Saturday, May 17, 2008


The first time I heard of the word pheromone, was when I was really young, most probably when I was still in lower secondary. I was watching a documentary on ____ (I can't remember which insect was it) and how they attract the opposite sex to mate. It was mentioned in the documentary, this hormone is produced by humans as well.

What I know and remember are:

1- Pheromone is a hormone.
2- Produced by everybody, even animals.
3- In humans, mostly secreted in the perspiration.
4- It's an odourless odour. (Only some people could detect it. Some smell it without realizing it.)

The scientists believe, the pheromones are the reason why some people are attracted to some people, just like love mechanisms involved in insects. The primitive sense in us, which is the olfactory, constantly finds the smell we would like and once we've found it, we tend to stick to it.

That's why we want to be close to and kiss the ones we love and at the same time, we inhale the odour that we are attracted to without knowing it.

Of course, this is only one of the contributing factors to the long list of 'Why I like you'.

I didn't wear perfumes until last year. I began to wear perfume because someone gave it to me as a present.

Anyway, when my ex-boyfriend A told me, "You smell good," I thought he was just being nice to me.

Ex-boyfriend B told me the same thing, I thought he was lying. It's ridiculous because I didn't wear perfumes. I should be odourless, not smell nice.

My current boyfriend also compliments me on this, now and then. 'That's weird,' I thought.
Eureka! I think it's my pheromones playing with their brains!

Although I could not smell anything spectacular on myself, these men managed to detect it.

The problem is...I don't smell anything when my boyfriend is not wearing his perfume.

Where are your pheromones, honey?
Perhaps, his pheromones are too subtle for me to notice. What I know is, I am completely attracted to him. :)

I am aware of the smell of Mother. Maybe, that's one of the pheromones I am attracted to. I know how Mother's telekung smells like, and I know how my late great grandma's telekung smells like. I wonder if my telekung has any distinct smell of me...
Perhaps, that's why some toddlers take their fathers' old shirts to sleep with when their fathers are away.
That maybe explains bantal busuk as well. Don't wash babies' bantal busuk until they've outgrown the primitive brain or they may become too cranky for you to handle.

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