Thursday, May 22, 2008


You are privileged to know this:

I can't do my work/ sleep when I am dry, literally.
I've noticed this since I was really young but I never told anybody.

When I was a child, I found out the only way to overcome this dryness was by making myself sweat. So, I would wrap myself in the Toto and rub my feet against the material, making sure I do not overdo it or I would get blisters. The heat soothes me. My feet will sweat a little bit and I will be drifted to lala land comfortably.

That's why I love Toto blankets so much. I love the material it is made with. I wish all my bedsheets will be made using that kind of material. I just cannot sleep when the room is cool and dry.

Luckily, all my previous roommates are not big fans of switching on the fan at full blast as well. When I was in college, I never studied in my room because there was no carpet in my room. It was too dry for me. I need something to rub my feet against with or I need fluffy house slippers. I don't know why I developed such a strange habit...

As I started to live by myself, I discovered water facilitates the perspiration of my feet.

The past two weeks have been too dry for my liking, I had to sprinkle water on my bed. Every single night.

Because I don't have Toto.

First, I would sprinkle water on the carpet besides my bed so I could rub my feet there to make them moist.
But sometimes, my feet dry up pretty quickly again, I have no choice but to wet my bed on the area where I rest my feet. I usually use half of a cup of water.

It works everytime. I will be sleeping in no time.

Sometimes, I can't even sleep in an air-conditioned room because it is too dry! When this happens, you won't see any part of my body because I will be covered from head to toe to incubate myself for moist.

The funny thing is, I am not a sweaty person. When I was little, I can't understand why some of my friends had wet clothes after doing sports.
I don't sweat that much and I take pride in that.

However...(Hehe, masih ada however)
It seems like my liang-liang peluh (pores) and my perspiration glands are concentrated in my palms and feet.
But when it is cool and dry, it is too dry for me...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have sweaty palms. When I am nervous or in rush, I notice this everytime I am sitting for an exam, my palms will be sweaty, I literally could make a hand print from my sweat on a piece of paper. Seriously.

My body is so complex. Why can't my feet be moist when I want them too? Like now...I want to sleep!

I decided to let my boyfriend know about this shameful secret. Could you imagine, on my wedding night, I suddenly sprinkle water on my bed and my husband can't sleep because the bed is wet? Plus, my boyfriend is used to sleep with the air-conditioner switched on. On the other hand, I bet my first night as a wife wouldn't be dry, it would be hot, sweaty and wet! Haha.

Anyway, my boyfriend was worried when I told him about this habit. He thought I was feeling dry because someone evil did a hocus pocus on me.

"No...I have been experiencing this since I was small! And you are the first person to know because I want to live with you and you have every right to know everything about me. And I don't want you to be surprised when I do this with you next to me," I told him.

He said, "It's okay. I don't care. I accept you the way you are. What's important is having you by my side."

Hah, like I am gonna fall for that! Sekarang, pijak semut pun tak mati! Sooner or later, he will be annoyed by my habit and we will fight and I will kick him out of the room so I can have my big, wet bed all by myself...


penyangak said...

pheromones, bantal busuk, wet. gila horny kau nih nowadays. gi kahwin cepat weyh. tak tahan ah tuhh. waghkeaukkuga.

coops said...

ectopy, peliknya! this is the first time ever in life i heard about ths wet-habit thgy :D i cant imagine how u can even sleep on a wet bed, ermm....

dazzledalie said...

sweaty palm sometimes a symptom of disease. bukan nak takut-takutkan. i read somewhere dulu2. cuba google. maybe it's not a habit after all.

actually, i don't like my feet to be dry also, especially bila kena simen macam kat rumah kampung. rasa tak selesa. so i wet my feet too. tapi tak extreme sgt. so you're not alone.

the ectopy said...

penyangak: hahahaha...dalam proses lah way lagi horny than me okay!

coops: tuh la...very pelik...i think it's the weather kot...or my crazy hormones...

dalie: omg! im so relieved i am not alone! i totally know what you mean! i pun tak boleh tahan simen yang cool and dry, rase nak gosok gosok kaki i dekat carpet.

i did some reading on sweaty palm. it could be caused by hyperactive glands, or secondarily due to diabetes or thyroid problems.

mine is due to hyperactive glands kot since i don't have other symptoms that might suggest diabetes or thyroid problem...