Saturday, July 12, 2008

un/like father.

I kept checking out a girl on Facebook because I like her engagement and wedding ceremonies. But she just recently locked her profil page, I can no longer stalk her. :(

I have so many times heard this: A girl tends to fall in love with someone who is like her father.

Well, not me.

Unlike Father, my boyfriend is warm, friendly and patient. Father is strict, fierce at times, he is the boss at work and at home, he is respected, as well feared. (Some say I inherit his qualities.)

I am actually glad that my boyfriend is not like Father. Am I sinned because of this?

Minutes before writing this, I tried to think of anything that Father and my boyfriend have in common.

I found one.

I bet Father was in my boyfriend's shoes before he successfully wedded Mother.

I am not sure how the history of my parents went, but I believe it is kinda similar to mine.

Mother is the daughter of an architect, whereas my paternal grandfather was a bus driver.
I remember when I was little, among Mother's siblings, we lived in the smallest house, we didn't ride in fancy cars and we certainly didn't go overseas during school holidays.

So, if my parents made it possible, why can't we?

Hah, the next time if this becomes an issue again for Mother and Father, I will try this approach. Sometimes, old folks forget and need to be reminded.

Inappropriate interrogation by Father:
"Projek paling besar you dapat berapa juta?"
"You ada rasuah? Lobbying?"
"You main politik?"
C'mon Father, these things are personal, why did you have to make him uncomfortable!


green apple said...

did your dad really ask that question to him???

u r joking rite?

ectopy said...

he did...i wish he had asked him how many times he prays everyday... -_-