Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a successful meeting

Just now, my boyfriend came to visit my parents. It was a surprise visit, I found out he was already on his way after I decided to give him a call (we were not on talking terms, hence the silence but I lost this time around as I called him first).

So, he came, we weren't prepared, I wasn't even showered yet, Father was downstairs, so he cannot escape this time. However, Father still took his own sweet time to appear from the kitchen. But this was good as well, as my boyfriend had some time talking to my grandparent.

I was not around all the time during the conversation between my boyfriend and Father. If I was, I was mostly quiet. They talked about politics and business which I preferred to stay out of them.

While I was making drinks, Father asked my boyfriend (which was later reported by my boyfriend back to me), "Kenapa tak buka hotel?"

I laughed when I heard about it. Amboi, amboi, Father I suka-suka hati ingat orang banyak duit ke! (And I did write an entry ages ago on how I wouldn't want a hotel owner as my other half).

"Your dad orang business juga eh?" my boyfriend asked.
"Sebab dia tahu banyak pasal business. Dia tanya macam-macam..."
"Oh, he just wanted to make sure you are able to take care of me..." I answered.

My boyfriend stayed for lunch too.

After lunch, he quickly and discretely asked me how he did and I gave him two thumbs up. "Okay kan I kali ni?" he asked for reassurance.

He then left.

Half an hour later, he called to tell me he mistakenly wore Father's sandals.

He returned to my house to swap sandles.

"I tak sempat salam your grandparent tadi," he said. "I nak salam, tapi dia tengah makan. Dia ada?"
I nodded and he came in, met my grandparent, shook her hands and slipped money into her palms.
My grandparent refused. He said, "Tak apalah...Ambillah..."

Then, he left for the second time and I don't know when will I see him again. Why are you so far?


miss sha said...

Hi...glad that the meeting was successful .I'm happy for you,miss ectopy!

ectopy said...

thank you...