Saturday, July 26, 2008

we expected it

Before his wife (now ex) left him, she did a shopping spree using his credit card. She then asked for a divorce and he is now in debt, close to a hundred thousand of ringgit.
Now, he is asking money from his children.

News traveled fast and his other ex-wife, the first wife, the one he left to pursue that woman, is having the last laugh.

He is going to be 70 soon and he is all alone and broke. How sad...

Sometimes, I don't understand why a 'wise' man can fall for a wannabe woman. (she wants to befriend Datuk K's ex-wife, the wife of Sultan Pahang, etc but we all know, she will never belong to the club) I might understand if she was a pretty young thing, but...

She is from the East Coast and people from the East Coast have a reputation in the family.

This makes my life more difficult. It is already affecting me and I could feel it is going to be worse in the future. But who knows, someone could change their perception, eh?

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