Monday, September 15, 2014

Today, my friend had some issues with an airline company regarding her tickets. As she was telling me about it, it reminded me that I too needed to write an official complaint letter.

Anyway, write I did, and just now, I saw a reply in my e-mail. And here I am, too embarrassed and scared to read the e-mail. So, I procrastinate here instead.

I am always like this. Rasa berdebar debar nak baca reply, padahal sendiri yang berkobar kobar mengarang panjang lebar tadi. It's like looking at an important exam results. Nak tengok, taknak tengok, ah, nanti dulu!

I think, my e-mail just now, although sounded upset, was also funny at the same time. I imagined being at the receiving end, I would have chuckled a bit. I thought I was funny, I even called my husband just to tell him that he should read what I wrote once he's home.

Oh, yeah, I am spending one week with my husband, woot woot. Sad part is, he's working late tonight, and blogging it is!

So...Okay, maybe a little peak on what my complaint was about...Basically, I am unhappy because I was seated next to a gentleman on one of my recent flights. They should understand that I am travelling with an infant of below 2 years old and at any time, he would want to nurse. It would make us very uncomfortable if my son demanded for my boobs. Luckily, he was so well-behaved. But still, why can't they put me next to a woman in the first place?


I was talking to a close friend whom I've known since I was 19 years old. I was asking for his opinion since he had been to Japan for a number of times.

Me: Hey, adik you tinggal mana? Boleh tak nak tumpang letak luggage masa kitorang jalan-jalan nanti?
Friend: Boleh. Tapi dia tinggal jauh sikit, dekat University X. It takes one and half hour by train. Go Google it!
Me: Haa??? Let me Google for luggage storage instead!
Friend: Hahaha. You're still the same...

You are still the same.

I don't know what he meant by that. Have I changed so much? Why did he think I am not the same person?

We were very, very tight. I'd like to think we still are, but no, we can't be as close as before. I have a husband and a son.

I thought he would talk to me like we used to. Especially when he's going through big moments. I remember meeting him one day, and I asked, "Amir, bila nak ada girlfriend ni?"

He just laughed and said I should have an Instagram. Our other friend was there, and she was like, "OMG, you and Siti are together?"

I was offended a bit. I'm not a busybody friend, but given our history, yeah, I thought I should be informed about his love life. I don't even know her name! Hello, we had always tell each other about this kind of stuff, now suddenly I am a stranger?

No wonder he thinks I am no longer the same.

I feel like in the ending of How I Met Your Mother, except we were never romantically involved with any of the gang. Haha. Strictly platonic.

Still, isn't it sad that friendships drift away?

I am the type who cherish friendships because I don't have a lot of friends. But, I've gone through so many friendship drift-aways. Don't think I will ever forget all about our good times together. Come on, we practically grow up together!

And that's why I am trying to make my husband and my son my new best friends. I've ran out of friends. Tapi husband I malas nak layan I, and Baby K is still a baby.

Which means, I have a sad, sad life.


Intan and The Boys said...

sad but true.

ramai kawan2 platonik aku hilang lepas aku beri kad jemputan kawen. padahal sebelum tu tau dah aku berkawan dgn si polan.

hey flight company reply apa kat ko?

the ectopy said...

Tak baca lagi...takooottt...esok i baca okay, haha