Wednesday, July 2, 2008

10 greatest joys #4-5

After much thinking, I've figured out my greatest joys number 4 and 5.

4) Is when I really, really need to pee but I have to hold it, then I see a toilet and quickly lower my underpants after I lock the door, and I release the water and empty the bladder. Sungguh nikmat sekali!

This thing I am going to reveal might be embarassing, but it's okay since you don't know me.

Whenever the situation described above occurs to me, I would feel it's a pure bliss and would say, "Ahh...Sedapnye..." like I'm high on drugs, complete with an orgasmic facial expression, sometimes, if not uttering the words in my heart, I say it out loud!

Then, I would praise the Lord for inventing a bladder to hold the my water and create the magnificent joy along with it whenever I pee.

Sometimes, I give my boyfriend a call just to tell him, "Tadi I kencing, sedap gila...Best kan kencing? Lega...Macam lepas buat sex."

Seriously, I do that.

My boyfriend would just laugh and say something like, "Girlfriend apa you ni...Tak pernah ade orang call I just to tell me kencing tu best."

No, this is not any regular pee, this is peeing AFTER you hold it for a very long time...

5) High places.

I enjoy being at high places. You name it, on the top of a mountain, in a helicopter...Not in an airplane though, because I don't feel like I am high, but probably I would enjoy being in a smaller airplane, better if I fly it myself!

One of the best and memorable dates I've had is when my date brought me to a helipad on a top of a building.

I love high places, I wish I was a pilot. I wish to skydive, ride the hot-air balloon and bungee jump but money has always been the issue here. Besides, after I discovered each bungee jump will break one blood vessel in your eyes, (hehe, see, random knowledge- refer to my previous 10 greatest joys post), I become less adventurous. Ignorance is bliss, I wish I hadn't known about it.

I love high places, I want my boyfriend to bring to have dinner at KL Tower but I still haven't managed to convince him that it's a safe place, the tower won't fall while we are having our dinner.

I love high places, I want to climb mountains. When I was a child, I would climb anything, the gate, the trees, the swings, the tallest slides, until I reach the top and stay there. I would swing myself as high as I could, then jump off the swing. If I go to the waterpark, I wanted to go down the highest, fastest slide.

I often dream I could fly or float.

I'm obsessed with heights.


dazzledalie said...
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dazzledalie said...

dear ectopy,
what about the Mt KK adventure? if you are going, then good luck!

p/s: i luv ur blog. walaupun anonymous, tapi rasa macam dah kenal.

ectopy said...

oh, fully booked. have to postpone the plan to next year.

penyangak said...

wow a squirter! lalz.

bangkai said...

I am dead afraid of heights. Can't bear to even be in a bubble lift.

Hmm... 'kencing sedap', eh? I usually reserve that expression for the other kind of emission; the one that other people call an ejaculation