Tuesday, June 17, 2008

worst journey ever.

I was on an 7-hour flight, travelling alone.

I was tired and as I was settling down, an Abang Arab asked me whether I could swap my seat with her mother.

Although I was a little bit cranky from previous incidents which I shall not mention here, I didn't want anybody to be affected by my bad mood. I thought, maybe if I did a favour to those who need it, things would get brighter.

I agreed and my new seat was on the last row. I was horrified to find the one sitting next to me was a big African woman. She was HUGE!

Fine, I told myself. 'It's okay, since I am relatively very small compared to her, why not...I shouldn't be selfish, I should help to make her journey a comfortable one,' my values said.

Obviously, due to her size, she could not put the arm rest down, thus taking half of my seat. I am a fairly tolerable person, I didn't make a huge fuss about it. The person on her left was an Indian teenager, the African woman also took half of her seat.

She should feel lucky.

Quietly, I hope, God will repay my kindness, if ever one of my family members becomes as huge as that, I hope someone on that flight would understand.

Anyway, 2/3 into the journey, the woman needed to go the toilet. When she got up, I started to wonder how she would fit into the small toilet in the economy class. How was she able to clean herself up afterwards? Is there enough room for her to spread her legs open and wipe her private part with tissues? I thought about all that while enjoying my full seat.

As soon as she disappeared, the woman on my left started to introduce herself. She was from New Zealand. She said, "Thank God you switched your seat with that Arab woman. She is a big woman and the African woman next to you is big too."

Only then I realized I might had been conned, they requested to change seat with me not because they wanted to sit near to each other, but because both women were big and they couldn't possibly sit side by side! So, now, I was to suffer lah! They took advantage of my kindness.

Tak ape lah. Sabar lagi.

The African woman returned.

The Indian teenager's mother came to check upon her daughter. Could you believe what she did next? She put down the arm rest, making that African woman shifted her butt more into my seat! She didn't say anything to the African woman, only mumbling in her language to her daughter!

By that time, my annoyance went to the Indian woman. How rude.

Suddenly, I pitied that African woman, she must have felt terrible to be treated so disrespectful, so directly!

I cursed that Indian woman in my heart. I hope one day she will be put in a worse situation, serve her right!

Nobody deserves to be treated that way, no matter what size he/ she is. She has feelings too, you know...

I made a little more space for her. I hope she knew that she was not less than any of us in that plane just because she was big.

I paid full amount and was entitled for a seat, not half of that. If I needed only half of the seat, I should pay half of the amount, no? Tak apa lah, niat sedeqah.

At least, the experience made me more humble.

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