Sunday, June 1, 2008


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I was browsing the net when I came across a page of debate about homosexuals.

The pro-homosexuals try very hard to justify their nature by manipulating what are written in the Quran.

I can't really remember the exact words, but they are something like this:

"Mungkin Tuhan jadikan kaum gay ni sebab nak mengurangkan masalah sosial di negara kita. Cuba tengok berapa banyak kes mengandung luar nikah, buang anak...Mungkin ini memang takdir Tuhan, Dia bagi hikmah dalam bentuk macam ni..."

"Apa yang peliknya dengan gay? Memang dah termaktub dalam Quran, dari zaman Nabi Lut lagi dah acknowledge pasal gay. Tak pelik pun why men can be attracted to men."

"Tuhan ni Maha Berkuasa. Walaupun dah tulis hukum dalam Quran, tapi kita tak tahu, yang mungkin Tuhan dah change His mind and now, He is allowing this. He can do whatever he wants."

"God does not exist, only a Greater Force/ Energy, as described as Einstein."

It's funny to see how messed up the world is right now. They can't differentiate what's right and wrong, they even go against their nature. *Sigh*

I wish to tell them not to make excuses for their sexual orientation.

Why can't they just admit what they do is wrong and stop confusing people especially on religion matters.

For example, if you missed a prayer, you know it's a sin, it's your fault, it's not some sort of fate from God, you missed your prayer just because you are lazy! It's not like you want to be lazy, but you just are...So, just admit that you are lazy to pray...Kan senang?

I don't cover my aurat, but I don't go around telling people the reason being: Seru belum sampai or some shit like that. I don't wear tudung because I am not a good Muslim. I refuse to wear tudung even though I know I will be burnt in hell for that. I really hate those women without tudung telling non-Muslims especially, "I will wear it when I'm ready" or "Tak pakai tudung tak semestinya I jahat..."

Sure, tak pakai tudung tak semestinya jahat, but you don't have to confuse people on what Islam teaches you. And you know it's compulsory to wear the hijab regardless if you are ready or not.

Why can't you just admit, "I tak pakai tudung, I mabuk, I sleep around, sebab I memang degil, suke buat dosa...You jangan jadi macam I, okay..."

Senang, tak payah buat excuse for your wrong-doings.

I never want other people to be like the bad me. I do what I do and I don't want to drag or influence other people to be like me.

Back to this homosexual thingy...I don't care what you wanna do with your life, that's between you and God and I am fairly open on this matter. Just stop giving wrong information especially when it comes to hal-hal agama. That's just too sinful.

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