Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh, dunia!

How would you feel if...
you got engaged to a woman you love,
then you found out she's actually married!

Haha! That's exactly what happened to my boyfriend's friend!

Such a redner!

In this situation, I totally blame the girl and her family.

This guy and this girl had been in a relationship for about a year before they decided to get married. This guy then sent his family to 'memetik bunga di taman', and this girl's family even held a small majlis to celebrate the engagement.

Yes, complete with sarung cincin ceremony atas pelamin.

I'm impressed with the girl and her family acting skills...

The girl is actually the second wife of a man. We heard her family didn't approve her marriage, maybe that's why they welcomed this new guy with open arms. The girl is still young, around 22 years old, maybe she wanted to feel like a princess since she didn't get to be one on her first marriage. Because this girl is the second wife, no wonder she was let loose and bermain cinta dengan lelaki lain! We soon found out this girl didn't like to come second and was unsatisfied because her husband didn't divorce his first wife so she could the one and only.

I don't know what their plan is, maybe the girl was working on getting a divorce from his husband?

Anyway, this guy accidentally bumped into his 'fiance' with this man (her husband) and that's how the truth unfold!

The guy is in the process to send his family to take back the engagement right. And the latest we heard about the girl is: she is now the one and only. Her husband has finally divorced his first wife to satisfy her.

It must be difficult for the guy to accept the fact that he has been fooled by a girl 11 years younger for over a year.

Drama, drama...


The first time my boyfriend told me about it, I was pretty upset.
I felt pity for the first wife and this guy.
I was angry at the girl and her family.
I felt pity and angry at the husband.

Oh, dunia!

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