Sunday, May 11, 2008

sad case

17 years old.
is too young.
to swallow illegal pills.
which you thought would help.
to keep you awake at nights.
to study for SPM.

22 years old.
is too young.
to be infected with HIV.
because you shared needles.

You knew.
You knew.
But you did it anyway.
you were too addicted.
you did not care.
you thought it happens.
to other people.
but you.



miss sha said...

Hello miss ectopy,welcome back!it's nice to see that you're posting a new entry!

the ectopy said...

Haha, I couldnt resist myself! Grr...

green apple said...

so this poem was meant for ...?

coops said...

memang dunia dah nak kiamat :(

welcome back, babe.

the ectopy said...

green apple: the poem is for her.

coops: what a waste kan?