Thursday, July 3, 2008

A new man.

Mother wanted to introduce me to a man,

"Muka dia lawa, tak macam muka kawan kamu tu..." she said. Kawan here means my boyfriend.
"He is 32 years old, an engineer..."

I told Mother to pass him to my sister.
My sister laughed.
Mother insisted.

"Kalau muka dia handsome, kerja elok, then why is he not married yet? There must be something wrong with him. Is he gay?" a sarcasm from me.

"What about your friend? Kenapa tak kahwin dengan budak kampung dia banyak cantik-cantik tu?"

"He doesn't like budak kampung. And I am pretty! And his mother likes me! She said I was better looking in real life than in pictures," I said.

"Sebab dah dia tak handsome, dia cakaplah awak cantik..." my sister chipped in.

"Apa ni, semuanya nak memandang rupa paras!" I protested. My boyfriend is not that bad looking. You just have to look at him a little bit longer to see.
And I am not that beautiful either. So, we match.

I told my boyfriend about Mother wanting me to meet this guy and he was disturbed, "Will you leave me then?" he asked at 4 in the morning, after he finished work.
"No, of course not. I am not interested," I said, half-sleeping.


green apple said...

beb, aku mcm nak nangis baca entry ko nih..serius.

the ectopy said...

kenapa? tak ade apalah...

pel said...

yess. kenapa nak pandang paras rupa pun tatau lah. muka elok perangai mcm hamlau buat ape.

and all this match make things, alaaahai. letih!

Z3MMs said...

Some men just decides to get married somewhere around 30. I know that coz I'm one of those men (at 25 now).