Saturday, June 14, 2008

HIV and sex.

I have this habit: When I write, I write a lot.
There are a few posts in my blog which are being saved as drafts. I don't know when I will publish them.

I met a 15-year-old with HIV. He's had all his life. His mother was/ is a drug abuser.
He is now doing well and relatively healthy.
Previously, he fell very ill because his mother didn't force him to take his medications. He was just a kid. He didn't understand the virus he is carrying and the importance of taking his medical drugs.

Anyway, what concerns me is, this boy will grow up and one day will be interested in sex. He will be sexually experimental and it is understandable if he decides not to inform his future girlfriend/s about his condition.

It's scary.

I just hope he will be responsible and always wear condoms.

And to those people out there who practice casual sex: You never know who you might share your bed with.

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