Friday, July 25, 2008


Sometimes, I think I write too many things on 18SX topics in this blog, you guys must think I am such a pervert, or desperate, or simply horny.


And today, the topic is about bulu pubis. Haha. Pubic hair. Women's pubic hair.

A guy I know prefers his woman to shave down there. Completely.

My first reaction was, "Why? I thought men don't like it bare because they would feel like having sex with schoolgirls, not women!"

On second thought, perhaps he was fantasizing to fuck a schoolgirl. Hmm...

"Have you ever watched a porn movie with a clean shaven pussy in it?" I asked, because I thought he might have watched it somewhere and developed the idea from there.


Was I the only one who thought this was bizarre and not normal?

"See...Noone's doing it. That's why I think it's weird..." before I could finish my sentence, he cut me off,

"Itu orang putih lah! Orang Islam lain, kita kena jaga kebersihan."


"You tau tak orang putih tu dahlah tak basuh kencing, lepas tu air kencing lekat-lekat dekat bulu diorang, lepas tu I nak lick their pussies!" he exclaimed. "No way! Kotor! Jijik!"

Well, I never thought of it that way...

He continued, "It goes the same for the Malays. Walaupun kencing basuh, tapi mana tau ade residue-residue yang terlekat dekat bulu-bulu panjang tu...Sebab tu orang Islam kena shave, it's hygienic."

I imagined the sweats, vaginal discharge and whatnots secreted from the moist pussies.
Okay, enough, euw!

"So do you shave yours bald?" I was curious.

"Just keep it short and trimmed, tak payah licin pun tak ape...If the girl wants me to give her the ultimate pleasure, make sure it is clean lah..."

Oh, just keep it short and trimmed je ke? I've done since forever lah! Phew! Good to know I am hygienic and lickable. Haha!

Eh, best ke getting your pussy licked?


penyangak said...

apa nak heran kau kan 3gp pornstar. wahkugeuahkga. anyway there's a reason why they call it SHAVEN HAVEN.

thinker bell said...

err, how old are u again? hehehe.

soalan terakhir tu mcm susah nak jawab. LOL.

i think sex and sexual preferences are interesting topics and not necessarily be deemed as dirty