Tuesday, June 10, 2008

hair problems

Since I was small, my hair was always kept short because Mother said long hair only suits adults.
Plus, my hair was wavy curly (now it is straight wavy, I don't know how that happened!), so Mother knows best, Mother won't let my hair grow.

I believe I was an ugly kid. I look soooo much better now.

Anyway, as I got older and learned how to demand and disobey, I still cut my hair short because I wanted to be different, I wanted to change the world's perception towards ladies with short hair. I always tried to opt for Meg Ryan's hairstyle. I wanted to prove women with short hair are beautiful as well! I didn't want to be a typical Malaysian girl: fair, long, straight, coloured hair, slim, petite...

Mother said, "A teenager shouldn't keep her hair too long or she would look older than she is!" and now, I am in an adult in my twenties, I still believe her. I also believe I am still a teenager. That's why I keep my short because I don't want to look older than I already am!

However, I also notice old women tend to keep their short too!

I am panicking.

My hair now is just below my shoulders and I am planning to keep my hair long. Why? Because I want to know how I'd look like with long hair. Because I am sick of having my hair short. Because I don't want to use a wig for my big day. And of course, because I don't want to look like an old Chinese auntie or an old Datin...

I love to let my hair down, but...
- my hair always fall into my food.
- whenever I brush my teeth, my toothbrush will catch a few strands of my hair.
- sometimes, the person behind me in the public transportations accidentally pulls my hair when he/ she grabs the handle of my seat. I forgive them by telling myself they are probably short- or long-sighted.

*Sigh* Do you guys face the same problems?


gravtkills said...

when i had hair up to my waist i never had those problems except terjaga tgh malam coz slept on my own hair

the ectopy said...

panjangnya! my brother used to have long hair too, longer than mine! when he came back from overseas, he refused to perform the friday prayer because he was embarassed going to the mosque with long hair. then he cut his hair. hahaha...that must be difficult for him.