Thursday, May 1, 2008


It's like deja-vu.

My boyfriend is at his mother's house. I called his number. One ring, two rings, three rings, 'That's weird,' I thought, he usually doesn't keep me waiting, four rings, and finally, by the fifth ring, I heard his voice at the end of the line.

"Sayang!" he greeted me.
"Hellooooo...You tengah buat apa?" I asked.
"I urut Ma tadi. Sampai rumah je, Ma suruh urut dia, dia sakit pinggang," he said.
"Oh, okay! You pergilah sambung urut Ma you, I'll call you back later," I didn't want to interrupt his quality time with his mother.
"It's okay. She has already fallen asleep masa I urut dia tadi...I urut guna tuku!"
"Eh, I tak tau pun you pandai urut. You tak pernah urut I pun!" and to think I am the one who always massages his neck while he is driving, that's pretty unfair!
"Nantilah I urut you...I mana boleh urut you, nanti I geram, lain pula jadinya. Hahaha." ---> ayat lelaki gatal.
"You cakap you urut guna apa? Guna tukul?"
My boyfriend laughed. "You ni, cuba you fikir, mana ada orang urut guna tukul! Guna tuku lah!"
"Tuku tu macam mana?" I pretended not to know. Sometimes, my boyfriend likes to be Mr. Know-It-All, so I let him.
"Tuku tu batu. I kena panaskan batu tu atas dapur, lepas tu I urutlah. Nanti lepas you bersalin, I bolehlah urut you pakai tuku."
Then, he continued to say, "Eh, sayang, tunggu kejap eh. I nak nyalakan ubat nyamuk untuk Ma. Dia tidur depan TV, nyamuk banyak."

And because of that second last sentence, I feel grateful to have somebody like him to love me. Terharu tau!

Tips for men: Be nice to your mothers. Mesti your girls cair punya...It shows the gentle side of you.

Why did I say this is like deja-vu? Because someone asked me why I hadn't written about my boyfriend for a long time, and suddenly, he did something worth documenting in this blog. *All smiles*


miss sha said...

yeah,dejavu!nway, i pon terasa cair n bangga bile my bf bt bende2 mcm tu kt his mom...however sometimes the tiny little evil part of me terasa takot if ble dah kawen die asyik lebihkan his mom,jahat kan?tp bkn slalu,kadang2 je...elehh i sibok laa crite psl lepas kawen,padahal my parents are against our relationship,sgt sedey...:(

the ectopy said...

I think kalau your parents tau bebda yang dia buat sweet sweet for his mom, mesti your parents cair jugak...

I tak jeles dengan my bf's mom. She's old, tak lama pun my bf boleh manja manja dengan his mom. Not that I'm praying for her to die lah...