt what Mother told me is true. Don't accept an expensive gift because that someone might want something in return. Mother said: 'Kalau tak ada duit, nanti nak bayar balik dengan apa? Terhutang budi, nanti body yang tergadai.'

After 2 and half years, I finally managed to get rid of him.

Sometimes, men think women would be flattered if they shower us with expensive gifts.
Sometimes, men think women would be flattered knowing the men have gone that far to make the women happy.
Sometimes, men think women appreciate it when they are willing to do whatever it takes to make the women feel special.

I don't know about other women out there, but I certainly don't belong to this group.

Of course I want my man to make me happy and feel special, but I want him to know his limits.

I want a man who can think, who knows how to manage his money, who is not blindly fooled and manipulated by love or lust.

When a man spends his money on a girl more than he can afford, I think of how could I live with him knowing his priorities are all wrong.

When a man purposely humiliate himself just because the girl asks him to, thinking she will be impressed with his I-would-do-anything-I-mean-anything-just-for-you stunt, I think if this man cannot respect himself first, how could he respect me and others later in life? Have some dignity! I certainly don't want a foolish slave who only do cannot think or decide for himself as my life partner! Who is not manly enough, who only waits for my instructions to get anything done, who cannot stand up for himself, how can he protect and stand up for me in the future? I want a man who could be the leader in my future family. I want someone who could keep me interested because he has his opinions that may or not differ from mine.

When a man threatens to hurt or kill himself just to prove how much he loves the woman, I think of how weak this man is. He is selfish and immature. I want a man who knows how to solve problems and knows how to handle stress.

So, no, I will not be flattered by all that. Don't be such an idiot.
I will be impressed by you and you only.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

HIV and sex.

I have this habit: When I write, I write a lot.
There are a few posts in my blog which are being saved as drafts. I don't know when I will publish them.

I met a 15-year-old with HIV. He's had all his life. His mother was/ is a drug abuser.
He is now doing well and relatively healthy.
Previously, he fell very ill because his mother didn't force him to take his medications. He was just a kid. He didn't understand the virus he is carrying and the importance of taking his medical drugs.

Anyway, what concerns me is, this boy will grow up and one day will be interested in sex. He will be sexually experimental and it is understandable if he decides not to inform his future girlfriend/s about his condition.

It's scary.

I just hope he will be responsible and always wear condoms.

And to those people out there who practice casual sex: You never know who you might share your bed with.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

memories of the past. cerita kosong.

I used to be this:
"Tanaklah spend my money on food...Simpan duit beli baju lagi bagus...Berbaloi lah jugak...Belanja makan mahal-mahal, jadi taik jugak...Kalau tak jadi taik, jadi lemak..."

Now, I am like this:
"I nak makan anything I like, anything I want, suka hati I lah! Makan itu nikmat! Rugi woo tak makan...Tak ape belanja lebih sikit on food, pasal makanan pun nak berkira ke..."

Hhmm...Now, I am worried.
Well, at least I haven't received any complaints from Mother. Trust me, Mother will notice and Mother and Father always tell me whenever they think I am too fat or too skinny. Mother keeps me updated on what people think of my weight too. This doesn't happen often, I say, once a year perhaps, but I remember every remark they've made about my body.
"Kenapa berisi sangat ni?"
"Kurusnya sekarang! Jangan kurus sangat, tak cantik!"
"Your sister-in-law said you are too thin. Tak makan ke?"
"When I was your age, I was slim, so many guys were aftering me. I wasn't fat because I cycled everyday...You sekarang tak exercise langsung!"
"Kenapa muka banyak jerawat ni?" ---> Father even commented on my skin once!

When I was younger, my friend who was on the plump side bought this tiny shirt, we all knew she wouldn't fit into that shirt.
She hung it inside her closet.
She told me, her sister who was then a university student, had a roommate who was fat. Her roommate bought a tiny shirt and everyday she opened her closet and saw the shirt, she was motivated to lose weight. It worked for her, so, my friend tried the same approach.

We were 16 years old and my friend fasted for three months straight. Not just because she wanted to lose the weight, but also because she needed to pay her broken promise she made to God.

I haven't seen her in years! But looking at her picture, she is a little bit smaller now, there is no much difference from before.

Her sister's (then) roommate however, now manages to squeeze her body into size S clothes.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

hair problems

Since I was small, my hair was always kept short because Mother said long hair only suits adults.
Plus, my hair was wavy curly (now it is straight wavy, I don't know how that happened!), so Mother knows best, Mother won't let my hair grow.

I believe I was an ugly kid. I look soooo much better now.

Anyway, as I got older and learned how to demand and disobey, I still cut my hair short because I wanted to be different, I wanted to change the world's perception towards ladies with short hair. I always tried to opt for Meg Ryan's hairstyle. I wanted to prove women with short hair are beautiful as well! I didn't want to be a typical Malaysian girl: fair, long, straight, coloured hair, slim, petite...

Mother said, "A teenager shouldn't keep her hair too long or she would look older than she is!" and now, I am in an adult in my twenties, I still believe her. I also believe I am still a teenager. That's why I keep my short because I don't want to look older than I already am!

However, I also notice old women tend to keep their short too!

I am panicking.

My hair now is just below my shoulders and I am planning to keep my hair long. Why? Because I want to know how I'd look like with long hair. Because I am sick of having my hair short. Because I don't want to use a wig for my big day. And of course, because I don't want to look like an old Chinese auntie or an old Datin...

I love to let my hair down, but...
- my hair always fall into my food.
- whenever I brush my teeth, my toothbrush will catch a few strands of my hair.
- sometimes, the person behind me in the public transportations accidentally pulls my hair when he/ she grabs the handle of my seat. I forgive them by telling myself they are probably short- or long-sighted.

*Sigh* Do you guys face the same problems?

Monday, June 9, 2008


I am a blog reader. I read all kinds of blogs:
Blog tazkirah, blog ibu, blog bapa, blog perempuan mengandung, blog politik, blog peguam, blog doktor, blog fesyen, blog membeli-belah, blog rakyat biasa, blog menteri, blog ustadz, blog orang dah berkahwin, blog orang yang belum berkahwin, blog orang putus cinta, blog masakan, blog fotografi, blog kanak-kanak, blog pakcik, blog pelajar luar dan dalam negara, blog intelektual dan juga bukan, etc...Semua jenis blog saya baca.

Saya akui, membaca blog memang banyak faedahnya. Pengetahuan am bertambah. Secara tidak langsung, saya dapat informasi/ gosip yang berguna.

Tetapi, saya tidak faham dengan sesetengah komen yang diberikan oleh pembaca-pembaca blog yang saya kira boleh dikategorikan sebagai komen yang biadap. Masalah seperti ini banyak dihadapi oleh tuan punya blog, tidak kira siapa.

Lucu sekali kerana komen-komen sebegini kadang-kadang sungguh tidak perlu, terlalu unnecessary.

Saya lebih suka membaca kritikan dalam blog-blog yang lebih intelektual dan serius, dapat juga dijadikan sesi berbincang dan bertukar-tukar pendapat tentang isu-isu semasa. Tambahan pula, komen-komen dalam blog sebegini diberikan secara berhemah.
Tetapi kalau komen negatif diberikan dalam blog yang biasa-biasa, atas dasar perasaan hasad dengki atau tidak puas hati, bukankah lebih baik didiamkan saja?

Saya kadang-kadang 'amazed' dengan cara pemikiran kumpulan ini.

Contoh 1:
Seorang perempuan 'anonymous' bercerita tentang perihal percintaan beliau dengan kekasihnya secara jarak jauh.
Komen yang diberikan: Betapa gediknya perempuan itu sebab menulis secara lovey-dovey. Katanya lagi, si penulis itu bodoh kerana tidak mencari topik lain untuk ditulis. Tidak cukup dengan itu, dikutuk pula kekasih penulis. Kekasih penulis dituduh kaki bodek demi keuntungan diri sendiri.
Pendapat saya: You tak kenal the writer, why do you have to write such mean things to her? Dah memang blog dia di dedicate kan untuk kisah cinta dia, tak paham lagi ke why she does not write about anything else? Tak semestinya, dengan membaca her love blog, it means she is a girl with no substance. Pemikiran cetek betul...Besides, she never reveals what her boyfriend really does for a living pun, dah rezeki boyfriend dia bergaji besar, jeles ke?

Contoh 2:
Seorang perempuan yang hobinya membeli belah.
Komen yang diberikan: Betapa berlagaknya perempuan itu selalu mahu menunjukkan harta kekayaannya. Tapi sebenarnya, dia hanya menghabiskan duit ibu bapa dan hakikatnya, dia tidaklah sekaya manapun berdasarkan jawatan beliau dan suami beliau.
Pendapat saya: Suka hati si penulis lah nak buat apa dengan duit beliau...Bukannya you rugi pun kalau dia beli handbag mahal-mahal. Kenapa you punya thinking terlalu straight forward? Mana tahu, si penulis dan suaminya ada perniagaan sambilan, sebab itulah mereka dapat afford expensive things, kan? Kenapa you perlu terlalu negatif?

Contoh 3:
Seorang penulis, a citizen, yang pro-kerajaan menulis tentang isu kenaikan minyak. Blog beliau merupakan blog seharian, bukan blog politik atau blog isu-isu serius.
Komen yang diberikan: Beliau Melayu bodoh.
Pendapat saya: We live in a free country, suka hati dia lah parti mana dia nak sokong. Cuba buka mentaliti dan accept other people even though they are different from you. Takkan sebab berlainan parti pun tak boleh hidup harmoni?

Contoh 4:
Malas dah nak bagi contoh banyak-banyak.

Sometimes, I too don't agree with some of the articles I read in certain blogs, but I don't go making nasty comments about them. I put myself in their shoes and try to understand their situations.

My point is, a blog is only a little portion of who they really are in their lives. Bloggers can't possibly write about their entire lives, so how could you judge a person simply by reading what he/ she wrote?

P/S: I know a couple of 'anonymous' bloggers who don't reflect who they are in real life. In real life, they are highly successful and proper. Tak sangka, you...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the ring took my mind to...

I never wear a ring on my finger religiously. I just feel it's unhygienic. I have to take it off whenever I wash my hands and this leads to the tendency of losing/ misplacing a piece of jewellery.

The other day, I tried on the only proper ring I have, the one given by my ex-boyfriend. Not because I missed him, but because I want to get used to have a rock on my finger.

This ring used to mean the world to him. He proposed to me by presenting this ring on one knee. I'm glad I never give him a definite yes, but seriously, I can't see myself in the future with him. I am a woman who is very careful with her words especially when it's about men and their feelings because I believe in karma.

As I tried the ring on, I wondered whether my ex-boyfriend, now a married man, already has a kid or two.
I wondered whether he is truly happy and faithful to his wife, as he has a history of cheating every woman he had ever been with, as far as I know.
And I wondered how their love making is like. Is he rough with her? Is his wife adventurous in bed?
And if she was adventurous in bed, I imagined how funny it is to see this quiet, naive woman in tudung labuh and jubah, performing strip dance for her husband at home.
And I just had to laugh when I imagined her face would be like when my ex-boyfriend wants her to do this and that.

(I had the thoughts because I remember my boyfriend's friend who complained his wife doesn't let him kiss her breasts and they have sex only in the dark, under the blanket, very sunnah-like. As quoted from him: Nak main, angkat kain je...)

I know my ex-boyfriend. He may be the president of the student bodies in his college but he is no angel. He may look like the son of an ustazah but underneath it all, he is simply too good to be true. The prove is me. If he was that good, why did he pursue a woman like me in the first place? And why would I fall for him if I hadn't discovered the different side of him?

Perhaps, that's why women fall for him quite easily. We trust any man who looks like that. We think they are noble and would never do anything to hurt us. A man who looks like him would never have the heart to betray us.

When he decided to get married to the woman who he cheated with when he was with me, many said I should tell her about his misbehaviours.

I don't want to destroy this woman's happiness. She loves him. I don't want to be the home-wrecker. I want to think he has truly changed for the sake of this kind, innocent woman.

But a friend showed me a different perspective. She said, if I had told her the truth about the man she was about to marry, I might have saved her. She gave me an example of our friend who we know sleeps around without his girlfriend knowledge. We decided to keep it from her because we thought this guy would change after marriage. 9 months later, his wife filed for a divorce.

My friend also had asked me, if I were in her shoes, wouldn't I want to know the truth as well? In my opinion, I do want to know the real man I am marrying, but I want to know months before the wedding, not after the cards have been sent and the wedding dress have been tailored!

And so, I believe what I did is the correct thing to do. I don't want to interfere relationships and I certainly don't want to be the bad news breaker. Let someone else be. I am not very good in giving people bad news anyway.

As much as I want my ex-boyfriend to suffer and be punished for the heartache he had caused me, I still don't want his wife, an innocent woman, to be affected. This is a kind woman and she deserves to be happy.

The ring my ex-boyfriend gave to me lasted on my finger for one night only. I took it off when I did the dishes.

Actually, I wish I would bump into my ex-boyfriend somewhere, somewhen. Just to see how he is doing.

Apabila bibir-bibir berbicara...

Gay men are the wittiest!

Once, a woman was arguing with a gay man. The woman wanted to have the final say, so she said:

Woman: Senyaplah! Kau ni banyak mulut!
Gay man: Hey, setahu aku, kau tu yang ada lebih dari satu mulut! Mulut atas dengan mulut bawah. And too bad, mulut bawah kau lagi besar dari mulut atas!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Image credit:

I was browsing the net when I came across a page of debate about homosexuals.

The pro-homosexuals try very hard to justify their nature by manipulating what are written in the Quran.

I can't really remember the exact words, but they are something like this:

"Mungkin Tuhan jadikan kaum gay ni sebab nak mengurangkan masalah sosial di negara kita. Cuba tengok berapa banyak kes mengandung luar nikah, buang anak...Mungkin ini memang takdir Tuhan, Dia bagi hikmah dalam bentuk macam ni..."

"Apa yang peliknya dengan gay? Memang dah termaktub dalam Quran, dari zaman Nabi Lut lagi dah acknowledge pasal gay. Tak pelik pun why men can be attracted to men."

"Tuhan ni Maha Berkuasa. Walaupun dah tulis hukum dalam Quran, tapi kita tak tahu, yang mungkin Tuhan dah change His mind and now, He is allowing this. He can do whatever he wants."

"God does not exist, only a Greater Force/ Energy, as described as Einstein."

It's funny to see how messed up the world is right now. They can't differentiate what's right and wrong, they even go against their nature. *Sigh*

I wish to tell them not to make excuses for their sexual orientation.

Why can't they just admit what they do is wrong and stop confusing people especially on religion matters.

For example, if you missed a prayer, you know it's a sin, it's your fault, it's not some sort of fate from God, you missed your prayer just because you are lazy! It's not like you want to be lazy, but you just are...So, just admit that you are lazy to pray...Kan senang?

I don't cover my aurat, but I don't go around telling people the reason being: Seru belum sampai or some shit like that. I don't wear tudung because I am not a good Muslim. I refuse to wear tudung even though I know I will be burnt in hell for that. I really hate those women without tudung telling non-Muslims especially, "I will wear it when I'm ready" or "Tak pakai tudung tak semestinya I jahat..."

Sure, tak pakai tudung tak semestinya jahat, but you don't have to confuse people on what Islam teaches you. And you know it's compulsory to wear the hijab regardless if you are ready or not.

Why can't you just admit, "I tak pakai tudung, I mabuk, I sleep around, sebab I memang degil, suke buat dosa...You jangan jadi macam I, okay..."

Senang, tak payah buat excuse for your wrong-doings.

I never want other people to be like the bad me. I do what I do and I don't want to drag or influence other people to be like me.

Back to this homosexual thingy...I don't care what you wanna do with your life, that's between you and God and I am fairly open on this matter. Just stop giving wrong information especially when it comes to hal-hal agama. That's just too sinful.