Sunday, June 29, 2008

10 greatest joys #1-3

So, I was tagged bangkai. I am beginning to like this tagging game, especially interesting ones like this.

My 10 greatest joys.

This sounds simple but being the 'Cerita betul. Tak tipu' as quoted from the sidebar of this blog (under 'About Me'), I am always careful to deliver only the truth. Yang lahir dari hati gitu...

I get to list only TEN and the greatEST ten only.

Because this requires much thinking, I'll probably list 3 first (in no particular order after number 1).

1) Cliche: My niece.
When I was a teenager, I used to hate her because I was needed to stay at home to watch her whenever Mother attended kelas mengaji. One time, I was on the phone with my then boyfriend (and I was only 15, what was I thinking!), and she started to cry. I left her and shut the door behind and continued to talk to my boyfriend.
I could have made my niece die from suffocation!
We are now so close, like sisters, and she always look forward for me returning home to see her.

My niece is a funny girl.
For example, she saw a baby and made a remark, "Baby banyak seluar dalam..."
You get it? Or am I the only one who thinks that's funny?
"Bukan seluar dalam lah! Dah baby memang kecik, seluar dia pun kecik lah...Bukan dia banyak seluar dalam!"
Example 2: "Oh...Tak boleh pergi bar ke..." my boyfriend said. My niece made faces and said, "Bukan 'tak boleh' pergi bar, ber'dosa'lah!"
"Oh, lain ke 'tak boleh' dengan 'berdosa'?"
"Memanglah lain! Berdosa tu ada dosa kecil, dosa sederhana, dosa besar!"
Dosa sederhana???

Why is she one of my greatest joy? Because I can never be sad whenever she is around. It is either she lifts my mood thus making me happy or I just couldn't bear to show a sad face to her, and the cycle continues.

When my boyfriend told her that he is going to marry me, my niece said, "Okay, as long as I am the flower girl."
Then, my boyfriend and I argued a little in front of her, and as usual, she took my side, "Auntie, don't marry Uncle! You are very pretty, a lot other men would want to marry you," she said.
"Of course your aunt is very pretty, who says she doesn't?" my boyfriend smiled at me.
"Am I really pretty? Do you really think I am pretty?" I asked my niece, surprised. I seldom get compliments on my looks.
"Of course you are. Cantik...Semua laki nak kahwin dengan Auntie..."
That's why I said she brings me joy.

A few days ago, she woke me up early in the morning.
"Auntie, Auntie pandai English kan? Boleh tolong kita buat homework?"
I began to nag her, "Pagi baru nak buat homework? Semalam kenapa tak buat?"
"Kita tak tahu jawapan...Semua orang balik lambat semalam..." her reasons were valid. True, everybody worked late the night before.
She then proceeded to ask me the comparative words for 'well', "Well, weller, wellest ke jawapan dia?"
I laughed. "Tak...Well, better, best!"
"Yang ini pulak? Much, mucher, muchest ke?"
I laughed even harder. She's one of the very special people in my life who could make my mornings cheerful.

2) Surprise anything (parties/ gifts/ etc) for me.
I always feel loved, appreciated and blessed after a surprise.
I could just enjoy the moment and wish the day would never end.
And the keyword here is 'surprise'. An expected gesture doesn't have the same effect on me.

3) Random (sometimes useless) general knowledge.
Because I'd feel smart. Like last week, I watch an Australian kids' series: The first water pipe system was made of lead, also known as plumbum (Pb), not copper. That's how the word 'plumbing' was born.
Then, I would have this urge to share this irrelevant information to everybody I know. They would be puzzled and politely say, "Ahhh..." and pretend to be enlightened by it, but I don't mind because I'd still be happy. But since I already revealed this in my blog, I need to refrain myself for telling others to protect my anonymity.
I also heard some rumours on why the daughter of Nordin Batik manufaturer was abducted.
These random, useless knowledge make me feel like I belong to a group, you name it, sometimes I feel like a socialite, sometimes I feel like a plumber, I can be anything!


Bangkai said...

Hi Ectopy

Thanks for doing the tag.

Know what? I am a magnet for useless information (trivia), too. Like who was the 1956 Hong Kong cha-cha champion? Yeah... who would have guessed it was Bruce Lee! I kid you not!

pel said...

mula2 mcm blurr pasal seluar dalam tu lepas tu baru faham. your niece is cute indeed!