Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hello, hello!

Been busy for the past 2 days, but was compensated by the presence of Boss Z. Heeee...

Gedik lah!

It's been long since I last had an innocent crush on someone. Now that I am feeling it again, rasa youthful pula! Hahaha, sila lempang diri sendiri!

The story was, I had to take care of the whole level because a colleague had to take an emergency leave. It was sweet of him noticing that I was all alone, so he asked how I was, have I had my lunch, did you have a busy day, you know, small things that somehow can make me happy because someone actually noticed!

As I have mentioned before, he is very soft-spoken. Seriously, everytime he opens his mouth, I have to stand right next to him to hear what he is saying. Mesti dia ingat I ni pekak badak agaknya. Haha. Well, I do tell him to speak louder. Sometimes, when he forgets, and I ask to repeat what he said, he does a gesture, turning up the imaginary volume button. I pun malu lah, hari hari nak kena cakap, "Haa??? Apa dia? What did you say?"

Chewaahhh...Macamlah hari-hari I jumpa dia. Padahal dua minggu je...

Anyway, on Friday, I was all alone, but we had some work together. Then, I continued my work and he went out.

Suddenly, my staff said

Staff: Miss, dia tu husband Miss ke?
Me: Haa??? (I ni memang ada masalah pendengaran kot)
Staff: Tu suami Miss ke?
Me: Siapa?
Staff: Boss Z tu suami Miss ke?
Me: Takkkk!!! Oh, my God!!! Suami saya orang lain!!! (Terkejut badak lah masa ni) Kenapa akak cakap Boss Z tu suami saya?
Staff: Tak de lah, macam lain macam je...
Me: Lain macam macam mana?
Staff: Macam rapat je tadi.
Me: Laaa...Hahahaha! Boss Z tu kan cakap perlahan, saya tak dengar apa dia cakap!
Staff: Ha ah lah...Dia tu lemah lembut betul!
Me: Kenapa akak tanya? Ada orang berminat ke dengan Boss Z?
Staff: Tak adalah! Tanya je...
Me: Saya tak tahu Boss Z tu dah kahwin ke belum. Tapi dia ada pakai cincin.
Staff: Tak apa. Nanti saya tanya!

Oh, my God, was I too close to him?

Anyway, the reason my staff mistakenly thought Boss Z and I were a couple is because...
There are many couples in my department. And both of us are new in the department.
Haha. So, before they want to mengumpat other bosses, they must clarify things first lah. Karang terkutuk pula depan isteri/ suami orang tu.
I did exactly the same thing when I first came here, I asked my colleagues, who's with who here!

Tapi kan, yang bestnya, I rasa macam dapat tempias tempias compliment lah kan.
Sebab, Boss Z tu kan comel, so, bila orang ingat we are together, mesti diorang ingat I pun comel jugak!
Oh, sungguh perasan! Hahaha...Entah-entah nak kutuk yang kita ni tak sesuai langsung!

Okay, okay, back to reality.

I think I've written about this before. I want to be like that. You know, somebody who can make someone else's day just by being nice. You never know, even small, little deeds can make a difference. Just smile...Ask how are you doing...Wishing someone to have a nice day or have a good night...It's so easy to do...

Lepas tu kan, hati dah berbunga-bunga kan.

Bila buka Facebook, ada cerita kanak-kanak malang. Pastu sedih balik...

Pastu terbaca tazkirah dekat Facebook- pasal menjaga pandangan. Tapi tazkirah tu suruh menjada pandangan daripada baca Whatsapp yang bukan-bukan, pandangan daripada nak shopping yang bukan bukan, bukan menjaga setakat menjaga pandangan lelaki/ perempuan...

Okay, I akan cuba untuk menjaga pandangan I. Tak boleh cuci mata lebih lebih!

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