Thursday, June 12, 2008

memories of the past. cerita kosong.

I used to be this:
"Tanaklah spend my money on food...Simpan duit beli baju lagi bagus...Berbaloi lah jugak...Belanja makan mahal-mahal, jadi taik jugak...Kalau tak jadi taik, jadi lemak..."

Now, I am like this:
"I nak makan anything I like, anything I want, suka hati I lah! Makan itu nikmat! Rugi woo tak makan...Tak ape belanja lebih sikit on food, pasal makanan pun nak berkira ke..."

Hhmm...Now, I am worried.
Well, at least I haven't received any complaints from Mother. Trust me, Mother will notice and Mother and Father always tell me whenever they think I am too fat or too skinny. Mother keeps me updated on what people think of my weight too. This doesn't happen often, I say, once a year perhaps, but I remember every remark they've made about my body.
"Kenapa berisi sangat ni?"
"Kurusnya sekarang! Jangan kurus sangat, tak cantik!"
"Your sister-in-law said you are too thin. Tak makan ke?"
"When I was your age, I was slim, so many guys were aftering me. I wasn't fat because I cycled everyday...You sekarang tak exercise langsung!"
"Kenapa muka banyak jerawat ni?" ---> Father even commented on my skin once!

When I was younger, my friend who was on the plump side bought this tiny shirt, we all knew she wouldn't fit into that shirt.
She hung it inside her closet.
She told me, her sister who was then a university student, had a roommate who was fat. Her roommate bought a tiny shirt and everyday she opened her closet and saw the shirt, she was motivated to lose weight. It worked for her, so, my friend tried the same approach.

We were 16 years old and my friend fasted for three months straight. Not just because she wanted to lose the weight, but also because she needed to pay her broken promise she made to God.

I haven't seen her in years! But looking at her picture, she is a little bit smaller now, there is no much difference from before.

Her sister's (then) roommate however, now manages to squeeze her body into size S clothes.


coops said...

if u're thin and yet not fit..well, it wont be good either.

Pel said...

Dr dlu smpai sekarang, yg concern w my weight, my skin problem, my pimples, are my dad..

Mkn byk sket je, sure kna jeling. Hehe.