Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hari ni, hari tak puas hati dengan bos. Eeee...! Geram tau!

Semoga I tak jadi macam dia lah satu hari nanti...

I don't agree with some of his ways. Fine, I respect you bringing back knowledge from where you were from, but please, I think you need some serious adjustments to apply things locally.

You tak pernah kerja pun dekat sini, you don't even understand how the system works, so don't you dare comparing what we are doing with what you did. Lepas tu, he said things like: There's no excuse for bla bla bla.

Lagi sekali dia cakap macam tu, I will be very tempted to reply, "Yeah, I won't compromise my family time. I will come to work on time and go back home on time, I will make sure my work is done, but I won't do anything extra just to please you. My family is my priority."

Eh, I shouldn't be there pun in the first place lah. But of course, nobody realize I am just doing a favour for them!

Konon macam bagus, but his management is mostly macam entah apa apa jugak. Inilah padahnya bila you recruit orang yang tak pernah merasakan kesusahan. He should learn from my previous bosses, lebih makes sense to me.

Come on lah, all this shit pasal this is for your own good bla bla bla, I am over it. It's just not worth it. I've learnt my lessons. I tried doing extra work, but look where I am now, nowhere, and simply let others make me the victim. Enough lah.

And my boss, well, he should know we are living in a small world. Macam lah I tak tahu cerita lepas dia. Macam lah I tak tahu personal history you. Eleh, wife you tu pun apa kurangnya...

Tengok, kan dah jadi emotional sampai I rasa nak attack dia personally.
Seriously, I rasa, kalau I tak tahan sangat, I will make an official complaint.

Oh, lagi satu, he obviously don't remember my name, pastu nak buat buat caring pulak. He called me by my second name. Nobody calls me by my second name. The only reason you address me by my second name is because it's written on my ID card (stupid ID card person who didn't even bother to ask my preferred name and simply put my second name because it's easier for him to spell and pronounce. When I asked him to change it, he said I need to pay. Bodoh sangat!)


Kenapa dia tak boleh jadi macam boss lain?

For the past 2 weeks or so, I've found a new muse...Hehehe...Dah lama kan I tak ada a crush on somebody.

Let's call him Boss Z.

Comel sangat, soft spoken, I think he's good looking and he has a nice set of teeth. Bila bercakap tu, tenang je. Pastu murah dengan senyuman. Rajin bertegur sapa pula tu.
He would be almost perfect if he's not short. Haha! Tinggi sikit je daripada I.

I tak tau lah single lagi ke belum. Ada orang cakap he's a bachelor, but I see him wearing a ring.

Bila Boss Z is around, hati rasa berbunga-bunga. Haha. Gedik sangat!

Nasib baik I dah kahwin, so boleh control sikit perangai tu. Haha. Ala, tak apa, won't be working for long under him...Setakat penghibur hati dekat kerja untuk 2 minggu. Jadilah kan...Daripada tengok boss sorang lagi tu!


Ada seorang lagi boss ni pun best jugak. A lady boss.

Someone I wish I could become one day. A good career, job scope is not very demanding, and having time to do stuff spiritually.

Ada satu hari tu, I knocked on her door, but nobody answered. As I left, she opened her door in her telekung. Solat dhuha.

Terus rasa inspired gitu.

I don't want to be a busy person for the rest of my life!

A friend of mine shared her experience with her boss. Boss dia cakap,

"Cukup-cukuplah tu baca buku dan belajar. Dari kecik sampai besar kita asyik belajar. Luangkan masa pula belajar Quran."

Betul jugak kan? Dari kecik belajar je,exam je, sometimes I wonder, when will this end? It's time for aktiviti keagamaan pula. I am not getting any younger and I am still not prepared for my death.


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Alia said...

I perasan kan, kat US ni, bila time habis kerja je, mmg terus tutup opis. Jarang la orang buat OT. Family time is family time, working time is working time.

Kalau kat Malaysia, you are EXPECTED to stay at the office after working hours. Ex-big boss aku pernah ckp the same thing, "we expect you to stay late.." hamboi.

Ni jenis memang tak reti nak bahagi time leisure and work, and expect other people to do the same.