Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I work with a lot with people. People from the lower class, people from the upper class...Some are really humble and thankful, some are arrogant and tak sedar diri...

There was this one client, who claimed he was poor and unable to afford the bills, so he was funded by Zakat. However, he demanded like he was a paying customer. Of course, my staff denied his requests, then, he made an official complaint, claiming that just because he was poor, he was not respected, he was looked down and the service he received was different.

My staff was so angry. She told me,

"Miss, Miss tau tak apa perasaan saya? Saya rasa macam, setiap bulan saya tolak gaji saya untuk Zakat, tapi duit tu dapat pada orang yang tak guna macam tu. Dia guna duit tu beli rokok. Lepas tu tak bersyukur langsung. Tak sedar diri pakai hasil Zakat."

I pun terkedu bila staff cakap macam tu. My staff don't make a lot of money. Jadi, mestilah ada rasa terkilan bila orang yang menerima Zakat tu langsung tak appreciate.

Sebenarnya, bukan Zakat je. Tax pun sama juga.

Sometimes, I meet people who are well-off but refuse to pay because "I know someone someone." Sometimes, I meet people whose "Father used to be someone someone," then suddenly, we received a call complaining pasal hal yang terlalu remeh temeh eg: "My son doesn't like your canteen food" or "My son finds it boring that you use that curtains."

How do we respond to that when we obviously have better things to do...

I think, it is mandatory for every individual to go through a period of hardship. At least, being taught to live in gratefulness.

I often wonder...I grew up fine, tak adalah kaya sangat, but comfortable. But, my parents never taught me that we can afford things or we are above everyone else. I only knew we lived a comfortable after Father chucked me into a boarding school which opened up my eyes to other types of people.

Then, I went abroad. People always think we would come back arrogant, but I think, I became more humble. I got to experience how to live as a minority, I learned how to shop for second-hands, I didn't have my own car, so I mostly walked, waited for the bus and slept at the airports/ train stations, worked part-time jobs, my education wasn't spoon-fed (like Malaysian style- don't know how it is now) and I think that's where most of my Malaysian friends became side-tracked: nobody monitored your activities, you can skip classes all you want, no attendances, no surprise I sometimes met coursemates I never knew existed on the day of the exams...

People think it was easy for us, but they don't know the different kinds of hardships we had to face.

Jadi, I selalu cannot digest lah kalau ada orang yang tak paham kesusahan orang lain ni. Because people always say, ikut resmi padi, semakin berisi, semakin tunduk.

I understand, once you reach a certain level, you want to use that power to speed things up, for example. But every single time? Come on...I faham kalau you Perdana Menteri ke (ada masalah negara yang perlu diselesaikan stat), tapi kalau setakat VIP sipi sipi tu...Sigh...Lepas tu, dahlah nak cepat, servis tip top, tapi tak nak bayar! OMG!

Ada seorang client ni, dia okay je, tak banyak kerenah. Tapi anak dia yang over tau...Very demanding, and disrespectful. She treated my staff like slaves...Some of the things she demanded, were not even within my staff's job scopes. Lepas tu, cakap kasar. One time, she yelled, "Eh, aku boleh bayarlah! Aku bayar!" Like, please, kalau kurang ajar macam tu, boleh bayar pun kitorang tak hairan. And in the end, dia tak bayar pun!

It's very sad kan?

Paling sedih kalau jumpa orang miskin yang baik hati...Walaupun sedih, they are my favourite clients to work with. They could be inspiring.

Kenapa tah tiba tiba nak tulis pasal ni hari ni.

Mungkin pasal politik kot...I strongly believe a politician should be a successful person who is close to the rakyat. Baru dia boleh paham kan...Tak kisahlah kalau dia anak orang kaya pun, asalkan dia faham there are so many poor people in the society that need help...

Sebenarnya anak I tengah sakit. Kesian sangat. Batuk batuk, lepas tu muntah.

Lepas tu, dia frust sebab tak boleh tidur. He still suckles on me, tapi macam mana nak menyusu kalau hidung tersumbat dengan hingus.

Which leads to lack of sleep and becoming very whiny and clingy and irritable...Kesian sangat...Last last I tak tidur sebab nak letak Vicks dekat hidung dia. Last night, he was awake from 5pm until 2am. Menangis macam kena rasuk hantu...I knew he was sleepy but he couldn't even lie down.

Makan pun kurang, jadi banyak susu badan je. Tak sampai hati nak bagi susu botol kalau hidung tersumbat. Dah dua hari tak kerja. Hopefully he will recover by tomorrow.

And, hopefully he learns to slowly self soothes. Mommy tak larat lah sayang, awak dah big boy, dah 13 bulan dah, it's time to sleep on your own and no more nipple fiddling okay...Malulah!

Cerita anak sakit tak ada kaitan dengan cerita kerja.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Today, my friend had some issues with an airline company regarding her tickets. As she was telling me about it, it reminded me that I too needed to write an official complaint letter.

Anyway, write I did, and just now, I saw a reply in my e-mail. And here I am, too embarrassed and scared to read the e-mail. So, I procrastinate here instead.

I am always like this. Rasa berdebar debar nak baca reply, padahal sendiri yang berkobar kobar mengarang panjang lebar tadi. It's like looking at an important exam results. Nak tengok, taknak tengok, ah, nanti dulu!

I think, my e-mail just now, although sounded upset, was also funny at the same time. I imagined being at the receiving end, I would have chuckled a bit. I thought I was funny, I even called my husband just to tell him that he should read what I wrote once he's home.

Oh, yeah, I am spending one week with my husband, woot woot. Sad part is, he's working late tonight, and blogging it is!

So...Okay, maybe a little peak on what my complaint was about...Basically, I am unhappy because I was seated next to a gentleman on one of my recent flights. They should understand that I am travelling with an infant of below 2 years old and at any time, he would want to nurse. It would make us very uncomfortable if my son demanded for my boobs. Luckily, he was so well-behaved. But still, why can't they put me next to a woman in the first place?


I was talking to a close friend whom I've known since I was 19 years old. I was asking for his opinion since he had been to Japan for a number of times.

Me: Hey, adik you tinggal mana? Boleh tak nak tumpang letak luggage masa kitorang jalan-jalan nanti?
Friend: Boleh. Tapi dia tinggal jauh sikit, dekat University X. It takes one and half hour by train. Go Google it!
Me: Haa??? Let me Google for luggage storage instead!
Friend: Hahaha. You're still the same...

You are still the same.

I don't know what he meant by that. Have I changed so much? Why did he think I am not the same person?

We were very, very tight. I'd like to think we still are, but no, we can't be as close as before. I have a husband and a son.

I thought he would talk to me like we used to. Especially when he's going through big moments. I remember meeting him one day, and I asked, "Amir, bila nak ada girlfriend ni?"

He just laughed and said I should have an Instagram. Our other friend was there, and she was like, "OMG, you and Siti are together?"

I was offended a bit. I'm not a busybody friend, but given our history, yeah, I thought I should be informed about his love life. I don't even know her name! Hello, we had always tell each other about this kind of stuff, now suddenly I am a stranger?

No wonder he thinks I am no longer the same.

I feel like in the ending of How I Met Your Mother, except we were never romantically involved with any of the gang. Haha. Strictly platonic.

Still, isn't it sad that friendships drift away?

I am the type who cherish friendships because I don't have a lot of friends. But, I've gone through so many friendship drift-aways. Don't think I will ever forget all about our good times together. Come on, we practically grow up together!

And that's why I am trying to make my husband and my son my new best friends. I've ran out of friends. Tapi husband I malas nak layan I, and Baby K is still a baby.

Which means, I have a sad, sad life.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hello, hello!

Been busy for the past 2 days, but was compensated by the presence of Boss Z. Heeee...

Gedik lah!

It's been long since I last had an innocent crush on someone. Now that I am feeling it again, rasa youthful pula! Hahaha, sila lempang diri sendiri!

The story was, I had to take care of the whole level because a colleague had to take an emergency leave. It was sweet of him noticing that I was all alone, so he asked how I was, have I had my lunch, did you have a busy day, you know, small things that somehow can make me happy because someone actually noticed!

As I have mentioned before, he is very soft-spoken. Seriously, everytime he opens his mouth, I have to stand right next to him to hear what he is saying. Mesti dia ingat I ni pekak badak agaknya. Haha. Well, I do tell him to speak louder. Sometimes, when he forgets, and I ask to repeat what he said, he does a gesture, turning up the imaginary volume button. I pun malu lah, hari hari nak kena cakap, "Haa??? Apa dia? What did you say?"

Chewaahhh...Macamlah hari-hari I jumpa dia. Padahal dua minggu je...

Anyway, on Friday, I was all alone, but we had some work together. Then, I continued my work and he went out.

Suddenly, my staff said

Staff: Miss, dia tu husband Miss ke?
Me: Haa??? (I ni memang ada masalah pendengaran kot)
Staff: Tu suami Miss ke?
Me: Siapa?
Staff: Boss Z tu suami Miss ke?
Me: Takkkk!!! Oh, my God!!! Suami saya orang lain!!! (Terkejut badak lah masa ni) Kenapa akak cakap Boss Z tu suami saya?
Staff: Tak de lah, macam lain macam je...
Me: Lain macam macam mana?
Staff: Macam rapat je tadi.
Me: Laaa...Hahahaha! Boss Z tu kan cakap perlahan, saya tak dengar apa dia cakap!
Staff: Ha ah lah...Dia tu lemah lembut betul!
Me: Kenapa akak tanya? Ada orang berminat ke dengan Boss Z?
Staff: Tak adalah! Tanya je...
Me: Saya tak tahu Boss Z tu dah kahwin ke belum. Tapi dia ada pakai cincin.
Staff: Tak apa. Nanti saya tanya!

Oh, my God, was I too close to him?

Anyway, the reason my staff mistakenly thought Boss Z and I were a couple is because...
There are many couples in my department. And both of us are new in the department.
Haha. So, before they want to mengumpat other bosses, they must clarify things first lah. Karang terkutuk pula depan isteri/ suami orang tu.
I did exactly the same thing when I first came here, I asked my colleagues, who's with who here!

Tapi kan, yang bestnya, I rasa macam dapat tempias tempias compliment lah kan.
Sebab, Boss Z tu kan comel, so, bila orang ingat we are together, mesti diorang ingat I pun comel jugak!
Oh, sungguh perasan! Hahaha...Entah-entah nak kutuk yang kita ni tak sesuai langsung!

Okay, okay, back to reality.

I think I've written about this before. I want to be like that. You know, somebody who can make someone else's day just by being nice. You never know, even small, little deeds can make a difference. Just smile...Ask how are you doing...Wishing someone to have a nice day or have a good night...It's so easy to do...

Lepas tu kan, hati dah berbunga-bunga kan.

Bila buka Facebook, ada cerita kanak-kanak malang. Pastu sedih balik...

Pastu terbaca tazkirah dekat Facebook- pasal menjaga pandangan. Tapi tazkirah tu suruh menjada pandangan daripada baca Whatsapp yang bukan-bukan, pandangan daripada nak shopping yang bukan bukan, bukan menjaga setakat menjaga pandangan lelaki/ perempuan...

Okay, I akan cuba untuk menjaga pandangan I. Tak boleh cuci mata lebih lebih!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hari ni, hari tak puas hati dengan bos. Eeee...! Geram tau!

Semoga I tak jadi macam dia lah satu hari nanti...

I don't agree with some of his ways. Fine, I respect you bringing back knowledge from where you were from, but please, I think you need some serious adjustments to apply things locally.

You tak pernah kerja pun dekat sini, you don't even understand how the system works, so don't you dare comparing what we are doing with what you did. Lepas tu, he said things like: There's no excuse for bla bla bla.

Lagi sekali dia cakap macam tu, I will be very tempted to reply, "Yeah, I won't compromise my family time. I will come to work on time and go back home on time, I will make sure my work is done, but I won't do anything extra just to please you. My family is my priority."

Eh, I shouldn't be there pun in the first place lah. But of course, nobody realize I am just doing a favour for them!

Konon macam bagus, but his management is mostly macam entah apa apa jugak. Inilah padahnya bila you recruit orang yang tak pernah merasakan kesusahan. He should learn from my previous bosses, lebih makes sense to me.

Come on lah, all this shit pasal this is for your own good bla bla bla, I am over it. It's just not worth it. I've learnt my lessons. I tried doing extra work, but look where I am now, nowhere, and simply let others make me the victim. Enough lah.

And my boss, well, he should know we are living in a small world. Macam lah I tak tahu cerita lepas dia. Macam lah I tak tahu personal history you. Eleh, wife you tu pun apa kurangnya...

Tengok, kan dah jadi emotional sampai I rasa nak attack dia personally.
Seriously, I rasa, kalau I tak tahan sangat, I will make an official complaint.

Oh, lagi satu, he obviously don't remember my name, pastu nak buat buat caring pulak. He called me by my second name. Nobody calls me by my second name. The only reason you address me by my second name is because it's written on my ID card (stupid ID card person who didn't even bother to ask my preferred name and simply put my second name because it's easier for him to spell and pronounce. When I asked him to change it, he said I need to pay. Bodoh sangat!)


Kenapa dia tak boleh jadi macam boss lain?

For the past 2 weeks or so, I've found a new muse...Hehehe...Dah lama kan I tak ada a crush on somebody.

Let's call him Boss Z.

Comel sangat, soft spoken, I think he's good looking and he has a nice set of teeth. Bila bercakap tu, tenang je. Pastu murah dengan senyuman. Rajin bertegur sapa pula tu.
He would be almost perfect if he's not short. Haha! Tinggi sikit je daripada I.

I tak tau lah single lagi ke belum. Ada orang cakap he's a bachelor, but I see him wearing a ring.

Bila Boss Z is around, hati rasa berbunga-bunga. Haha. Gedik sangat!

Nasib baik I dah kahwin, so boleh control sikit perangai tu. Haha. Ala, tak apa, won't be working for long under him...Setakat penghibur hati dekat kerja untuk 2 minggu. Jadilah kan...Daripada tengok boss sorang lagi tu!


Ada seorang lagi boss ni pun best jugak. A lady boss.

Someone I wish I could become one day. A good career, job scope is not very demanding, and having time to do stuff spiritually.

Ada satu hari tu, I knocked on her door, but nobody answered. As I left, she opened her door in her telekung. Solat dhuha.

Terus rasa inspired gitu.

I don't want to be a busy person for the rest of my life!

A friend of mine shared her experience with her boss. Boss dia cakap,

"Cukup-cukuplah tu baca buku dan belajar. Dari kecik sampai besar kita asyik belajar. Luangkan masa pula belajar Quran."

Betul jugak kan? Dari kecik belajar je,exam je, sometimes I wonder, when will this end? It's time for aktiviti keagamaan pula. I am not getting any younger and I am still not prepared for my death.