Monday, June 30, 2008

my fourth finger is itchy

Just now, an old friend called me after nearly months not hearing from each other. She started to ask about my relationship with my boyfriend and I told her that everything is fine. She also apologized for wishing a belated birthday.

Because she is one of my bestfriends, I told her about his latest gift for me, a necklace. It was a pleasant surprise (refer #2 in the previous post) and I am still smiling as I am writing this.

"So, when are you guys getting married?" she asked.
"I don't know. I baru dapat rantai. Cincin belum dapat," I giggled like a schoolgirl.
"I thought you said you were getting engaged this year?"
"Well...Takkan I nak push dia...I kena tunggu dia propose...We are doing it like the Westerners..."

I particularly love the stories behind every gift that my boyfriend gave me.
Did you know my boyfriend loves to make small talks with random people (one of the traits I like about him, his friendliness)? Therefore he is also full of random (sometimes useless) general knowledge (again, refer to #3 in the previous post) which I also like.

This time around, my boyfriend found out who is the VVIP who is a regular customer to that jewellery shop, the profit the shop is making each year, which celebrities go there to shop, what happens when items are unsold...

Now, I am wondering when he will give me the ring and what interesting stories are there behind it.

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