Tuesday, May 27, 2008

July, hurry up.

"Are you still with him?" asked Mother.
"Yeah," I said firmly.
"Tak pernah cerita pasal dia pun...Senyap je..." Mother noticed.

I wish to tell her about his family's plan to come to see Mother and Father in July. But I have sworn to him to keep it low.
He wants to be the one to break the news to Mother and Father.
He wants to do it properly.
He wants to personally tell them his good intentions to make me his perempuan halal.

"I am still with him," I repeated and smiled, glad at least Mother still remembers him.
"Tak ade orang lain ke?" Mother hoped.
"Tak ada."

I don't think I will ever find someone to replace this man who occupies more than half of my heart.

"You akan tinggalkan I tak?" he asked.
"If I find someone better..."
"Serious? You will leave me if you find someone better?" said he, seeking for reassurance.
"Serious lah...Bodohlah I, kalau there's someone better and I let him go..." I casually answered his question.
"Tak sayang I?" he began to worry.
I didn't say anything and smiled. He was obviously disturbed with what I had told him.
After a few seconds passed by, I said, "Do you think there is someone out there whom I'd think is better than you?"
This put a smile on his face. "No," was his answer.

"Then, I would never leave you because there's noone better than you." In my eyes, at least. Haha.

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IS AHMAD said...

Wow. I wished someone would ask me now if I would leave him. The last time someone DID ask me that was almost ten years ago. No points for guessing whether or not we're still together. Tsk.