Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I work with a lot with people. People from the lower class, people from the upper class...Some are really humble and thankful, some are arrogant and tak sedar diri...

There was this one client, who claimed he was poor and unable to afford the bills, so he was funded by Zakat. However, he demanded like he was a paying customer. Of course, my staff denied his requests, then, he made an official complaint, claiming that just because he was poor, he was not respected, he was looked down and the service he received was different.

My staff was so angry. She told me,

"Miss, Miss tau tak apa perasaan saya? Saya rasa macam, setiap bulan saya tolak gaji saya untuk Zakat, tapi duit tu dapat pada orang yang tak guna macam tu. Dia guna duit tu beli rokok. Lepas tu tak bersyukur langsung. Tak sedar diri pakai hasil Zakat."

I pun terkedu bila staff cakap macam tu. My staff don't make a lot of money. Jadi, mestilah ada rasa terkilan bila orang yang menerima Zakat tu langsung tak appreciate.

Sebenarnya, bukan Zakat je. Tax pun sama juga.

Sometimes, I meet people who are well-off but refuse to pay because "I know someone someone." Sometimes, I meet people whose "Father used to be someone someone," then suddenly, we received a call complaining pasal hal yang terlalu remeh temeh eg: "My son doesn't like your canteen food" or "My son finds it boring that you use that curtains."

How do we respond to that when we obviously have better things to do...

I think, it is mandatory for every individual to go through a period of hardship. At least, being taught to live in gratefulness.

I often wonder...I grew up fine, tak adalah kaya sangat, but comfortable. But, my parents never taught me that we can afford things or we are above everyone else. I only knew we lived a comfortable after Father chucked me into a boarding school which opened up my eyes to other types of people.

Then, I went abroad. People always think we would come back arrogant, but I think, I became more humble. I got to experience how to live as a minority, I learned how to shop for second-hands, I didn't have my own car, so I mostly walked, waited for the bus and slept at the airports/ train stations, worked part-time jobs, my education wasn't spoon-fed (like Malaysian style- don't know how it is now) and I think that's where most of my Malaysian friends became side-tracked: nobody monitored your activities, you can skip classes all you want, no attendances, no surprise I sometimes met coursemates I never knew existed on the day of the exams...

People think it was easy for us, but they don't know the different kinds of hardships we had to face.

Jadi, I selalu cannot digest lah kalau ada orang yang tak paham kesusahan orang lain ni. Because people always say, ikut resmi padi, semakin berisi, semakin tunduk.

I understand, once you reach a certain level, you want to use that power to speed things up, for example. But every single time? Come on...I faham kalau you Perdana Menteri ke (ada masalah negara yang perlu diselesaikan stat), tapi kalau setakat VIP sipi sipi tu...Sigh...Lepas tu, dahlah nak cepat, servis tip top, tapi tak nak bayar! OMG!

Ada seorang client ni, dia okay je, tak banyak kerenah. Tapi anak dia yang over tau...Very demanding, and disrespectful. She treated my staff like slaves...Some of the things she demanded, were not even within my staff's job scopes. Lepas tu, cakap kasar. One time, she yelled, "Eh, aku boleh bayarlah! Aku bayar!" Like, please, kalau kurang ajar macam tu, boleh bayar pun kitorang tak hairan. And in the end, dia tak bayar pun!

It's very sad kan?

Paling sedih kalau jumpa orang miskin yang baik hati...Walaupun sedih, they are my favourite clients to work with. They could be inspiring.

Kenapa tah tiba tiba nak tulis pasal ni hari ni.

Mungkin pasal politik kot...I strongly believe a politician should be a successful person who is close to the rakyat. Baru dia boleh paham kan...Tak kisahlah kalau dia anak orang kaya pun, asalkan dia faham there are so many poor people in the society that need help...

Sebenarnya anak I tengah sakit. Kesian sangat. Batuk batuk, lepas tu muntah.

Lepas tu, dia frust sebab tak boleh tidur. He still suckles on me, tapi macam mana nak menyusu kalau hidung tersumbat dengan hingus.

Which leads to lack of sleep and becoming very whiny and clingy and irritable...Kesian sangat...Last last I tak tidur sebab nak letak Vicks dekat hidung dia. Last night, he was awake from 5pm until 2am. Menangis macam kena rasuk hantu...I knew he was sleepy but he couldn't even lie down.

Makan pun kurang, jadi banyak susu badan je. Tak sampai hati nak bagi susu botol kalau hidung tersumbat. Dah dua hari tak kerja. Hopefully he will recover by tomorrow.

And, hopefully he learns to slowly self soothes. Mommy tak larat lah sayang, awak dah big boy, dah 13 bulan dah, it's time to sleep on your own and no more nipple fiddling okay...Malulah!

Cerita anak sakit tak ada kaitan dengan cerita kerja.


Xuriana said...

I so can relate when it comes to kids being all clingy and moody when they are sick. And normally, after my kids hv recovered from their sickness, I will then get sick pulak. Because it is very exhausting.

I hope your boy recovers ASAP. You too take care!

Anonymous said...

You should try NoseFreida, cuba google :)