Friday, July 25, 2008

Also, I tend to write two posts at a time...

Because I've written somewhere in this blog before, when the mood comes, I have so many things in my head, I just need to pour them out, before I forget them and become uninteresting.

I think I've stopped making friends. My latest friends are those from my first year in university.

Is this considered sad and pathetic?

This could be due to
- I think I have enough friends, I don't need more
- I have raised the criterias of what I define as friends
- It's getting difficult to find anyone on the same wavelenghts as me
- I am no longer an interesting person, people just don't want to get to know me
- I don't have time for new friends, getting to know someone consumes too much time before I could decide to stick with them or not

It's them, it's not me: I hear myself chanting this mantra.

So, I always return to my old friends, the ones from schools and college. Not that I am getting tired with the same ol' faces, it is just funny to know, perhaps, I am not as sociable as who I used to be.

Why? Why the change? Is it for the better?

Is this normal for someone who is simply aging and getting more mature by the day?

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